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Kyira Hauer; Associate Director; NAMI Wisconsin (608) 268-6000; Presented By: NAMI Wisconsin Affiliate Profile Center Training.

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1 Kyira Hauer; Associate Director; NAMI Wisconsin (608) 268-6000; Presented By: NAMI Wisconsin Affiliate Profile Center Training


3 No? Go to: us/internet-explorer/download-ie us/internet-explorer/download-ie and click on the download link, following the prompts provided by the system to install and open Internet Explorer

4  Welcome  Introduction to the NAMI Profile Center  Review Scope of Work  Why Should We Care?  Accessing & Using the NAMI Profile Center  Troubleshooting Tips & Resources  Getting started with your affiliate  Questions?

5  The NAMI Affiliate will want at least 2 Profile Center contacts/leads  Why?  Responsibilities?  Complete Profile Center training  Familiarize yourself with the Profile Center – both the manual and online  Obtain login information for your affiliate  Act as your affiliate’s cheerleader  Determine a location to save off all required documents & upload to the center  Act as a liaison between your affiliate and NAMI WI throughout the endorsement process

6  Role in Endorsement Process  Allows an easier way of communicating with NAMI WI and NAMI regarding documentation review and input  It’s a virtual file cabinet – no really it’s great! Why Should We Care? What’s Exciting About the Profile Center?

7 …you want to MAKE SURE you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser Okay one last time…

8  Double-click the Internet Explorer Icon  Type in the browser and hit enter  This window will pop up:  Enter in your user name and password  Note – Type in the user name and password EXACTLY as it is provided as logins are case-sensitive. Accessing the NAMI Profile Center

9  Compatibilit y :  Now…Let ’ s get the lay of the land ! Documents Section Metrics – Shared and Secure Important Resources & Information 1 2

10 Metrics Libraries  What are the metrics libraries?  What’s the difference between shared and secured metrics?

11 Accessing the Metrics Libraries: Put the mouse over your affiliate name under either the Shared or Secure Metrics headers. Either: Select the yellow drop down arrow that appears when you hover over your affiliate and select either “View Item” or “Edit Item” Click on your affiliate name. You will be taken to the Shared or Secured metrics page in a viewable format (See below). To edit the metrics, you will select “Edit Item” in the upper left header  Click on the Shared Metrics or Secured Metrics link in the left side toolbar OR

12 Updating Shared & Secure Metrics Click “Edit Item” to go from a Viewable to an Editable format Note the fields are now in an editable format ALWAYS click Okay or Cancel. Do not EVER use the back arrow!


14 Accessing Shared & Secure Documents Click either “Shared” or “Secure” documents These are your menu options – “Upload” being used most frequently

15 Click “New” Select “New Folder” Enter in a simple title for the folder. Example: “Bylaws” or “Board Minutes” And…here it is!

16 Uploading Shared & Secure Documents ONLY use “Upload Document”! Once you have selected the document you wish to upload, click “Open” Click “OK” if you are ready to move on to the next step. Click “Cancel” if you wish to exit the upload process.

17 Checking in a Document Will Pre-Fill In This is the place to add in any type of descriptor for the document should you choose. Note, this is NOT required! MOST IMPORTANT PIECE! Remember – NO back arrows! Only click either “Check In” to complete the upload process or “Cancel” if you do not wish to continue. And…here it is!

18 Reviewing or Reading Uploaded Documents You MAY have to enter in the user name and password again Click on the name of the document you want to open If you see this alert, it is okay to proceed. Simply click “OK”

19  IF you need to update a document you previously submitted, you will need to do the following:  Update the document on your computer (either via downloading the document off of the Profile Center to review or by opening up the version saved off on your computer)  Makes any necessary corrections  Re-upload the document to the Profile Center NOTE – want to keep all documents saved off on a computer, flash drive, external hard drive or CD for the time being! Updating a Document in the NAMI Profile Center If this box is checked, you will simply replace the previous version of this document and you will now see

20 How to Exit the NAMI Profile Center…

21  Alerts from the Profile Center  YOU! How is the State Office Notified?

22  Have you tried looking through your manual? Still stuck… Give me a call or shoot me an email! Tips & Troubleshooting

23  Complete and hand in your Annual Affiliate Survey  Submit your Profile Center training contacts  Set up a general email address for your affiliate  Set up your affiliate’s direct deposit  Complete the SHORT assignment on the next page Finally…email or call me to review and approve! How do I get approved for my login?

24  Fill in the 2-3 fields in the “Shared Metrics” section  Create a folder with your affiliate’s name as the title  Upload a test document labeled “Test NAMI [Your Affiliate]” and check it in under a category of your choosing  Replace the uploaded document with a new version of the document Assignment:


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