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Correct Vocabulary Book Fair More about Populism and The Wizard of Oz.

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1 Correct Vocabulary Book Fair More about Populism and The Wizard of Oz

2 Homework- write it in your planner!  Friday Spelling & Vocabulary 5 quiz  RC Points- Check #1 Tuesday, January 14- 15 points due

3 Spelling & Vocabulary 5  Switch and correct

4 Assignments worth points so far…  (FYI)Not in composition book, but a grade: Book Highlights and Post-Its (I’ll check it on Friday)  Another gradebook assignment I’m checking is complete by Friday: Populism and the Wizard of Oz cornell notes sheet You may want to take out your Cornell Notes to be prepared for answers in the matching section

5 Answer key for back of notes  See my website!  I will also post today’s PowerPoint that contains many of the symbols from the book and how they relate to Populism.

6 Composition Book  Set up a page in your composition book for taking notes  New table of contents: Unit 4: Somewhere Over the Rainbow  Title it Assignment #1: Populism and The Wizard of Oz  You do not have to write down everything, but these notes will help things make more sense (student friendly version)

7 The Populist Party  A U.S. political party that sought to represent the interests of farmers and laborers in the 1890s, advocating increased currency issue, free coinage of gold and silver, public ownership of railroads, and a graduated federal income tax. Also called People's Party.

8 The Panic of 1893  During the time period of The Populist Party’s brief popularity, the nation was in an economic depression… what color is Kansas at the beginning of the novel? How are the people described? The depression was referred to as The Panic of 1893- at that time, the biggest depression the US had ever faced. It “swept away” peoples hope and money. ○ It was marked by the collapse of railroad overbuilding and bank collapses ○ The Free Silver Movement (backed by farmers) also contributed to the depression as people tried to redeem silver notes for gold notes (not the same value)- it created chaos and destruction.

9 The Election of 1896  Democratic Candidate was mostly aligned with Populist Party ideals: William Jennings Bryan A great orator, but he did not get the power of the presidency Referred to as a “fusion” candidate– Democrats and Populists listed him as “their” president on the ballot, but has separate VPs  Republic Party Candidate: William McKinley He had to make everyone happy once he became president Get people out of the depression and fix the economy

10 Dorothy’s “party”…  Major players during The Populist Movement Industrialization- The Tin Woodman; no heart The Farmers- the Scarecrow; smarter than they are given credit for “Innocent” Americans- Dorothy, who comes from America’s heartland (a major stronghold in the Populist movement due to their connection to crops and farming) A political figure in favor of these ideals, William Jennings Bryan- Cowardly Lion; no power without the presidency  All four head to the Emerald City (the capitol) because they seek solutions to make their lives better. Who has that power? The Wizard/the president who has to be “all things to all people” and tell people what they want to hear.

11 Currency as a symbol  Dorothy wears silver slippers Silver exchange – slippers hold the power until the end because silver was the exchange rate at the Emerald City. They allow her to get home. Once back in Kansas they were gone because the way to “get” things was through gold. They no longer have any value.  The have to use the Yellow Brick Road to get where they want Gold Standard for the currency of the US which, in many peoples opinion, would lead no where in terms of getting out of the depression. The road takes them to the capitol, and is found throughout OZ

12 Book Fair  We will have 10 minutes.  You can make purchases while we are there, but don’t wait until the last minute.  You can go back at snack or lunch to make purchases.

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