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The Wizard of Oz “A Populist Parable”.

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1 The Wizard of Oz “A Populist Parable”

2 Late 1800’s period of rapid growth in westward expansion
industrialization and the growth of big business immigration and the growth of urban centers The Mid West

3 The Setting The Great Plains rapid growth good rainfall
railroads move crops land was cheap The Great Plains

4 blame the railroads (monopolies) natural disaster occurred
Trouble begins severe drought overproduction farmers in debt blame the railroads (monopolies) natural disaster occurred

5 Farmers do not receive help
party leaders at state level do not want to get involved

6 A Political Organization is formed
Farmers Alliance (rose from the Grange) began as a pressure group attacked the monopolies had surprising success at local polls Farmers’ Alliance + the Knights of Labor = The Populist Party (originally the People's Party)

7 The Populist Party members were people in rural areas
strong support in the South and the West some support in the North

8 What they wanted Reforms in the area of Land Cheaper transportation

9 Their demands Land Transportation Finances
Believed is for the people/not be monopolies All land for settler use only Transportation a means of exchange and a public necessity Owned and operated by the government Finances called for the increase in circulation of money “free silver” bimetallism

10 And a little more Graduated income tax Term limit for the president
Secret ballot when voting And for the working man eight hour work day

11 Their Power Ran James Weaver (IA) for president in the 1892 election
join with the Democratic party in election of 1896 supported William Jennings Bryan for president nomination party dies out after election of 1896 Historical cartoon of Populist Party as a snake with William Jennings Bryan's head swallowing donkey of the Democratic Party (Library of Congress)

12 “Cross of Gold” speech "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." July 9, 1896, at the Democratic National Convention, Chicago

13 Legacy goals of reform did not die out
reappears during the Progressive Era

14 A Populist Parable “the Wizard of Oz”
What is the symbolism?

15 Kansas

16 Dorothy

17 Tornado

18 Wicked Witch of the East

19 Glinda the Good Witch of the North

20 Munchkin People

21 Wicked Witch of the West

22 Yellow Brick Road

23 Scarecrow

24 Tin woodsmen

25 Cowardly Lion

26 Emerald City

27 The Wizard of Oz

28 Flying Monkeys

29 Water

30 Fall off on the way home

31 Scarecrow rules the East and the Tin Woodsmen Rules the West

32 The Ruby Slippers?

33 OZ

34 The Great Plains where out story takes place
Kansas The Great Plains where out story takes place The land Farmers

35 Dorothy Miss Everyperson One of us

36 Tornado Surprising victories at the polls at the local level that the party had

37 Wicked Witch of the East
Monopolies Banks Those wicked people who favored the gold standard

38 Glinda the Good Witch of the North
Support for silver was strong in the North where there was industrial workers

39 Common man in servitude
Munchkin People Common man in servitude

40 Wicked Witch of the West
Mortgage companies, Railroads forces of natures or Other things preventing progress in the west

41 Yellow Brick Road Yellow = color of gold Bricks = what gold comes in
It is a dangerous journey Gold standard is dangerous “cross of gold” speech Silver over gold

42 Scarecrow farmers Emerges in the book as innately a very shrewd
and capable individual Not a hick or hayseed Rules the nations capital in the end of the book

43 Tin woodsmen A simple industrial worker in the East which have been in slaved by the factories of the east Dehumanizing them/striped of their individuality They have become a kind of machine

44 Crowdedly Lion Bryan himself Reformers who have the courage

45 Emerald City Washington D.C The nations capital
Color of the Greenbacks

46 The Wizard of Oz A little bumbling man hiding behind a facade of paper mache and noise From Omaha Nebraska Presidents from Grant to McKinley Hiding in the white house

47 Flying Monkeys Plain Indians
Were once free to roam “swing in the trees” No longer allowed to roam free = destruction of the buffalo herd

48 Water What else would the farmers need?
Solution to the farmers problems Brings an end to the terrible forces of nature

49 Fall off on the way home “Lost forever in the desert”
Refers to America in 1900 Populist ideas lost after 1896 election

50 Scarecrow rules the East and the Tin Woodsmen Rules the West
Farmers interests achieved Industrialism moves west

51 The Ruby Slippers? They are really silver
“three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you want to go”

52 OZ Ounces

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