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The Wizard of Oz.

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1 The Wizard of Oz

2 Language Preview – you do not need to take notes yet
We need to understand the following terms to glean from the reading what’s important Political party Platform Economic depression Allegory

3 To Do 1. Flip your lecture handout over
2. For the following groups, write the group name, their goals, & the result Ex: Group: National Grange Goal: regulate RR rates Result: Interstate Commerce Act

4 Foundations of Populism
Farmer’s Alliance (1870s) Goal: Wanted gov’t to print more money Farmers believed they could charge more if more money was in circulation Result: Led to the organization of the Populist Party National Grange Goal: Regulate railroad rates Result: Interstate Commerce Act (reasonable rates) *1st time federal gov’t passed a law to regulate industry

5 Populist Party Aka: People’s Party Goal: Result:
Alliance of farmers, labor leaders, reformers Goal: Bank regulation, gov’t ownership of railroads, unlimited silver coinage Result: Candidate lost in 1896 election Issues faded as they were resolved

6 Notes continued Flip over your handout to the front side & fill in the red bold definitions for the terms on your worksheet

7 Background After the Gilded Age (economic prosperity)  farmers experienced economic downturns. Farmers wanted gov’t ownership of railroads and other industries They were losing land to railroads & banks Economic problems were blamed Pres. Cleveland’s switch from a gold & silver to a gold standard for currency

8 Populist Movement The Populist movement was born of the farmers frustrations and their attempt to gain political change through politics In 1892 the Populist party was formed and ran a candidate for President, with the following key elements of their platform: A return to the gold and silver standard Government ownership of the railroads

9 William Jennings Bryan
1896 Presidential Election William McKinley vs. William Jennings Bryan Bryan – Populist candidate in 1896 “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.” - Bryan

10 Frank L. Baum Author of the Wizard of Oz
Moved to and lived in the Midwest during the late 1800s and saw first hand some of the conditions that the Populist Party was trying to deal with.

11 The Characters Dorothy Wicked Witch of the East Ruby (Silver) Slippers
Yellow Brick Road Emerald City The Scarecrow The Tin Man The Lion Wicked Witch of the West Flying Monkeys The Wizard Glinda (the good witch) Toto Getting Home

12 Dorothy Represented America--honest and plucky, kindhearted
She is lost and trying to find her way home

13 Wicked Witch of the East

14 Wicked Witch of the East
Represents Eastern Bankers Shows what will happen to them if they continue foreclosures

15 Ruby (Silver) Slippers
Taken from the WWE Represent the silver standard issue

16 Yellow Brick Road Gold Standard

17 Emerald City Washington D. C
Emerald City Washington D.C. – Where all of the problems are supposed to be solved

18 The Scarecrow Represents the American farmer--thinks he lacks brains, but in the book he's quite shrewd and helps the journey to D.C.

19 The Tin Man Represents the alienated working class. Once he was all flesh and blood, now they are just machines in an industrial age.

20 The Lion

21 The Cowardly Lion Courage (Baum himself)
OR William Jennings Bryan (1886 Pres. Candidate vs. McKinley) – “Cross of Gold” speech

22 Wicked Witch of the West

23 The Wicked Witch of the West
Represent s the other opponent of the farmers – nature. Killed by water = irony

24 Flying Monkeys

25 Flying Monkeys Represent the plains Indians who continued to swoop down and harass the Midwest

26 The Wizard Probably Pres. Cleveland, hated for taking away the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. Behind curtain pulling levers--machine politics controlling things. Only provides the heroes with symbolic rewards.

27 Glinda (The Good Witch)

28 Glinda Represents the Southern Populists
The answer is there all the time – realization of the importance of silver will show the farmers, and America, the way home

29 Toto Prohibition Party (also called the “Tea Totalers”) a nickname: TOTO

30 Getting Home To get home, all you had to do was click the ruby (silver) slippers on the Yellow Brick Road (gold & silver standard) to get home

31 Reading We’re going to read an article to find out what Oz & the Munchkins represent. As you read, consider whether various groups (see next pg) would be for (in favor of) or against the Populist Party Make a chart on the back of your notes (see example)

32 Chart Point of View For or Against Populist Party
Reasoning (justification) Farmer Banker Railroad Owner Democrat

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