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Mobile Marketing Solutions For Your Business ) Vickie Johnson Spring Park, MN (651) 755-7226.

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1 Mobile Marketing Solutions For Your Business ) Vickie Johnson Spring Park, MN (651) 755-7226

2 Who We Are: Refrigerator Media Advertising, partnering with One Loyalty Network provides a complete turn-key loyalty and rewards platform, that uniquely integrates an end-to-end MMS texting solution that delivers the most robust, loyalty rewards program to date. We are committed to helping businesses grow and connect with the advanced lifestyle of today’s customers. Our goal is simple, that all businesses, big or small, can harness the power of mobile marketing to grow their business. Our Mission Is Simple: To provide tremendous ROI for our corporate clients so they can increase customer retention and reduce churn.

3 Buyers re mobile and they want to hear from your business of mobile consumers want retailers to send coupons to their mobile devices 47% Of picture to phone coupons [MMS] are redeemed compared to 1% for print coupons. * depends on value 35% US consumers will use mobile coupons by 2014 53.2M

4 By 2014, mobile internet use will overtake that of the desktop. Over 90% of mobile phone users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7. Whatever the budget, there is a fully functional phone that is available on the market which will make mobile marketing more important than ever. Smartphones are becoming the marketing tool of our era. Gone are the days of newspaper and TV Ads. If Ads can’t be followed up with ease, chances are he Ad will not yield effective results. Mobile commerce transactions currently amount to $1.5 trillion annually and is expected to reach $3.2 trillion by 2017. Four out of 5 consumers will use smart phones to shop. What to expect in 2014

5 We are a leader in MMS text messaging With our one of a kind, Patent Pending Technology, our solution is able to push 8 coupons or images to a user’s mobile device. This technology can detect the user’s phone type and assure that the images and or coupons are formatted to any cell phone type. Our Patent Pending Technology includes the following features and offerings Send 8 FULL COLOR coupons and or images Messages up to 250 characters Redemption feature for one time use only coupons/offers Offer sharing and reward feature Calendar creates seamless integration to all social media. Advanced scheduler and appointment reminders Statistics and detailed reports Image/Coupon creator Loyalty & Rewards available to track the spending habits Platform provides direct messaging to all cellular carriers Short Code, integration, shared, or provisioning Consulting services available 24 hour Tech Support and training

6 More reasons …..  Twice as many people own a mobile phone than have access to the Internet.  270+ million phones are in use every day in the US. (Celluar Telecommunications Industry Assoc.)  90% of Americans are within 3 feet of their mobile phones 24/7  It takes 90 minutes on an average to open an email, but 90 seconds to open a text message.  The open rate of email is 2% vs. 99% for text messages.  90% will respond to a text message within 3 minutes.  45% of brands have already deployed text message campaigns (mformobile)  70% of text message users are between 18 – 44 years old  The median age of text message user is 38 years old. (Celluar Telecommunications Industry Assoc.)  42.8% of marketing executives plan on increasing their mobile marketing spending budget in 2013  We interact on our mobile device 40-80 times a day on average.  Mobile web access will overtake PC and continue their dominance.  TEXT COUPONS HAVE 10 TIMES THE REDEMPTION OF TRADITIONAL COUPONS (Borrell & Co.)

7 Free Drink with any meal Free retail product with service Free desert with any meal Show this offer for a FREE Gift! Offers of 50 cents to $1.00 7% return Offers $3.00 to $5.00 up to 45% return The better the offer the better the response! Buy one get one FREE Buy one get one at half price $10 off any purchase of $50 or more Close out items take an additional 20% off show your phone FREE appetizer with any entree Campaign Idea’s A business doesn’t always need to send an offer, customers want to be in-the-know sale and event alerts service openings seasonal information coming soon

8 “ We are extremely pleased with the competitive advantage we get with texting 5 to 8 color coupons every week. This service has been hassle free and easy to use..” - Larry Maggio, Director of Marketing – Schnucks, St. Louis Mo. Text schnucks to 223344 Business name at the top Send up to 8 coupons or images SMS Message included in your campaign

9 MMS vs SMS A picture really is worth a 1,000 words! The real secret to successful mobile marketing is to personalize what you send. This is where MMS offers significant benefits because it can push your brand with more information on your offer. 14-20% more offers will redeem more often when they get a visual offer than a basic SMS Reach he next generation with MMS, they are image orientated and they love to share! An offer of a FREE piece of cheesecake will go a long way when the user can see how good it looks!

10 The Mobile Campaign Calendar Campaign Types:  Coupons  Email  Text (SMS) and Picture (MMS) Messages  Facebook  Twitter  Foursquare (Page Updates, Tips & Events)  Birthday & Big Spender Clubs  Rich Media  The One Loyalty App Our Mobile Campaign Calendar gives any business the ability to push their offers through one convenient location with just a click of a button.

11 Easy to use & publish to all with just one campaign! The Mobile Campaign Calendar

12 Building a mobile data base Search Coupons Opt- in here! Offers on social media Call to action in an email blast Offers to opt in on business website Signage Customers opt in at check out Your staff is your raving fans…teach them to talk about your mobile offers!

13 Include mobile offers to all rich media advertising Search Coupons

14 Its important that customers receive text offers that catch their attention Basic Offer INNOVATIVE The INNOVATIVE !

15 Its important that a business control their ROI * One-Time Use Coupons Available Redeem Redeemed

16 Demo our features using your mobile device Text olnsocial to 223344 The user get a response of a single image with a message on the phone. It can be configured for multi-images also. The user can share this coupon or offer on Facebook or enter their friend's phone number. If any friends opt in, the referring customer will get another coupon of offer (one or multiple images). These can all be configured for redemption. Text olndemo to 223344 The user gets a response of a multi-image slideshow on the phone. You may include up to 8 images in this type of a message. This message also includes redemption and social sharing like ‘olnsocial’. Text olnredeem to 223344 The user will receive a response of a single image on the phone with a link to a URL to redeem up to 8 specials. This particular demo will send the first image as the 'intro' image. All other images will be within the redemption section. This allows for one time use coupons/offers/messages. Please note that the intro image can be excluded if you do not want it to appear. Text oln1text to 223344 The user will see a response of a single text message. If a customer texts into the same keyword more than once, the same response will be sent each time Text oln2text to 223344 The user will see a response of a single text message on the phone. If a customer texts in a second time, they will get a different message.. Text oln2image to 223344 The user will see a response of a single image on the phone with a text portion of the message. If a customer texts in a second time, they will get the second image included with the second message.

17 A coupon directory for consumers Allow consumers to search for local merchants. Filter by merchants with coupons. Save coupons to their account. Save favorites for easy access at a later time. Redeem coupons and offers directly at the merchant location. Receive notifications from the merchants that they are interested in following and receiving offers from. Can help the merchant by placing their dynamic content directly in front of the consumer. Can help restaurants with mobile ordering. The OLN Mobile App Can Help!

18 The App is Simple & Intuitive

19 Opportunity There are two ways to pay: 1.) Standard Pricing based on Volume of outgoing messages 2.) Vouchers for Services see following slides

20 Vouchers for Services Vouchers for Services is a new program that allows merchants to use our services without writing a check each month. How do we do this? It’s simple – the merchant provides us with a certain retail dollar value of vouchers that can be redeemed in their store. It is our responsibility to actually sell the vouchers that the merchant provides. It is the responsibility of the merchant to accept the vouchers that we sell from customers that come in the door. We will work together with the merchant on the amount of retail dollars allowed to sell each month.

21 Vouchers for Services… continued 1.) Customer gets a text message of a new offer. 97% 47% The percentage of people that read a text message within 3 minutes of delivery. The percentage of consumers that want retailers to send offers via mobile. 53.2M The number of consumers that will use mobile offers directly in 2014. 87% The percentage of consumers that have their phones within 3 feet of them 24 hours/day.

22 Vouchers for Services… continued 22 2.) View the Offer Details on the phone DetailsPurchase Get $20 of food and drink for just $10 at Joe’s Crab Shack. Details: Lorem ipsum isa pol urten Restrictions: DetailsPurchase 3.) Purchase the Offer on the phone First Name Last Name 612-555-1234.... Buy!

23 Vouchers for Services… continued 23 Thank you for your purchase! Touch /aq1/456 to redeem your voucher to Joe’s Crab Shack! /aq1/456 4.) Customer gets a text message confirmation Customer Name: Joe Michaelson Date Purchased: 02/25/2014 Status: Valid Redeem 5.) Merchant clicks Redeem

24 Vouchers for Services… continued 24 6.) Voucher is Redeemed, customer can no longer use Customer Name: Joe Michaelson Date Purchased: 02/25/2014 Status: Redeemed REDEEMED What does the merchant get? Full contact information for all the customers that purchased. The ability to market to the customers in the future. The simplicity of sending and accepting mobile offers. A risk free way to use our mobile services without needing to write a check each month. The peace of mind that your communicating the way consumers are demanding!

25 Co-Op Advertising via Mobile Marketing

26 Consumers Opt-in to receive offers from a group of Merchants TextSavings To223344 (example) Customers opt in to a one code word and receive offers from multiple merchants Merchants promote the code word and share customers and save on their monthly fee’s

27 Retail Co-op Vendor Dollars discounted products free product share ad costs feature their products Vendor logo with Merchant ad

28 Food- Drink Co-op Vendor Dollars discounted products free product share ad costs feature product Vendor logo with Merchant ad

29 Thank you CONTACT: Vickie Johnson (651) 755-7226 RMA 2400 Interlachen Road Suite 419 Spring Park, MN 55384

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