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Website Re-Branding Marketing. Overview  Module Tabs  Interactive Diagrams  Instructional Videos  Product Highlight Videos (sales)  Informational.

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1 Website Re-Branding Marketing

2 Overview  Module Tabs  Interactive Diagrams  Instructional Videos  Product Highlight Videos (sales)  Informational Videos and Testimonial  Compression, Dehydration, Separation, Free Water Knockout, High Pressure Separator, Line Heater, Low pressure Separator, Production Unit

3 Innovative Leaders  Mini Cooper  Nikon  Canon  Apple

4 Mini Cooper  BMW Mini Cooper focuses their brand in showcasing the importance of historical associations and the development of a model.  A Case Study involving several interviews with new, old and potential mini owner’s revealed fashionable appeal, historical association relating to the 1960’s, Celebrity and chic owners of that age, the brand’s connections with motor sports, and the film “The Italian Job” is the key elements of the brand’s image.

5 Interactive Banner Example



8 Nikon  Nikon seems to consider their overseas subsidiaries as necessary distribution points that should be self-supporting, and expects quality engineering to drive sales.  Nikon was able to build their image during the film camera era. Becoming too dependent on past experience. Nikon felt that effective marketing had become truly important, if they were to stand on the same ground as this type of competition.  Now, Nikon places great emphasis on full-scale, effective marketing, and they are beginning to see considerable results for all of their products.  Nikon’s Defining concepts for digital camera’s --- “Suburb Image Quality”, “Ultra High Speed”, and “Ease of Use”. More recently, “Delightful”, Exciting”, and “Hip”.

9 Product Grouping Example


11 Canon  In a recent IDC study, the Canon brand captured number one position for total digital camera shipments in the first half of 2006, with a market share of 21.0 percent (which is up from 20.2 percent in 1H05).  Canon treats their overseas subsidiaries as part of their primary business and expects marketing to drive sales.  Canon Likes to focus in on what they are traditionally good at: sports and specs. “It’s so easy to use, amateurs can capture Andre Agassi like a pro!”

12 “Amateurs” are Professional

13 Product Grouping Example



16 Apple  Apple has been pioneering not only the features of standard operating systems and computer systems, but simultaneously reinventing the design standards as well. As a result, we have the gorgeous iMac, the beautiful new Macbook Air, and who could forget, the amazing iPhone 4s.  Where others focus on one aspect of the equation, Apple focuses on the entire product, and it shows.  Do a search on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of Apple unboxings, each from different users from across the globe. It’s pretty crazy right?  No one tells these people to video their experience, but they do it because the process is so Zen that you can’t help not to.  Apple does this by making sure that the experience doesn’t end at the cash register. They take great care in designing a user experience from browsing to unwrapping, which relies on incredible packaging and installation procedures.

17 Tabbed Separation Example



20 Top Oil and Gas Competitors  Fisher  Norriseal  Masoneilan  Wellmark  Tyco  Wilfley

21 Competitor Website







28 Current Kimray Website

29 Concept Design






35 Basic Navigation Navigation Bar About Us Board of Directors Company Profile History Products Top Selling Product Search Sales Brochure Downloads Sales Literature Certifications Products Documents Technical White Papers Technical Documents Distributors International United States International Reps Community Wellness login Employee Webmail Employment Credit Application ComNet Login Supplier Info Apparel Kim-Size Kim-Pedia

36 Home Flow Breakdown HOME Interactive Banner BP Regulators Treater Valves Mech. Valves ThermostatsHPMV Liquid Level Controllers Electric Series Produc t Search Application and Testimonial Compression Dehydration Free Water Knockout High Pressure Separator Low Pressure Separator Line Heater Production Unit Electric Vs. Standard

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