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Interactive Boardmaker Basics By: Vanessa Wilkinson (nee Bushbacher) & Robyn Jung.

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1 Interactive Boardmaker Basics By: Vanessa Wilkinson (nee Bushbacher) & Robyn Jung

2 Movable Buttons 1 st you have to make sure you have the movable button tool on your toolbar.

3 Movable Buttons To add the movable button tool to your toolbar: Go to Dynamic Boards Then to Show Then select Movable Button Tool

4 Movable Buttons 1. Select Movable Button Tool 2. Click on button you want to make move 3. You will be prompted to enter a unique name. 4. Once you enter this name, it will appear in a green box centered on the movable button.

5 Movable Buttons To create a destination button: Click and drag the movable button over to the button that you want to make the destination. Drop the movable button on the destination You will be prompted to enter a unique name. This name will appear in a red box centered on the destination button.

6 Movable Buttons Assigning Actions: You will see a standard Button Action window Define the action list for this Movable/Destinati on button. Select OK. Action Categories changes the Actions list

7 Movable & Destination Properties Movable Properties: Snap Back Snap this movable button back to the last position when dropped on an invalid destination Move Clones Instead of moving the button itself, create a new “cloned” copy of whatever the button is Destination Properties: Center Movables Force movable buttons to appear in the exact center of the destination button ** Right click on the button and scroll down to Movable (or Destination) Button Properties

8 Linking Pages/Boards Create and save the board you want to link the page to Double click the button you want to make the linking button Under Action Categories  select Board Change Under Actions  select Change Board Select the board you want to link the page to and hit OK

9 Button Actions Adding Sound Take your movable button and Drag & Drop onto your destination button. Actions  Play Recorded Message Select Sound from MJ sounds Select the sound you want from the list Name the sound and select OK

10 Button Actions Play a recorded message Actions  Play Recorded Message Record a new sound (Microphone needed?) Record sound, listen to play back, select OK

11 Pop-up Boards 1. Create board you want to pop-up and save 2. Select Action Categories  Board Change, then select Actions  Go to popup board 3. Select the board you want to go to, then hit OK

12 Pop-Up Boards On the pop-up board: Double click the buttons one at a time (repeat until this is done for all of them) If you want a message to be spoken, you need to put this action first Select Action Categories  Basics then select Actions  Speak Message, then type in what you want it to say In order to go back to the page you want you need to select Action Categories  Board Change, Actions  Return to Last Board

13 Pop-Up Boards On the Pop-up board cont. If you want your main board to remain visible when the new board pops up Go to File, Board setup… Change board height and width to match the size of the pop up board, hit OK Make sure to save this pop-up board again

14 Symbolate Typing Select Symbolate tool on toolbar Click on the background where you would like the button to appear. Start typing the sentence Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. He left Spain and reached North America. He had three ships.

15 Symbolate Editing Text Click on the text you’d like to edit. Delete with backspace or delete button Start typing to insert text To treat two or more words as a single word, hold the underscore key ( _ ) instead of pressing the space bar For example Christopher_Columbus VS.

16 Symbolate Changing Symbols Double click on the word/picture you want to change Scroll through the options they provide select your new choice and hit OK

17 Symbolate Adding New Symbols Double click on the word/symbol Go to Add New Symbol Type the name of the symbol you want to find, scroll through the options and then select OK

18 Symbolate Properties Window Right click in the symbolate box You can adjust: The size of the symbols Change where the text is located Line spacing

19 Symbolate Read with Highlighting You can have the text you write read to you. Double click the symbolate box (with the Pointer tool) Action Categories  Basics, Actions  Read with Highlighting

20 Speak Message Select Action Category  Basic Actions  Speak Message Type in the text you want or select use button text When the button is selected it will speak this message

21 Spoken Preview Select Action Categories  Basic Actions  Spoken Preview Type in text you want to speak or select use button text This will allow the student to listen to a message without selecting the button

22 Finder Single picture vs. all the pictures that are available with that word

23 Finder Allows you to filter out categories

24 Finder Allows you to: add a second language change the size of the text Change where the text is seen If the symbols are in black and white or color

25 Finder Can be changed to: Contains Starts with Match Word Can change the name on the picture here

26 Right Click Properties Make invisible The button outline cannot be seen in use mode Not Selectable The button will not be selected in use mode Helps if you have a scanning student

27 Right Click Alignment for a single button Centers contents of buttons Horizontally Centered Vertically

28 Right Click Alignment for multiple buttons Top, Bottom, Right and Left will always be the button that sticks out in that direction the furthest

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