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Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases.

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2 Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases

3 Words for Production 1.improve [Im`pruv] vt. to make something better 改善,使進 步;增進 I’m afraid you’ll have to study harder to improve your English. Would you like to know more...

4 improvement [Im`pruvm1nt] n. [C][U] 改善;增進 Your writing is getting better, but there is still room for improvement.

5 Words for Production 2.effort [`Ef2t] n. [C][U] (an) attempt using all one’s strength or power 努力 Don’t expect to have any friends if you don’t make any effort to be nice to people.

6 Words for Production 3.decrease [dI`kris] vi. to become less (in size, amount, number or strength) 降低,減少 The number of students in this school has decreased by 300 to 400. Would you like to know more...

7 decrease [`dikris] n. [C][U] 減少 There has been a slow decrease in the cost of living in the big city.

8 Words for Production 4.information [&Inf2`meS1n] n. [U] facts told, heard, or discovered 資訊, 消息 For more information, please write to our home office.

9 Words for Production 5.realistic [&ri1`lIstIk] adj. having or showing a practical idea of what can be done, achieved, etc. 講求 實際的 Stop dreaming. You should be more realistic in your thinking.

10 Words for Production 6.goal [Gol] n. [C] an object of efforts; an aim 目的,目標 Mary always wanted to have her own house, and now she has achieved her goal.

11 Words for Production 7.focus [`fok1s] vi. to concentrate (on something) 集中 ( 注意等 ) Because of the loud noise, Ted found it hard to focus on his reading. Would you like to know more...

12 focus [`fok1s] n. [C] (usu. sing.) ( 興趣、關注等的 ) 焦點,重心 Because of her strange clothes, Sabrina immediately became the focus of attention when she entered the room.

13 Words for Production 8.success [s1k`sEs] n. [U] the achievement of something 成功 I felt very upset because I had tried hard without success. Would you like to know more...

14 succeed [s1k`sid] vi. 成功;達到目的 If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. successful [s1k`sEsf1l] adj. 成功的;有成就的 The restaurant wasn’t successful and was forced to close down.

15 Words for Production 9.mentally [`mEntLI] adv. In, of, or related to the mind 心智上, 心理上 Yoga is said to help people stay mentally clear even under great pressure. Would you like to know more...

16 mental [`mEntL] adj. 心智的,心理的 The intellectual environment has a great effect on the mental development of children.

17 Words for Production 10. sharp [SArp] adj. quick and sensitive 敏銳的 It was sharp of you to notice the differences between the twins.

18 Words for Production 11. challenge [`tS8lIndZ] n. [C][U] something that tests strength, skill, or ability 挑戰 ( 性 ) Destruction to the environment is one of the greatest challenges we face in the 21 st century. Would you like to know more...

19 challenge [`tS8lIndZ] vt. 向 … 挑戰;邀 … 比賽 I challenged Betty to a game of tennis because she is such a good player and I can learn a lot from her. challenging [`tS8lIndZI9] adj. 具挑戰性的 On second thought, Peter decided to take the challenging job of running that company.

20 Words for Production 12. solution [s1`luS1n] n. [C] an answer to a problem, question, or difficulty 解決 ( 方法 ) ,解答 I think it’s time for us to work together to find a solution to this problem.

21 Words for Production 13. handle [`h8ndL] vt. to deal with 處理 The matter is rather complex, so you’ll have to handle it carefully.

22 Words for Production 14. require [rI`kwaIr] vt. to need; to demand 需要 You must understand that learning English requires hard work. Would you like to know more...

23 requirement [rI`kwaIrm1nt] n. [C] 需要的東西;必要條件 One of the requirements for the job is a good knowledge of Japanese.

24 Words for Production 15. input [`In&p5t] n. [U] something, such as information, effort or money, that is provided in order to help something succeed or develop 投入 This project will require lots of input from everybody.

25 Words for Production 16. purely [`pj5rlI] adv. only; completely 純粹地,完全地 This story is purely fictional, not a real event. Would you like to know more...

26 pure [pj5r] adj. 純粹的,完全的 By pure chance, he found the book he needed in a little store.

27 Words for Production 17. entertainment [&Ent2`tenm1nt] n. [U][C] the act of amusing and interesting people; (a) public amusement 娛樂 ( 活動 ) Watching TV has become the most important form of home entertainment. Would you like to know more...

28 entertain [&Ent2`ten] vt. 使歡樂 After dinner, Joseph entertained us for hours with his stories and jokes.

29 Words for Production 18. provide [pr1`vaId] vt. to offer something to someone 提供 I like that restaurant because they provide good meals and service.

30 Words for Production 19. connect [k1`nEkt] vt. to join; to link 連接;連結 Bus service connects all the villages with the town. Would you like to know more...

31 connection [k1`nEkS1n] n. [U][C] 連接;關係 Scientists have shown that there is a connection between smoking and lung cancer.

32 Words for Production 20. type [taIp] n. [C] a particular kind, class, or group; a group or class of people or things that are like one another 種類,類型 I don’t like this one; please show me another pen of this type.

33 Words for Production 21. workout [`w3k&a5t] n. [C] (a period of) exercise and training ( 運動等 ) 練習,鍛鍊 My workout usually lasts about one hour.

34 Words for Production 22. strengthen [`strE9T1n] vt. to make stronger 增強,強化 Their friendship has steadily strengthened over the years. Would you like to know more...

35 strength [strE9T] n. [U] 力量,力氣 My grandfather hardly has the strength to walk after his operation.

36 Words for Production 23. visual [`vIZ51l] adj. of seeing; which is received through sight 視覺的 Judy is a famous fashion designer and her designs often have a strong visual attraction.

37 Words for Production 24. version [`v3Z1n] n. [C] a slightly different form, copy, or style of something 形式,版本 This dress is a cheaper version of the one we saw in the shop.

38 Words for Recognition 1.knit [nIt] vt. to make (things to wear) by uniting threads into a close network by means of long needles 編織

39 Words for Recognition 2.Scrabble [`skr8bL] n. [U] a game in which players try to make words from the separate letters they have ( 商標名 ) 填字遊戲

40 Words for Recognition 3.crossword puzzle [`krOs&w3d `p^zL] n. [C] a game in which words are constructed letter by letter in horizontal or vertical pattern 縱橫拼字遊戲

41 Idioms and Phrases 1.get into the habit of... to gradually form the habit of... 養成 … 的習慣 He has gotten into the habit of playing computer games as soon as he gets home.

42 Idioms and Phrases 2.move on to change (to something new) 轉換 ( 話題等 ) I think we’ve talked enough about that subject; let’s move on.

43 Idioms and Phrases 3.cut down to decrease in quantity or amount 減少 The teacher asked him to cut down on the amount of time he spent on the computer.

44 Idioms and Phrases 4.pick up the habit of... to form a habit without effort over a period of time 不經意地逐漸養成 … 的習慣 It is easier to pick up the habit of spending money than to break it.

45 Idioms and Phrases 5.turn off to stop the operation of (a light, radio, etc.) 關上 Please remember to turn off the light when you leave the room.

46 Idioms and Phrases 6.take on to agree to do some work or be responsible for something 接受 ( 工作 ) ;承擔 ( 責任等 ) Remember not to take on more than you can handle.

47 Idioms and Phrases and then from time to time; sometimes 有時 , 偶爾 I don’t sleep well now and then when my neighbor is too noisy.

48 Idioms and Phrases 8. look up to try to find a particular bit of information in a book or on a computer 查閱,搜尋 If you don ’ t know the word, you may look it up in the dictionary.

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