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WAN WAN ExpressRoute provides a private, dedicated, high-throughput network connection between on-premises and Microsoft Azure.

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5 ExpressRoute provides a private, dedicated, high-throughput network connection between on-premises and Microsoft Azure

6 Virtual Network—Compute only ExpressRoute—Provides customer choice and includes access to all Azure services Public internet Public internet Public internet Microsoft Azure

7 Azure Compute Customer’s network

8 ExpressRoute Circuit Direct internet traffic Cross Premises Internet bound Azure service access Internet

9 MicrosoftAzure Core Network Extranet Internet edge ExpressRoute Circuit Private Peering Public Peering

10 Public internet Microsoft Azure Public internet Microsoft Azure

11 US Atlanta Chicago Dallas Los Angeles New York Seattle Silicon Valley, CA Washington D.C. EMEA Amsterdam London, UK APAC Hong Kong Singapore Sydney Tokyo AT&T British Telecom Colt Equinix Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) Level3 Orange SingTel Tata Communications Telecity Group Telstra Verizon Azure datacenters ExpressRoute Locations (today) New Locations and coming soon

12 Gateway SKUExpressRoute Throughput S2S Throughput Max Tunnels Default500 Mbps100 Mbps10 Performance1000 Mbps200 Mbps30

13 North Europe West Europe London Amsterdam

14 Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Marketing Sales R&D IT



17 BT Connect. Networks that think BT IP Connect and ExpressRoute Brian Lappin Head of Product Management IP Connect Global

18 Why BT: Over 3,400 customers use BT Connect services with more than 700,000 customer sites connected. Our network services are available in 198 countries and territories globally. We operate a global MPLS network offering IP VPN in 198, Ethernet VPN in 50 and Dedicated Internet Access in 45 countries and territories. Using the global internet, we provide Internet Access in more than 200 and Internet VPN in more than 180 countries and territories. We offer applications performance management in more than 90 countries and territories. We offer a wide range of access services from Ethernet and TDM through to Satellite and xDSL. We have one of the world´s largest broadband satellite networks with 37,000+ customer sites. We operate 5.5 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK. June 14/15 highlight: We launched IP Connect with Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure, providing private connectivity to Microsoft’s datacentres in Europe, improving performance and security. Our propositions: BT Connect Applications BT Diamond IP BT IP Connect Web-VPN BT Internet Connect BT IP Connect BT Ethernet Connect BT Optical Connect Access services BT LAN Connect BT Advise Connect Customers tell us “I need… A network which is aligned to my business needs Connectivity wherever my business goes To improve the flexibility of my network To ensure my business critical applications perform and users are happy with the network performance To ensure my network can support the influx of smart devices, both corporate and privately owned To drive efficiency in my network (UK only)

19 Our customers are increasingly moving to the Cloud and are challenging us to provide network options that will support the move and address some of their fundamental issues Want applications to perform at their best with end users getting a great experience Build on existing network architecture Want to take advantage of cloud services to power the business Need to deploy quickly to realise benefits fast Need the same availability as my own datacentres Align with existing Network security policies and practice for my on premise hosting The flexibility to turn up and turn down, matching costs to business demands Have a wide range of requirements, so you need a wide range of solutions and price points

20 Acceleration and security BT Connect – Cloud BT Connect – Cloud datacentres Internet “Cloud” Service Environment Customer Site Analytics Path selection Security Acceleration Monitoring

21 Enhanced Network Availability delivered over the corporate network and via fully resilient interconnect links to the Azure Service Consistency of Network Performance over the corporate network, through high capacity network interconnect to Azure Enhanced Network Security delivered via direct MPLS connectivity from the customer site to the Azure service (not touching the internet) & with additional firewalling options if required “another port on your network” connectivity to Azure delivered as part of your existing network estate within the existing network, service and commercial model

22 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Obtain Service Key from Microsoft & Provide to BT BT Configure Service on existing infrastructure BT set up standard network service wrap – reports etc Customer configure virtual N/W & gateway & link network to circuit Today’s timescales :days not weeks or months Tomorrow’s timescales: minutes not days

23 Geographic Expansion Feature Extension Enhance the service experience through the introduction of a near real time delivery of service capability for the BT element of ExpressRoute Service Enhancement Expand current interconnect from existing European locations (Dublin / Amsterdam) to US (East Coast / West Coast) and Asia (Singapore, Honk Kong and Tokyo) in the next 3-6 months Provide value add features to enhance the BT ExpressRoute service including security enhancement through Firewalls and performance enhancement through Wan Optimisation We are continuing to expand and improve upon our service….




27 Bed bug: Cimex lectularius / hemipterus






33 165k+ Users on Office 365 Exchange 300k System Center managed devices 180k+ Users 40k MSIT Servers in On-Prem Data Centers 717 Site locations (114 countries) 11% LOB apps run in SaaS or PaaS today 270k SharePoint Sites in the Cloud 4.5m Remote connections/ month 90k MSFT employees on Yammer 80% LOB apps in Azure in 5 years 160k Managed Windows 8.1 Systems 200k+ Unique devices connect to wireless/day 95% In the Cloud, WAP and Azure, in 5 years

34 22gb Sustained Internet Traffic 12,055 Total Managed Network Devices

35 5 Gbps Sustained Hybrid Traffic To Azure 3 Azure Regions Used with ExpressRoute Legacy Apps New Apps PaaS










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