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Plan & Establish Systems and Procedures

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1 Plan & Establish Systems and Procedures
THHGGA08B Session 1

2 Objectives Today Introduce outline for unit
Establish timelines for assessments Plan and develop systems and procedures

3 Unit competencies Identify need for Enterprise Systems and Procedures
Plan and develop S&P Identify problem areas and take action Development and revision of systems

4 Assessments: Project Case Study
Due dates – Discuss this referring to roster

5 At the end of this session you should be able to:
Define systems and procedures Explain the benefits of using S & P Understand and explain your role as a manager of S&P Identify S&P requirements Identify problems

6 Systems System – an arrangement or combination of interrelated and interdependent things or parts that form a whole. Inputs: people, equipment, capital, materials, technology, information Process: activities, workflow, work methods and procedures Outputs: final services, information, results

7 Procedures Procedure – a series of ordered steps used to get a job done or to solve a problem Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Particular process or standard for every task Used for quality control and consistency Other Procedures Not as prescriptive, a series of steps but discretionary

8 Your Role You will be expected to manage existing systems, monitor and review them and occasionally, set up new systems. You will need to develop, monitor and adjust procedures These entail you having an in-depth understanding of these to the degree of being able to explain, teach, analyse and motivate staff in the use of S & P’s.

9 Why is this a skill you should learn and develop?
Help w/ Quality Control – examples? Assist w/ Problem Solving – example? Ensure Consistency – How? Ensure legislative requirements (laws) are adhered to – example? Used to quickly train staff – How? Lower response and delivery time – How? Generally to make things much more efficient and effective Group exercise w/ white board. Headings on board ‘Systems’ and ‘Procedures’ Get class to give examples for each and the significance/use of the examples.

10 Identifying Requirements and Problems
Your job as a manager is to constantly identify if something can be done better, faster or at less cost. How can you do this? Cut out unnecessary steps Avoid duplication of effort Reduce time to accomplish tasks Avoid workplace accidents Reduce cost by not using so many materials Etc. Examples?

11 Steps to establish S & P requirements and identify problems: 1
Steps to establish S & P requirements and identify problems: 1. Clarify the purpose of the work What is the purpose of the S or P? eg. Set up the restaurant for breakfast. What are your objectives? – eg. Two staff to do this in half an hour. What standards do you want to set? Eg. Table setting, distance between, etc. Each student to give another example with these headings

12 2. Personal Feedback – identify requirements and problems by ‘walking the job’
Observe but beware of being ‘too familiar’ with the workplace to see the problems. Ask your staff ‘Lead and manage people’ – (good communication skills) Important: identify the real problem or issue otherwise your solution will not work!

13 3. Create an Environment of Continuous Improvement
Engage in a never-ending search for improved quality, faster response, lower costs, etc. Be strict, but not to the detriment of your development ! Get your staff to be part of the process – instil pride and understanding – tell them ‘WHY’ and the benefits for them, the customers and the org.

14 Case Study Barry & Maureen’s B&B

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