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Houston Space Chapter NSBE 131: Mission and Direction Houston Space Chapter Chapter President Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.

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1 Houston Space Chapter NSBE 131: Mission and Direction Houston Space Chapter Chapter President Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.

2 Houston Space Chapter Overview Mission and Vision Current Statistics Our Focus Our Resources Our Directives

3 Houston Space Chapter To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. Mission

4 Houston Space Chapter Vision The NSBE experience empowers every member to reach their full potential. We are encouraging our membership to continue the legacy while maintaining leadership roles in NSBE, Black communities, and other professional organizations. We instil pride and add value to our members which causes them to want to give back to NSBE in order to produce a continuum of success. NSBE sets the standard of excellence in providing services to science and engineering students. We maximize our potential collectively to facilitate the development of quality Black engineers. We are advancing a cultural paradigm which inspires the Black community to achieve greater engineering and scientific feats than ever before.

5 Houston Space Chapter US Population: 281.4 Million 12% African American – 34.7 Million – Houston: 18% African American – 700,968 (source: US Census Bureau, Census 2000 s_name=DEC_2000_SF2_U&_lang=en&_ts=68540853640) 25% of US population in school: 72.2 Million 15% of this is African American – 11.5 Million African Americans only 7% of total engineering student population African Americans are 49% of US prison population Current Statistics

6 Houston Space Chapter Black and Hispanic students less likely than white and Asian students to complete a bachelor’s degree 37% of Black college students entering in 1989 had earned no degree and were no longer enrolled after five years – 37% of Hispanic students – 27% of white students – 26% of Asian students Only 34% of Black college students entering in 1989 had completed their degree by spring 1994 Current Statistics (NSF data)

7 Houston Space Chapter Blacks make up 3% of all scientists and engineers in the United States – Asians 10% – Hispanics 3% – American Indians 0.3% Within the engineering community, African Americans account for 4.8% of engineers – 97,000 out of 2,027,000 employed engineers Current Statistics

8 Houston Space Chapter Median annual salaries of scientists and engineers nationwide – $55,000 for whites – $50,000 for Hispanics – $48,000 for Blacks – $46,000 for American Indians At NASA-JSC: (avg. civil servant annual salary; avg. of 17 years of Federal service) – $99,588 for whites – $92,687 for Hispanics – $95,451 for Blacks – $109,057 for American Indians Current Statistics (keep in mind difference between median and average and remember the typical civil servant has been around for a while)

9 Houston Space Chapter Civil Servant Scientists and Engineers Employed at JSC ( – 1587 white – 130 Hispanic – 129 Black (12.3:1 white/Black ratio) – 17 American Indian With less than 5 years Federal experience – 210 white – 15 Hispanic – 5 Black (42:1 white/Black ratio) – 0 American Indian Current Statistics

10 Houston Space Chapter Comparison of demographics of JSC Civil Service science and engineering workforce with Houston Urbanized Area (Sources: and Census 2000) Current Statistics Houston Urbanized Area JSC S&E Total Employment JSC S&E < 5 years Federal Service White 44.09%79.75%85.71% Hispanic 31.56%6.53%6.12% Black 18.34%6.48%2.04% American Indian 0.50%0.85%0%

11 Houston Space Chapter Educational Breakdown among JSC Science/Engineering Civil Servants Ph.D. – 167 white – 9 Hispanic – 5 Black – 0 American Indian Bachelors – 922 white – 80 Hispanic – 97 Black – 11 American Indian Current Statistics Masters – 498 white – 41 Hispanic – 27 Black – 6 American Indian

12 Houston Space Chapter Our focus is to increase the number of Black engineers and ensure they are better equipped to succeed in their employment Marching orders come from NASA as well as from NSBE: – “We actively seek out qualified individuals and organizations from under-represented groups and encourage them to be involved in our activities.” – NASA Implementation Plan for Education 1999-2003 – “The Agency cannot overemphasize the importance of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusiveness. The true promotion of EO principles is essential. The Agency should always strive for improvement and must make NASA relevant to underrepresented groups.” – NASA’s Strategic Human Capital Improvement Plan Our Focus

13 Houston Space Chapter NSBE is one of the largest coalitions of students and professionals in the nation – Largest student-managed organization in the US – One of the largest Black technical organizations in the world Supported by a 40-member Board of Corporate Affiliates – Includes organizations such as Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, Central Intelligence Agency, IBM, ExxonMobile, 3M, Intel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, US Navy, Microsoft, Sun, Texas Instruments, and more Hundreds of chapters worldwide (middle/high school, collegiate, and Alumni) Our Resources

14 Houston Space Chapter Ourselves – We possess the accumulated knowledge of the most advanced technological organization on the planet – NASA – JSC Black science & engineering civil servants exist within most directorates of the center – One directorate head – Six (currently active) astronauts – Eleven supervisors (branch chief and higher) – Two SES – Army of civil servants and contractors Our Resources

15 Houston Space Chapter National – Operational Efficiency – Member Recruitment – Leadership Development – Cultural Enrichment Regional – Alumni/Student Interaction – Leadership Pipeline – Communication – Alumni-focused Programming Our Directives

16 Houston Space Chapter Chapter – Chapter Organization Exec Board, Committees, Projects, Documentation – JSC and External Coalition Building Contracts, grants, partnerships – Career Management Reverse the trends in the earlier slides Co-ops/Interns Permanent Hires Contractors – Technical Community Impact Community service as only NASA/NSBE can – Houston Black Community Relationship Bring NASA to the Black community Bring the Black community into NASA Our Directives

17 Houston Space Chapter Do You Accept this Mission?

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