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What is Diversity? What do we mean by “diversity?” Why does it matter?

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1 What is Diversity? What do we mean by “diversity?” Why does it matter?

2 Questionnaire: Diversity is about understanding how to behave with other cultures. YesNo Diversity is about people of color. YesNo Diversity means the same as “minority.” YesNo Focusing on diversity discriminates against other people. YesNo We have gotten past dealing with diversity. YesNo We live in the most multicultural country in the world. YesNo Everybody has an equal chance to reach the American dream. YesNo We live in a color-blind society. YesNo How would you answer these questions? How are your answers determined? Questionnaire

3 Understanding Diversity Cultural diversity Human diversity Corporate diversity Workplace diversity Higher education diversity Supplier diversity Global diversity Managing diversity Leveraging diversity

4 Why does diversity matter? The “minority” population is projected to surpass the non-Hispanic White population by 2055. The US Census Bureau projects that Asians and Latinos will represent more than half of the population growth each year over the next 50 years. Hispanics/Latinos are growing five times as fast as the general population. Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S., increasing at rates eight times as fast as the general population. The USA workforce is comprised of 47% women.

5 Why does diversity matter? Demographics Buying-power Management and business development Market Share Economic productivity Leadership Knowledge development

6 Managing Diversity Requires culture and systems changes Recruiting Promotions Mentoring Coaching Appraisals Training & Development Career Development Rewards Communication

7 Diversity, like technology, is basic to everything we do. It touches everything and everything involves it. You can not function without taking it into account. It can be overlooked (invisible) and taken for granted. It must be regularly accounted for, monitored and maintained, updated, and strategically addressed.

8 DIVERSITY describes both – The nature of the demographic pool; and The effort to address institutional systems to create equity.

9 EQUITY REFERS TO -- A state of being in which every person can seek to achieve his/her potential. In higher education this implies that formal and informal practices are supportive of each person’s effort to achieve success.

10 Addressing equity requires addressing diversity issues, as well as... Management issues Leadership issues Communication issues Resource issues Academic issues Community issues

11 Diversity Dimensions & Institutional Audit Education and Scholarship Access and Success Institutional Viability and Vitality Climate and Intergroup Relations CONTEXT Global Local

12 Reframing How Diversity is Embedded in Educational Practice Goal of undergraduate education is to prepare students for a diverse democracy. Diversity is a resource, not a problem. Diversity is linked with the institution’s educational and civic mission.

13 UWT Commit ment to Diversity

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