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Maximising your eCommerce Investment Kurt Wilson.

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1 Maximising your eCommerce Investment Kurt Wilson

2 Overview How do we maximise our investment? –eCommerce Objectives We will consider two different scenarios –Considerations for Start-ups –Existing eCommerce Recommendations - Based on “..notes from the field”

3 Objectives eCommerce is about CFR –Conversion [of browsers into buyers] –Fulfilment [of orders] –Retention [customer loyalty & up-sell] Your eCommerce solution should: –Instil confidence/trust –Be fast, secure, easy to navigate, intuitive

4 Start-up eCommerce Choose a Partner not a Supplier –Do they understand your business? –Can they provide a complete service? –Do they have a successful track record? –Can I work with these people ongoing? Choose a Dynamic solution –CMS should be easy to use –Solution should be extensible

5 Start-up eCommerce Invest time in creating a quality feel –Use high quality photos –Use multiple images if relevant –Provide detailed product specifications –Associate products to facilitate cross sell –If relevant show product compatibilities

6 Start-up eCommerce Adopt an “Inline” payment solution –Requires a merchant ID –Better user experience –More professional image Listen to advice –Avoid getting emotional on non-value add features [consider the cost-benefit] –Adopt the KISS approach

7 Existing eCommerce How can we maximise CRF? [Conversion, Fulfilment, Retention] –Design & Content –Functionality –Usability –Marketing –Back Office & Integration

8 Design & Content Design should be clean, fresh, and contemporary –Promote Brand Awareness at all times –Instil confidence – the web is faceless –Web 2.0 design concepts Content –W3C compliant, WAI Level A (Priority 1) –Be mindful from an SEO perspective

9 Functionality Payment Methods –Consider implementing multiple methods and if relevant multiple currencies –Google Checkout implication on PPC 3-D Secure: “Chip & PIN for the web” –Compulsory from 01/07/07 for Maestro –Increased protection from fraud & charge- backs

10 Functionality (cont.) Discount/Promo Codes –Fixed or percentage based Gifts/Ideas –Gift selectors –Gift wrapping Product Reviews –Instils confidence, more likely to convert

11 Functionality (cont.) eMarketing –Newsletters targeted to existing clients Self Service Management –Engage users and encourage self-service Web 2.0 (read/write) –Social Networking – Blogs, Bookmarking –Provide and consume RSS feeds

12 Functionality (cont.) Tips from a Technical Perspective –Implement AJAX –Automatic image resizing via CMS –Consider server side HTTP compression Value Add Ideas –SMS Text Messaging (MT easily integrated) –Status driven email notifications

13 Marketing, PPC Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) –Immediacy, short term quick win –Controllable, Scheduling of Adverts –Goals & Conversions –Measurable ROI –A/B Split testing and Multivariate testing –Funnel Pages –Feasibility analysis (most valuable IMHO)

14 Marketing, PPC Disadvantages of Pay Per Click (PPC) –Cost –Click Fraud [estimated at 14 – 30%] –Lack of implementation knowledge resulting in wasted spend

15 Marketing, SEO Benefits of SEO –No cost per click (CPC) –Increased Traffic –Credibility [Authority Website]

16 Marketing, SEO Disadvantages of SEO –No guarantees –Initial costs –Timeframe to see results –Lack of control [Off Page factors]

17 Marketing, Analytics Analytics unlocks “gems of knowledge” –Implement Google Analytics How are people finding you? Setup goals –Are there issues with the site? Utilise the power of funnels –Is your PPC working? Consider the following: Click Through Rate (CTR) Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Return On Investment (ROI)

18 Back Office Integration into disparate systems –Automated product feeds –Automated into the supply side –Real-time postings into 3 rd party systems Companies that succeed in eCommerce tend to leverage technology to reduce overheads and therefore increase profit

19 Q&A Question and Answers

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