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Organization: Confederation of Indonesia Prosperity of Trade Union ( CIPTU ) SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE (SPROUT) Project Title : Protection and Promotion.

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1 Organization: Confederation of Indonesia Prosperity of Trade Union ( CIPTU ) SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE (SPROUT) Project Title : Protection and Promotion of Women Worker’s Right In The Textile Sectors Starting Date : 01 / April /2005 Duration of Project : 8 Month Project Language : INDONESIA Preparation date : 4 February 2005 (first draft) Author : Nikasi Ginting ITC-ILO/ACTRAV Training Course A3-00391: Trade Union Training on ILS and ILO Declaration on F.P.R.W. (14/02 - 11/03/2005: Turin, Italy)

2 1.Background – analyses of the problems In some situation in Indonesia,where condition of women workers no satisfied.Some of them didn’t know about trade union, who is ILO and etc. In this case, for instance in textile company in Tangerang City, approximately 25 km from Jakarta. There are bad conditions.They have a lack of awareness concerning the women workers right. So what’s really conditions of women workers ? 1. Lack of protections for women worker’s rights particulary : –low wages –no social security –bad conditions –no marternity leave 2. Sexual harassment in the workplace 3. Lack of awareness concerning the women worker’s rights 4. Lack of informations, and majority of them unorganized

3 2.Target Groups and Other Parties to be Involved - analyses of stakeholders/participation Target Group (describe their characteristics in details): –600 women worker’s in the Textile company in Tangerang City - Jakarta, Indonesia Implementers: –Women Department of KSBSI Decision-makers: –Executive Board of KSBSI Financiers: –F E S Jakarta and KSBSI

4 3. Long-term Objectives – the goal and overall aims of the project This work-plan will contribute to achieving the following: To promote women workers’ rights especially in the Textile sector regarding the Convention ILO No.100 and 111. To strengthen the capacity of women worker’s for developing strategies on ILS To build-up networks of Trade Unions on ILS and women worker’s rights

5 4.Immediate Objectives – purpose of the project / expected outcomes At the end of this project, the following result(s)/situation(s) will be achieved: (Note: Immediate objectives must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound) *) At least 600 women workers’ in the Textile industry in Tangerang City will be able to : 1. Protect and promote the rights of women workers 2. Use ILS and ILO mechanisms 3. Solve their problems

6 Key Outputs/Direct Results – products to be produced by the project (1) For Immediate Objective 1 600 women worker’s and leaders at the Textile company Contact persons for women worker’s in every level in the Textile company (2) For Immediate Objective 2 At least 10 project proposals for promoting women workers’ rights and how to use of ILS and ILO mechanisms by Women Department or Trade Union (3) For Immediate Objective 3 600 members joint with the union and paying dues. Enable to have Monthly Meeting of women worker’s representative with the management and manpower inspection Social dialogue to solving the problems and maintenance good relationship.

7 Activities – ways and means to eliminate the causes of the problems and to achieve the immediate objectives The following activities will be conducted: (Note: List the activities in chronological/strategic order) 1. To launch awareness campaigns tools women workers’ rights through : - produce the posters - stickers - Bulletin 2. To conduct conference for the 600 women workers three times with the issue ( equal pay men and women, we have the rights and we need protection ) 3. To conduct Basic Training Cources ( BTC ) for the 600 women workers 20 times

8 Main Inputs – resources necessary to implement the proposed activities 3 persons fasilitator ( resources persons) Training kid about the women workers’ rights ( training manual ) Financial resources – KSBSI, ILO Jakarta and FES Jakarta, WCL Meeting room / secretariat for the activities can be process Translate of the manual ( English – Indonesia )

9 Indicators of Achievement – measurement of results (quality/quantity) (1) For Immediate Objective 1 600 women workers join with union ( quantity ) Improve of productivity for better life women workers ( quality ) More information to union Changes attitude of management (2) For Immediate Objective 2 Women workers send the letters to the ILO, Government and Union ( quanlity ) Increase capasity building of women worker’s ( quality ) (3) For Immediate Objective 3 Less of complaint to Women Department and Trade Union ( quatity ) Increase number of women worker’s ( quantity )

10 Monitoring / Reporting / Evaluation Procedures KSBSI central committee will monitoring the project activity ( June, August, October ) 2005 Project co-ordinator will conduct the reporting per activities. She or he is directed to report to the KSBSI monthly on the progress of the activities. Evaluation co-ordinator wiil conduct by the end of the project finally it means the beginning of December 2005

11 Preliminary Budget Proposal Item Local Currency US$ Preparations Rp. 18.000.000 1.800 3 persons fasilitators Rp 24.000.000 2.400 Accommodations Rp 50.000.000 5.000 PublicationsRp 60.000.000 6.000 MonitoringRp 10.000.000 1.000 TOTAL 16.200

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