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Organization: Viet Nam general confederation of labour (VGCL) SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE (SPROUT) Project Title :Raising awareness of Decent Work, Workers'

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1 Organization: Viet Nam general confederation of labour (VGCL) SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE (SPROUT) Project Title :Raising awareness of Decent Work, Workers' Rights and ILS among Youth and Women. Tentative Duration :1 YearStarting Date : 01 / 01 /2008 (indicative) Geographical Coverage :The suburb of Dong Da, Hanoi with a population of 600,000. Project Language :Viet Nam and English language Executing Organization/Unit :VGCL Implementing Unit :Socio-economic policy Department and International Department,VGCL. Preparation date : 20/07/07 Author :VU HONG QUANG - Socio-economic policy Department, VGCL. ITC-ILO/ACTRAV Training Course A3-00850: Trade Union Training on Employment Policies, focusing on Youth (2/07 - 27/07/2007: Turin & Japan)

2 1. Background & Justification The Economy in Vietnam is increasing at a very fast rate of 8% resulting in the creation 30,000 new enterprises in the year 2006. The majority of these new enterprises were in the informal economy. The Labour Force is around 45 million people at 45% of the population and increasing annually by around 1.5 million new entrants. Skilled or well-trained workers account for a mere 27% of these new Labour Market entrants. These new entrants are very low-skilled and face many difficulties when they enter the Labour Market. VGCL recognizes the need of these people and wants to change their situation through training.

3 1. Background & Justification The official unemployment rate is set at 5.3% although in reality, the actual figure is much higher, with underemployment prevalent. Underemployment is high due to the fact that the young workers are not aware of their rights at work with respect to decent work. The youth and women of Vietnam are particularly affected by these situations due to the lack of awareness of Workers' Rights (WR), Decent Work (DW) and International Labour Standards (ILS). Unions face difficulties providing training to youth and women and the little training that is provided is really inappropriate in these times of globalization. Through this project, VGCL aims to raise among the people the awareness of the issues of WR, DW and the ILSs. This will eventually contribute to the strengthening of the union movement and ensure that new entrants to the Labour Market are better equipped to face the rapidly changing world of globalization.

4 2.Target Groups and other Parties The project will be targeted at the youth and women population of Hanoi, starting in the suburb of Dong Da Implementing agency The Socio-economic policies department of the VGCL will implement the project under the supervision of a working committee. This committee will include VGCL executive members, and will call in resource personnel as it sees fit.

5 3.Long Term Objectives of Project Greater awareness/understanding of International Labour Standards, Decent Work and Workers' Rights by the youth and women workers of greater Vietnam.

6 4.Immediate Objectives At the end of this project, the following will be achieved: -Increased participation of youth and women union avtivists in raising, wareness regarding ILS, DW and WR. - Increased unionisation.

7 5.Key Output s/Results For immediate objective 1. -Twenty (20) trainers trained. -Increase awareness on DW,ILS & Workers’ Rights among the target groups. For immediate objective 2. Enrolment of new members into VGCL will increase. These new members will come mainly from the youth an women's groups.

8 6.Activities (in chronological order). For immediate objective 1. Result 1.1: Twenty (20) Trainers trained. Activity: 1.1.1: Arrange a Train-the-Trainers course for a 1 week period (identify potential leaders within the Dong Da suburb an invite them to the course. Ten (10) 0f these participants will be young women). Conduct course and invite SG of VGCL to officiate at opening. Course to be conducted by coordinator. 1.1.2:Prepare educational material for the course.

9 6.Activities (in chronological order). For immediate objective 1. Result 1.2: Increased awareness on Dw, ILS & WR among the target group. Activity: 1.2.1: Awareness camps to be conducted by the trainers(each trainer will conduct 5 camps in his/her locale).

10 6.Activities (in chronological order). For immediate objective 2 Result 2.1: Enrolment into VGCL increased. Activity: 2.1.1: Carry out organizing campaign and invite interested personnel to join VGCL. Supply enrolment forms as required.

11 7.Main inputs The working committee will work with the course coordinator to formulate and prepare material to be taught the participants. Working committee to ensure the venue is available to conduct the course. Working committee to cooperate with the coordinator throughout an especially if the coordinator requires help of a resource person from an international organization like the ILO.

12 8.Indicators of Achievement For immediate objective No. 1 -Existence of 20 key trainers trainers. -Existence of eucation material. The coordinator will be more and more involved in coordinating the trainers rather than be directly involved in the training itself. For immediate objective No.2 Increased membership of VGCL.

13 9.Risks and Risk Management Potential RiskPotential Response 1The international department of the VGCL may not accept the project due to lack of funds. NGOs and government department will be willing to assist in terms of finance, etc. 2Potential Trainees may be unwilling to join the project. Coordinator must allow for a margin of error/failure in terms of numbers trained. 3

14 10.Monitoring and Evaluation Process Immediately at the end of the course, each participant will present a report reflecting their understanding of the course material. Trainers to submit 3-montly reports to the coordinator of their implementation of the above-mentioned plans and actions. The Coordinator will submit report to the working committee every four (4) months after receiving the trainers' reports. The coordinator to collate his/her report with the committee's and send compiled report to donor and/ ILO.

15 11.Preliminary Budget Proposal Main ItemLocal CurrencyUS$ Transport and subsistence allowance 64,000,0004,000 Stationery3,200,000200 AccommadationVGCL will provide Total67,000,0004,200

16 Thank you!

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