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Data Strategy & Solutions The Road to Big Data Management.

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1 Data Strategy & Solutions The Road to Big Data Management

2 Data Strategy & Solutions In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists. - Eric Hoffer

3 Data Strategy & Solutions Data Challenges  Financial Firms Face Complex Data Challenges. Fast Changing Regulations with strict deadlines Complicated Financial Instruments Data Silos  High Data Redundancy Reconciliations Between Front-Middle-Back Office Expensive Infrastructure Cost  Traditional Methods Have Been Proven Expensive Based on the assumption that Data needs to be Modeled before being consumed  Lack Of Agility  Expensive to Modify Created Proliferation of Data Marts and Data Warehouses with Large ongoing cost Created the “Painting the Golden Gate Bridge” Syndrome

4 Data Strategy & Solutions BIG Data  Introduced To Describe The Management Of >Terabytes of Data. Introduced by Google and Yahoo, adopted by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon  Hadoop, Lucene, MapReduce, MapR, NoSQL, Cassandra, Pig, HDFS, HBase Enable The Management of Unstructured or Semi-Structured Data  Human readable and traditionally hard to be processed by machine Introduced the “Google Experience”  Big Data Applications Could Enable Financial Firms to: Increase Insight into Risk Reduce processing Cost Meet Strict Regulatory Deadline Increase Agility in Data Management  The Benefits Can Generate Billions of Dollars in Increased Revenues and Reduced Costs

5 Data Strategy & Solutions The Solution  Extend the Big Data approach to structured data.  Create an Agile Data Management environment.  Extend the Google experience to Corporate Data  Introduce Web 3.0 concept of Ontology and RDFs to Corporate Data. new method for accessing, combining, using and sharing data from disparate information sources, regardless of variations in underlying data structures.  Partnership with Vendors in The Semantic Web Technology Space. Fit Solution to Client Requirements.

6 Data Strategy & Solutions The Business Value.  Combine Structured and Un-Structured Data  Non Technical Users Can Access Any Data Any Time Regardless of Its Location After an Initial Investment of creating or mapping existing ontology (Ex: FIBO) to internal Corporate Data.  Users Ask For What They Want In Familiar Terms. No Complex SQL  Better Time To Market And Development and Support Cost Savings. Avoid the tedious and time consuming of examining all use cases to create a Data Model. 2:1 Ratio Saving In Development Cost, even more for support on going cost.  Flexibility Can be incrementally deployed and extended, showing value as you go

7 Data Strategy & Solutions Who We Are  Strada’s team is unique and specialized.  Members of the Strada team are experts in the Data Management and are specialized in the new field of semantic web technology.  Mr. Mittiga has over 25 years experience developing and implementing corporate-wide, long-term strategic and operational solutions in the Financial Industry.  XXXInc is a leader in providing a full spectrum of Management Services including Information Technology, Business Consulting Solutions, Staff Augmentation, and Project Management in addition to specializing in Enterprise Strategies.

8 Data Strategy & Solutions Our Approach  Phase I Introduction to a Client - Free Seminar 2 hrs Presentation ½ hour Product Demo  Phase II - Quick Pilot - 5 Days (Free ) Gather Real Data from Client (static) Create Customized Demo  Phase III - POC - 8 weeks (Cost depends on # of people assigned) POC will be a limited version of the actual production system Could be productionized  Phase IV - Final Engagement (Fixed Cost TBD) Shared the implementation Risk

9 Data Strategy & Solutions Traditional vs. Semantic Example

10 Data Strategy & Solutions Traditional Approach.

11 Data Strategy & Solutions Semantic Approach.

12 Data Strategy & Solutions Initial Investment Cost.

13 Data Strategy & Solutions BAU Cost - 3 years.

14 Data Strategy & Solutions 3 Years TCO Analysis.

15 Data Strategy & Solutions Thanks.

16 Data Strategy & Solutions The Road to Big Data Management

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