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Introduction to ORYX. Agility without Control  Unacceptable rate of error (88%*)  Highly manual, with …  … limited automation potential  Lack of audit.

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Presentation on theme: "Introduction to ORYX. Agility without Control  Unacceptable rate of error (88%*)  Highly manual, with …  … limited automation potential  Lack of audit."— Presentation transcript:

1 Introduction to ORYX

2 Agility without Control  Unacceptable rate of error (88%*)  Highly manual, with …  … limited automation potential  Lack of audit trail and evidence of process  Tough to implement effective governance  Undocumented processes  Spreadsheet OLAP difficult and unpredictable Accounting by Spreadsheets presents the following challenges to Finance: XLS These factors make spreadsheets expensive * Study by Panko (2008)

3 Control without Agility  Do not enable data processing on demand  Limited ad-hoc functionality  Drill-to-source capability can be limited  Requires high up-front investment in software  Technically proficient staff are hard to retain  Long implementation and change control cycles Working with Dashboard or Reporting Solutions presents some different challenges: The high technical barriers lead to a shortage of suitably skilled people in the market. Realised benefits fall short of expectations often because of a sluggish response to business change.

4 Control or Agility? Spreadsheets High cost Low cost Agility Control Dashboards OLAP Tools

5 20 % of time 80% of time 80% of time - Crunching data 20% of time Add More Value Before ORYX..With ORYX AUTOMATED 80 % of time 80% of time – Adding value Analyse and Add value

6 End-to-End Automation Spreadsheets and Dashboards primarily focus on Presentation (Analysis and Reporting) NOT DATA PROCESSING Process Automation requires both Data Processing And Presentation

7 Introducing ORYX for Finance  Processing  Reporting  Analysis  Reconciliations  Consolidations  Planning  Workflow  Journals ORYX is a desktop solution that significantly reduces number-crunching, provides control and retains agility by automating: … improve performance whilst still retaining ad-hoc capability

8 ORYX Principles  Golden Source  Build once use many  Governance & Control  Standardisation and Consistency  Automation  Integration  User Empowerment  Leverage Existing Infrastructure  Single Environment ORYX is built on the following principles:

9 How ORYX Works ORYX automates complex processes end-to-end with a single click: -Report -Allocate -Analyse -Reconcile -Consolidate -Plan -Report -Allocate -Analyse -Reconcile -Consolidate -Plan

10 Acquire  Obtain and process data from multiple databases  Only extract required data (Performance)  Used existing sources (No redundancy, inconsistency, duplication)  Use existing mappings and reference data  Data also obtained from text (CSV etc), spreadsheet, XML, etc

11 Validate  Allows data from multiple sources to be combined in a controlled way  Tests easily added to existing processes to prevent new errors  ORYX processes become more robust over time, not less  Validation embedded into processes (eg. data mapping tests)  Test applied irrespective of who runs the process

12 Process  Processes normally automated without scripting  Full parameterisation using filters  User feedback in real time  Full process logging:

13 Rules-Based Processing  Sequential rules-based processing  Full process visibility  Greater process agility  Process configuration changes quickly prototyped and deployed  Change rules /process without costly rebuild  Full rule validation before processing starts

14 Analyse Data  Drill to transaction  Query data at any level of detail  Full Audit trail

15 Dimensional Analysis ORYX OLAP functionality provides intuitive analysis, slice-and-dice, KPIs, all with rapid drill-to-source.

16 Present and Report  Turn existing analysis views into a distributable report with a few clicks  Reports can be rapidly adapted to changing business requirements  ORYX reports balance to the original analysis, reducing issues arising from having “multiple versions of the truth” and improving query resolution time

17 ORYX Forms and Scripting  Familiar form design framework (based on.NET)  Developer optimisations  Scripting available where custom actions / logic required  Full intellisense / inline help provided

18 “ORYX has cut the process time from 4 hours to a few minutes during the month end” “ORYX has saved 90% time with expense report automation: 4.5 working days saved” “With ORYX systems reconciliation has reduced from 2 hours to 5 minutes - 95% time-saving” ORYX Community ORYX has been implemented in various large multi-national organisations with users located globally: UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.

19 ORYX reduces 40-hour possesses to minutes. In fact, a single ORYX development has saved an investment bank approximately £650,000 per year. ORYX Benefits Performance Delivery Agility Lower Risk Reduced Costs

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