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Applying Crowd Sourcing and Workflow in Social Conflict Detection By: Reshmi De, Bhargabi Chakrabarti 28/03/13.

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1 Applying Crowd Sourcing and Workflow in Social Conflict Detection By: Reshmi De, Bhargabi Chakrabarti 28/03/13

2 Purpose The aim of our work is to apply crowd sourcing for detecting Social Conflict in an efficient manner and automating it through the use of workflow system. 28/03/13

3 Overview  Literature Survey  Tools to be used  What is Crowdsourcing?  What is AMT?  AMT Details  Related services  Workflows & JBPM  Our Approach  Processing  What’s New  Reference 28/03/13

4 Literature Survey Crowdsourcing  In past crowdsourcing has been used by Crowdflower in Pakistan flood relief.  2010 Haiti earthquake CrowdFlower made it possible to route thousands of text messages to the proper aid workers, to get them translated quickly Social conflict detection  Detecting Emerging Conflicts with Web Mining and Crisis Mapping  Social media as a sentinel in emergency situations. 28/03/13

5 Tools to be used  Amazon Mechanical Turk  Java API 1.6.2, to interact with Amazon Mechanical Turk(a crowdsourcing internet marketplace)  JBPM 5.4.0 to create the entire workflow 28/03/13

6 What is Crowdsourcing? 28/03/13 Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community. It is different from an ordinary outsourcing since it is a task or problem that is outsourced to an undefined public rather than to a specific, named group.

7 What is AMT? 28/03/13 Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that enables computer programmers (Requesters) to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks which computers are unable to do.

8 AMT – Concepts  HIT  Requester  Worker  Qualification 28/03/13

9 HIT HIT-Human Intelligence Task -Tasks hard for computers Can be completed using a computer connected to the internet Examples: Amazon A9 BlockView -- match the best image to a business name Extract Product Description -- Summarize Select Japanese Text Direction -- Vertical or Horizontal Identify Performers on a CD cover 28/03/13

10 Requesters -The individual, business or organization that creates the HIT -Can specify worker qualifications -Must deposit money into an Amazon account -Submit Hits to the Turk Web Site -Can choose to approve or reject a completed task -Retrieve results 28/03/13

11 Worker - Anyone with access to the web who works on a task - Must complete qualification quiz if required - Requesters to see how many HITs a worker has completed and the % of those that were approved - A weekly $$ award is given to the top workers that have completed the most tasks with the highest approval ratings 28/03/13

12 Qualification -The requester can post a ‘quiz’ that a worker is required to pass in order to do a task - Can be multiple choice or in the form of an essay/text. - Approval rate can also be qualification criteria. 28/03/13

13 Pros and Cons of AMT Pros:  Work done quickly, efficiently  Cost effective  Can monitor and manage quality of work  New way of thinking about getting work done Cons:  Requesters don’t have to file tax forms, but workers are required to report their self employment income  Can be misused: Homework assignments 28/03/13

14 Related Services  Google Answers Cancelled last month  TrialPay A crowdsourcing platform  Crowdflower 28/03/13

15 Integration with Workflow A workflow is a specific sequence of activities, used to achieve business goals. Greatly improves the visibility and agility of logic. Workflow Systems:  JBPM – Part of jBoss, Owned by RedHat.  Activity – a continuation of JBPM4  Enhydra Shark  Taverna  Kepler  XFlow 28/03/13

16 JBPM jBPM is an extensible and flexible process engine that can run as a standalone server or embedded in any Java application. Eclipse is used as the platform to host the graphical process designer (as a plugin). Web Designer is also available. 28/03/13

17 Our Approach  Generate 3 different sets of questionnaire.  Publish this questionnaire in Amazon Mechanical Turk(AMT) for the workers to respond.  Gather response from AMT  Process response to determine if there is an emerging conflict in a particular geographical location  Aim to develop a system which automates the whole process by integrating AMT with JBPM. 28/03/13

18 Questionnaire 1 st set of Q: - Ask workers for emerging social conflict topics. - No qualification required for this task. - Mandatory input- zip code. 2 nd set of Q: - Qualification – 50% or greater approval rate. - Verify social conflicts which are gathered from 1 st set of Q. - Provide relevant links confirming their input (Mandatory). 3rd set of Q: - Verify the relevance of the link to the topic. - Rate the intensity of the conflict. 28/03/13

19 Processing  Classifying social conflicts based on zip-code.  Identifying topics which requires immediate action from their ratings.  Rating conflicts based on: - Number of times it appears in the response to 1 st questionnaire - Response to 2 nd questionnaire and link verification in 3 rd questionnaire. - Rating obtained through 3 rd questionnaire.  Notification can be sent to Police or Fire Station based on response gathered. 28/03/13

20 Q set1Q Set 2Q Set 3 Processing result Automated by JBPM

21 What's new?  Ideal scenario to detect social conflict - since society is made of actual people and AMT workers are actual people too  Integrating AMT with JBPM, automating the whole process of questionnaire generation, posting in AMT, gathering and analysing response using JBPM. 28/03/13

22 References 28/03/13 Amazon Mechanical Turk

23 Thank You!! 28/03/13

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