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Chapter 9: From the Andes to the Amazon Section 1: Landforms and Resources.

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2 Chapter 9: From the Andes to the Amazon Section 1: Landforms and Resources

3 Today’s preview Chapter 9, Section 1 Unit Pretest Lecture: Mountains Plains Rivers Islands Resources A note about notes: use abbreviations! Tour of Latin America

4 Objectives By the end of class, you should be able to: 1.Identify Latin America’s major mountain ranges & highlands 2.Identify Latin America’s major plains & rivers 3.Describe the major islands of the Caribbean 4.Summarize the importance of natural resources in Latin America

5 Latin America Made up of: – Part of North America – Central America – South America – Caribbean

6 Mountains and Highlands Two primary mountain ranges: – Sierra Madres in Mexico – Andes in South America

7 The Andes Mountains Steep mountains on west coast of South America They prevent movement to the interior from the west

8 Andes Mountains



11 Andes Mints

12 Highlands Other ranges in Latin America include: – Guiana Highlands – Brazilian Highlands

13 Guiana Highlands

14 Paradise Falls

15 Angel Falls


17 Plains Wide plains for crops and grazing – Llanos (Columbia and Venezuela) – Cerrados (Amazon River Basin) – Pampas (Argentina and Uruguay) Comparable to Great Plains of the USA

18 Llanos Vast plains in Columbia and Venezuela Grassy, treeless areas

19 Llanos

20 Cerrados Savannas with flat terrain and moderate rainfall. Brazil’s interior is expansive and undeveloped

21 Pampas Grasslands with rich soil found in Argentina and Uruguay Main products are cattle and wheat grain.

22 Pampas

23 Gauchos

24 Rivers of Latin America Three primary rivers: – Orinoco – Parana – Amazon Major rivers are located primarily in South America


26 Parana River

27 Amazon River

28 Amazon is one of the great rivers of the world. Branches start in the Andes Mountains, flowing eastward across the lowlands. Fed by over 1000 tributaries Carries more water to the ocean than any other river in the world.

29 Major Islands of the Caribbean Caribbean islands are divided up into three major groups: – The Greater Antilles – The Lesser Antilles – The Bahamas

30 The Greater Antilles The large islands of the Caribbean – Cuba – Jamaica – Hispaniola – Puerto Rico

31 The Greater Antilles

32 The Lesser Antilles The smaller islands southeast of Puerto Rico. Divided into two groups: – Windward: they face northeasterly the winds – Leeward: sheltered from the northeasterly winds

33 The Lesser Antilles

34 The Bahamas Made up of hundreds of islands off the southern tip of Florida and north of Cuba. Extend southeast into the Atlantic

35 The Bahamas

36 Resources of Latin America Mineral resources – Gold – Silver Energy resources – Oil – Natural gas Agricultural resources – Timber

37 Mineral Resources Abundant resources: GoldBauxite SilverTin IronLead CopperNickel TungstenTitanium Precious stones & gems Mostly exported to other parts of the world

38 Energy Resources Region is plentiful in: – Oil – Coal – Natural gas – Uranium – Hydroelectric power

39 Tour of Latin America It’s easy to think of Latin America as some kind of primitive country Wild country, raging rivers, deserts and rain forests Latin America has very wild country and very metropolitan cities

40 Tijuana

41 Mexico City

42 Mexico City at night

43 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

44 South America video Tour of 4 major cities in South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Lima, Peru/Machu Picchu – Montevideo, Uruguay – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Notable landforms – Amazon River – Galapagos Islands

45 Post-test Question #1 What mountain range runs down the western coastline of South America? A.Urals B.Rockies C.Tierra del Fuego D.Andes

46 Post-test Question #2 Which of the following is a largely undeveloped grassy area of the Amazon River basin? A.Cerrado B.Guiana Highlands C.Greater Antilles D.Llanos

47 Post-test Question #3 Which of the following describes Greater Antilles? A.Leeward Islands B.Larger islands that includes Cuba, Jamaica, Hispanola, and Puerto Rico C.Smaller islands southeast of Puerto Rico D.Windward Islands

48 Post-test Question #4 Which of the following is NOT a resource found in abundance in Latin America? A.Hydroelectric power B.Natural gas C.Marble D.Timber

49 Closure What are the mountains and the highlands of Latin America? What are the characteristics of the Latin American plains? Find these islands on the North America map: – Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico Explain the importance of resources of Latin America. NEXT TIME: Read Chapter 9, Section 2 NEXT TIME: Climate & Vegetation

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