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SFU Engineering Graduation Class (circa 1986). My Company Today Dorigo Systems Ltd. A leading PNW Electronics Contract Manufacturing Provider $10,000,000.

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1 SFU Engineering Graduation Class (circa 1986)

2 My Company Today Dorigo Systems Ltd. A leading PNW Electronics Contract Manufacturing Provider $10,000,000 in Annual Sales 50 Employees ISO9001:2000 Registered Profitable, Privately Held Company Mark Pillon has 100% Ownership Dorigo owns the 22,000 sq ft building that it operates from


4 Dorigo's Early Years Survival 1986 Graduated from SFU 1987 Employed as Hardware Design Engineer, began self-employed consulting work 1988 Began business operation (contract design) out of the basement of my parent's home 1989 Obtained BC Professional Engineering Status, Hired first employee 1990 Moved the operation to modest 1,500 sq ft 2nd Floor Location in Lake City (North Burnaby)

5 Dorigo's Business Shift to EMS Establishment 1991 Acquired a co-owner with manufacturing background 1993 Relocated to strata flex/warehouse style unit(s) in Lake City 1996 Secured land for eventual building facility 1997 Achieved first $1,000,000 in annual sales 1998 Moved to new state of the art facility 1999 Acquired first automated SMTP machine

6 Darigo's Maturation Years Controlled Growth 2000 launched corporate website 2001 received Top 40 under 40 Award from BEV 2002 Broke through $5,000,000 in annual sales 2002 gained ISO registration … model of excellence 2003 Implemented new SMTP Line Equipment 2004 Co-owner retired, re-acquired 100% ownership of company 2005 Established 2nd SMTP Line Equipment 2005 Ranking in Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies by BEV

7 Dorigo's Future Years Great Potential Expect $12M in sales this year, $15M for next year Stick to core values, sustain growth, meet evolving needs Maintain Dorigo's strong reputation and commitment to excellence Continue building out the corporate infrastructure Fulfill key hirings and pursue expansion, capital investment Continue improving company processes

8 Best Company/Personal Accomplishments maintaining 100% ownership of the company Control over your own destiny, no one to respond to (except your customers) approaching $12M in annual gross sales Enhanced personal cash flow, financial stability achieving positive growth each and every year having ownership over the building facility Strong infrastructure, policy and processes Reputation for high quality, superior customer service, High industry regard for professionalism and integrity ISO9001:2000 is details our Model for Excellence 15 million SMT placements per year

9 What does it take to get there … Keen business sense from an early age Entrepreneurial aspirations and a strong will to succeed Passion, drive, energy, ambition Willingness to make many sacrifices Support of family and friends Have a vision and set goals Make things happen, create opportunities for yourself Stay focused, be a controlled risk taker Become a leader and a catalyst in your company Develop the personality you want within the company Some good luck (bring it on yourself)

10 Advantages of having an Engineering background Business and engineering mix together very well Apart from technical depth, all roundedness is important Experience working in a highly challenged environment Develop capability of handling a wide variety of tasks Obtain the a wide breadth of knowledge needed Learn how to problem solve and manage large projects Develop strong documentation and technical writing skills

11 Greatest Challenges Faced Accept that being an entrepreneur is a way of life Can be difficult to maintain a balance in your lifestyle Make a lot of sacrifices and put in a lot of hard work Endure some hard (but not fatal) business lessons Learn from your mistakes (experiences) Persevere and stay the course Hang around long enough to survive Be willing to accept pressure and criticism Understand that the buck stops here Taking time to "smell the roses"

12 Key Success Factors Kept early overhead (personal/business) costs low Great attention to detail, looking after the little things … Ability to perform many functions within the company Stewardship - set examples and strive for excellence Be a visionary and set objectives yourself Build procedures that instill quality and workmanship Recognize and seize good business opportunities Ability to make good business decisions Prevention of any catastrophic errors Keeping finger on pulse of company finances Identification and securing of good team people Creation of a pleasing, healthy work environment

13 Best Business Advice Try to retain full control of your company Try to know at least something about everything Seek outside expertise when needed Consider developing a mentor relationship Consult with family and friends for advice Don't be afraid to ask questions, most people want to help Use the (free) resources available to you Don’t burn any bridges with people Keep all of your alliances and network contacts open Gain the respect of others you associate with by earning it Be a leader and a catalyst - set examples for others

14 Maintain realism, modesty and credibility Seek excellence in all that you do and do not cut corners Take comfortable steps along the way Establish strong accounting, legal and banking relationships Need to understand accounting, corporate financial statements and taxation The idea begins with you - to make it develop you need the help of others Look to people who share similar values, attitudes and outlooks. Skills can be trained and developed, basic personalities can not Best Business Advice Cont’d

15 Contact Information Mark Pillon, P.Eng.

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