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Rosebud Youth Wellness and Renewal Center

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1 Rosebud Youth Wellness and Renewal Center
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Rosebud, SD

2 Patricia Broken Leg Correctional Program Specialist
Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services

3 Rosebud Sioux Tribe Located in South Central, South Dakota, in the County of Todd Tribal Membership includes 23,000 people where ½ the population is 21 years and younger with an unemployment rate of 85-90% The Tribal Court System carries a case load of 552 juveniles and families There are several components of the system which include: Schools, Health Care, Social Services, Probation, Detention, Elders, First Offenders Program, Wellness Program, Alcohol/Drug Treatment, Residential Living, and Family Counseling Juvenile Detention houses youth on a daily basis In 2006, JDC booked 380 youth and 109 were repeat offenders

4 Juvenile Crime and Delinquency
Current Statistics - Underage Possession of Drugs/ Gang Activity/ Violent Offenses Status Offenses- Underage Consumption of Alcohol / Runaway / Curfew / Truancy Challenges – Lack Resources, need to update tribal laws, and Lack of Manpower Past Efforts to Address Issues- Citations, transport youth to other facilities, placements off the reservation and implementation of tribal value system

5 Wanbli Wiconi Tipi Youth Wellness and Renewal Center
United States Department of Justice Grant Opportunity in 1998

6 Community Viewpoint The grant enabled the community to provide views and expectations of the juvenile justice system Resistance to concept of “Locking Kids Up” Importance of culture and traditional approaches High Value on healing, reconciliation, and education in intervention concepts.

7 Planning Process PONI TEAM Involvement: Planning, Construction, Oversight, and Occupancy Understanding and Organizing the tribal systems of care Engaging all stakeholders and policy makers Coordinating a system approach- “Buy In” Collaborated approach to improving services to the Rosebud Youth

8 Accomplishments Well Coordinated and Organized Continuum of Care and Services for the youth of Rosebud New Juvenile Detention Facility that works toward Rehabilitation Alternate Programs – Transitional Living Program and Day Reporting Program Enhanced System- Coordination and Development of tiered levels of care – Full counseling program Awards and Recognition - 3 C’s Award Winner with Dept. Of Interior and Recognized as a leader in Indian Country Juvenile Detention Issues.

9 Wanbli Wiconi Tipi “Eagle Life Center”
Rosebud Wellness and Renewal Center Juvenile Detention Center-36 bed facility with a 45 seat day reporting school. 51,646 Sq. Ft. with over 65% of the Facility for Program and Services for youth Play a major role in rehabilitating youth by using the Lakota Culture and Resources in the programs and services Tribally owned and operated

10 Accomplishments Day Reporting and Education Component
Community based approach to solving delinquency and truancy issues with juvenile justice systems. Day reporting would serve as an alternate placement to detention or step down from detention. Day Report would also assess and track academic requirements Day Report would also get the students on track with a curriculum designed to help incarcerated youth. All Due process procedures are held in Tribal Court.

11 Education and Activities






17 Future Plans….. Manage and Modify the systems of care as needed
Strive toward implementation of the Lakota Culture Strengthen Communications with the Systems of Care Improve the transitional living program Continue to do “What Works” for children

18 Patricia Broken Leg Correctional Programs Specialist
Pila Miya “Thank You” Wanbli Wiconi Tipi-Juvenile Detention Center Youth Wellness and Renewal Center

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