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The Colorado Senate Bill (SB 94) Community Based Detention Program.

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1 The Colorado Senate Bill (SB 94) Community Based Detention Program

2 The Division of Youth Corrections Provides Secure Detention Services Allocates $7.9 Million to 22 Judicial Districts to Develop and Provide Community-Based Detention Services Develops Policies, Procedures and Requirements for Local SB 94 Programs Provides Training for Local SB 94 Programs on “Best Practices” within a Detention Continuum Provides Programmatic and Fiscal Monitoring of Local SB 94 Programs

3 Judicial Districts Chief Judge Appoints a Juvenile Services Planning Committee Planning Committee Membership County Department of Social Services Local School District Local Law Enforcement Agency Local Probation Department Division of Youth Corrections Private Citizens District Attorney’s Office Public Defender’s Office Community Mental Health Municipality Representative

4 Planning Committee Develops and Oversees implementation of a Plan for the Community- Based Detention Services Within the Detention Continuum Policies and Procedures for Managing the Judicial District’s Secure and/or Staff Secure Detention Beds are Included in the Annual SB 94 Plan

5 Local Senate Bill 94 Programs Screen for Placement in Secure/Staff Secure Detention Beds Using a Standard Screening Instrument Manage the Use of Detention Beds Provide Client Information to the Courts Participate in the Local Detention Emergency Release Process Coordinate with Detention Facilities and Other Juvenile Justice Agencies Provide Community –Based Detention Services

6 Common SB 94 Community- Based Detention Services Screening & Assessment Case Management Tracking Electronic Monitoring Day Reporting Work Programs/Community Service Multi-Disciplinary Assessment/Case Planning Mentoring Mental Health Services Drug/Alcohol Services

7 Senate Bill 94 – Fourth Judicial District District Coordinator: Sarah Sherwin Committee Chair: Jack Ruszczyk (4 th JD Probation) Fiscal Agent: Kathy Moan (Joint Initiatives)

8 4 th JD – SB94 Program Profile Contextual Factors Urban And Rural Two Counties Shared Detention Facility with other JD Population: 558,816 Juvenile Population (10- 17): 68,514 Minority Youth: 24.2% Unemployment Rate: 4.3% Poverty Rate: 12.6% Juvenile Arrests 17.1% Funding Support FY SB94 Allocation: $1,110,322 FY SB94 Allocation: $989,980 WRAP Flexible Funds Available

9 4 th JD – SB94 Program Profile Interagency Network SB94 Juvenile Oversight and Planning Committee (20- Members) Contract with Four Local Vendors (Issue RFP every 5 years) Juvenile Screeners are Bond Commissioners - Issue PR Bonds on Warrants Weekly Emergency Release/Detention Cap Meetings Individual Planning Sessions (IPS’s) Key Indicators FY Juvenile Detention Cap = 58 FY Juvenile Detention Screens = 1,772 FY Juvenile Detained in Secure Detention = 1,454 FY YTD Detention Emergency Releases = 16 FY YTD Borrowed Detention Beds = 1

10 4 th JD – SB94 Program Services SB94 Juvenile Services Oversight and Planning Committee District Attorney’s OfficeMunicipal CourtAlcohol/Drug Treatment Provider Office of Public DefenderMental HealthCounty Government Probation DepartmentSocial ServicesDistrict Court Law EnforcementPrivate CitizenEmployment & Training Division of Youth CorrectionsSchool DistrictsOther Youth-Serving Agencies Senate Bill 94 Fiscal Agent Senate Bill 94 District Coordinator Contracted Service Providers Mission Possible Screening/Assessment Case Management Minority Family Advocacy Individual Planning Sessions Youthtrack Inc. Tracking Emily Griffith Center Family Preservation Multi-Systemic Therapy El Paso County Dept. of H&E Substance Abuse Treatment UA Monitoring

11 1 st Judicial District Jefferson and Gilpin County Senate Bill 94

12 CURRENT PROCEDURES Juvenile Detention Screening & Assessment Court Assessment Pre trial Services Graduated Sanctions Fast Track Felonies Data Entry

13 JUVENILE DETENTION SCREENING & ASSESSESSMENT Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center Detention Screening Juvenile Detention Screening Guide Detention Specialist

14 JUVENILE COURT COORDINATION Assessment Team Court Coordinator Pre Sentence Investigations Substance Abuse Evaluation Referral

15 PRETRIAL SERVICES SUPERVISION TRACKING Electronic Monitoring Drug/Alcohol screening/monitoring

16 GRADUATED SANCTIONS RAPID INTERVENTION SERVICE Therapeutic Services Multisystemic Therapy Functional Family Therapy Individual, Group and Family Therapy Drug / Alcohol Intervention Programs Anger Management Mediation Mentoring

17 GRADUATED SANCTIONS Work programs Residential Work Programs Male and Female Weekends Non Residential Work Program Sunday to Friday

18 FAST TRACK FELONIES Any Youth with pending felony Juvenile Detention Screening & Assessment Guide Level 4 or 5 on the Juvenile Detention Screening & Assessment Guide Face to Face with Youth and Parents Promise to Appear Pre trial Supervision Contract Tracking Drug / Alcohol Screen

19 DATA ENTRY Colorado Trails Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center Database Juvenile Information System

20 JCJAC: SB-94 District Attorney Mental Health Human Services R-1 Schools Truant & at-risk youth Expelled youth Discipline problems Run-aways & homeless Beyond control of parent Abused and neglected Municipal warrants: all police agencies Alternative to detention Municipal probation and diversion services The Johnson Program: an alternative, year- round middle school for expelled Jeffco students Diversion and case management services: Sheriff’s Dept. District Attorney Arvada & Golden Education and training: Every Jeffco police officer annually X 2; Teacher in-services Advice center: in person or by phone Parents who need help with children Police officers: whether to detain Criminal and academic information Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center

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