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NSSC: The English Language Key Learning Area A sharing session By Miss Lam Cheuk Ki, English Panel Chairperson.

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1 NSSC: The English Language Key Learning Area A sharing session By Miss Lam Cheuk Ki, English Panel Chairperson

2 Focus of my Sharing The Curriculum The Exam Syllabus Meeting the Challenge Ahead: parts to be played by the school, students and parents

3 Aims: increase students ’ English language proficiency develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes broaden their knowledge, understanding and experience of various cultures in which English is used develop and prepare themselves for further study

4 The Curriculum Parts Percentage of lesson time Compulsory75% Elective25%

5 Learning objectives Forms and Functions (Grammar) Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Values and Attitudes

6 Language Skills Listening Speaking Reading Writing

7 Generic Skills to be Stressed Collaboration Communication Creativity Critical Thinking Problem-solving and Study Skills

8 Suggested Modules of the Compulsory Part Getting along with others Study, school life and work Cultures of the world Wonderful things Nature and environment

9 The individual and society Communicating Technology Leisure and entertainment School-based teaching materials developed by the English Panel

10 The Elective Part Language Arts Non-language Arts

11 Electives to be Offered by the English Panel Language ArtsNon-language Arts Short Stories Social Issues Songs and Poems

12 Assessment Frameworks of HKDSE 2 Components: - Public examination - School-based Assessment

13 The Public Examination PaperWeighting Reading 20% Writing25% Listening & Integrated Skills30% Speaking10%

14 The SBA PartWeighting Two assessments on the reading/viewing of 6 texts/films 10% One assessment based on the modules in the Elective Part 5%

15 Major Differences Only 1 exam for the NSSC Testing language in use rather than focusing on the language systems

16 Meeting the Challenge Ahead

17 The Strive for Success Parties Involved Teachers of the English Panel Students Parents

18 The Strive for Success by English Teachers a quality language program an English-rich environment (ESD & other subject-related activities) facilities for self-directed learning

19 A Quality Program of Study The fostering of the 4 essential language skills The building of word power The teaching of grammar The extensive reading scheme Viewing of good movies

20 On-line self-access learning program (Eng-class) The integration of language arts and non-language arts components into the formal curriculum, e.g. - short stories - songs and poems - popular culture - social issues

21 The Strive to Create An English Rich Environment

22 Activities to add spice to students ’ school life and enrich their learning experiences Examples English speaking days Drama performance by professional drama groups Public speaking competitions Story-telling competitions

23 Verse speaking competitions Writing competitions Book review competitions Study Tours (e.g. United Kingdom, Australia)

24 English Enrichment Programs


26 Drama Performance


28 Part to be Played by Students Be conscientious and hardworking Revise what they have learnt on a regular basis. Do a lot of reading after school to increase their exposure. Practice makes perfect.

29 Knowing their language needs and setting long-term as well as short-term goals to strive for improvement Working according to their plans and evaluating the progress made Taking an active part in the subject-activities held Never give up despite the difficulties encountered

30 Part to be played by Parents To have a good understanding of the expectations of the school To ensure that students are making good use of their time after school to increase their exposure to the English Language (e.g. reading and/or watching quality TV programs in English)

31 To help monitor the progress made by the students To listen to their hearts and give them advice and encouragement

32 Think positive. The change is for the better. Work hard and be well prepared. Let ’ s join hands to strive for the BEST for our students!


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