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Westward Expansion Part 2.

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1 Westward Expansion Part 2

2 Bell Ringer Tuesday On vent. Choose one of the articles to read.
Answer the questions below. Rock Star/Warrior – What did Tecumseh do to try to help his people? How did he help the British? Trail of Tears – How did the Cherokee try to assimilate (fit in) to white society? What was the Trail of Tears like? Napoleon’s Folly - Why did Napoleon want America to have the Louisiana Purchase? What was Lewis and Clark’s reaction to the Pacific Ocean?

3 Learning Target 1 I can explain why Americans began to move west. SS 8 – & SS 8 – 5.2.3

4 Bell Ringer Wednesday What would you expect the journey west to be like?

5 Learning Target 1 I can explain why Americans began to move west. SS 8 – & SS 8 – 5.2.3

6 Fur traders Furs very expensive and popular in Europe Mountain Men
Live among the Native Americas

7 Rich resources, land, and mild climate
Move West Rich resources, land, and mild climate

8 Life on Oregon Trail Hard, shortages of food, water, and supplies
Walked trail to save animals’ strength Often left wagon

9 Santa Fe Trail Traders who had manufactured goods and wanted horses, mules, and silver Traded with Mexicans in Santa Fe

10 Mormons Move to Utah because of religious persecution
Joseph Smith founder, Brigham Young early leader

11 Trails to the West As you walk around the room, answer the questions related to each picture. Do NOT write on the walls. You only have permission to talk to your group.

12 Bell Ringer Thursday Why did each of these travel to the west? (Choose 2) Mountain Men Oregon Trail Santa Fe Trail Mormons

13 Learning Target 2 I can summarize the Texas War for Independence. SS 8 – & SS 8 – 5.2.3

14 Mexican Independence Seceded from Spain (1824)
Encouraged Americans to move to Texas Settlers paid in land, but had to follow Mexican laws Slaves brought to Texas angered Mexicans

15 Texas Settlers

16 Texas Independence (1836) Texas declared independence
Texans took control of San Antonio and Alamo (mission) Santa Anna – led 2,000 to put down the revolt

17 Dear America: A Line in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence Gonzales: Texas, 1836
25 minutes Please watch respectfully!

18 Texas Independence Battle of the Alamo 200 Texans
Delay Mexican Army until reinforcements arrive 13 day siege Mexicans won Davy Crockett Jim Bowie

19 Texas Independence Battle of Jacinto Texans swarmed Mexican camp
Surprise attack Santa Anna gave Texas Independence

20 Bell Ringer Friday Please begin your 9 weeks test. You are welcome to use your notes and the textbook. If you work well independently the 1st half the class, I will allow you to work in groups later.

21 Bell Ringer Monday Summarize the Texas War for Independence. Please write 3-4 sentences.

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