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Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion in Seven stops By: Natalie Sava.

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1 Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion in Seven stops By: Natalie Sava

2 Fort Mandan Fort Mandan was the place where Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea. This had a big impact on manifest destiny because Sacagawea allowed Lewis and Clark to successfully make it to the Pacific Ocean and map some of the west. Without their monumental journey other settlers would not have been able to settle in the west.

3 San Jacinto River In this place the last battle for Texan Independence took place. With the achievement of Texas Independence people were able to settle in Texas and later have it become part of the United States and fulfill its manifest destiny.

4 This place is where a battle in the Mexican War took place. Santa Anna’s army was defeated by the American army. That day the Americans won Mexico City. This ended the Mexican war and gave the United States California and New Mexico. This is connected to manifest destiny because then Americans were able to settle in both of those places and expand the US. Chapultepec, Mexico City

5 Sutter’s Mill Sutter’s Mill, a mill in California, was the place where John Sutter found gold. He was digging a ditch for his mill when he discovered it. After the gold was uncovered it sparked the Gold Rush to California pulling people to the west very quickly. This is connected to manifest destiny because when people came to California in search of gold they stayed there and started a new life. Eventually with such a population boom, California actually became a state.

6 Independence, Missouri Independence, Missouri was the city where the Oregon trail started. Many families that were going to settle in Oregon came here and started the 2,000 mile journey to Oregon. From here caravans of wagons or wagon trains started their journey west. They traveled together to stay safe and not get lost. Through the Oregon Trail people expanded the United States as they moved west.

7 Dakota Territory, Missouri River This place is important to Manifest Destiny because of its significance to the Dakota Indian tribe and also to Americans. The Dakota’s were ordered out of this land, their ancestors land for many years, by the Traverse des Sioux Treaty and sent to South Dakota. This way people from the US could settle here. This expanded our country further to the west. Without this place our country would not have pushed the Natives off their land and settled here.

8 Salt Lake City, Utah Right next to the Great Salt Lake in Utah is this city. In the time of Westward expansion this was the promised land for Mormons. They were seeking religious freedom so they decided the west was the best place for their people to go. This showed other Americans that there were new freedoms in the west and lots of opportunities. This made other people looking for similar freedoms to expand to the west. The dotted line shows the Mormon trail to Salt Lake City.

9 The End Eventually through Manifest Destiny this whole country was settled and populated by the United States

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