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Westward Ho! Trails to the West.

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1 Westward Ho! Trails to the West

2 Push /Pull Factors Why would people in the eastern United States want to move west during the mid-1800’s? What factors were PUSHING and PULLING? PUSH FACTORS – Circumstances or challenges that cause people to want to pull up stakes and move to a new place. PULL FACTORS – Circumstances or advantages that draw people to a new place

3 Push Factors Panic of 1837 Harsh winters Restless/Curious
Looking for Wealth

4 Pull Factors Fur Trade Rich Resources – timber, game, gold Land
Mild Climate Adventure

5 Challenges Along the Way
Shortages of food, water, supplies Rough Weather Disease / Illness Geographic Barriers Environmental Dangers Weight in the wagons

6 Fur Trappers High demand for fur in Europe caused companies to move West in search of more beavers. John Jacob Astor created one of the largest fur businesses – American Fur Company Fur Traders and Trappers became known as “Mountain Men.” – Jedediah Smith, Manuel Lisa, Jim Bridger, Jim Beckwourth Rocky Mountain “Rendezvous” – once a year gathering of trappers and traders. Fur trade came to an end by the 1840’s – mountain men stories lured many new settlers.

7 Oregon Trail 2, 000 mile long trail – from Independence, MO or Council Bluffs, IA west into Oregon Country After the Rocky Mountains it forked. Northern branch went to Willamette Valley in Oregon. The other branch went to California and became the California Trail.

8 Santa Fe Trail Independence, MO to Santa Fe, New Mexico
Followed ancient trading route used by Native Americans American traders loaded wagons full of cloth and other manufactured goods and traded for horses, mules, and SILVER! They made lots of money!

9 Mormon Trail 1830 – Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – known as Mormons Some of their beliefs and practices caused the Mormons to be persecuted. Polygamy (outlawed by the church in 1890) The Book of Mormon written from golden tablets Joseph Smith was murdered in 1844 Brigham Young took over and chose Utah as the group’s new home.

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