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Ares, Dionysus, Eris, The furies

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1 Ares, Dionysus, Eris, The furies
Mythology: Gods, Monsters, Heroes By: Asma Karedia, Arij Khanjee, Sree Yeluri

2 Ares LINEAGE: Son of Zeus and Hera (both detested him) Brother of Eris
From Aphrodite - Anteros, Deimos, Eros, Phobus, and Harmonia From Harmonia - the Amazons From Enyo - Anyalio, Atalanta, and Parthenopaeus SYMBOL: The vulture is his bird But the dog was wronged by being chosen as his animal Bronze armor POWERS/ WEAKNESSES: Powers: Decisive, determined, fearless Weaknesses: Impulsive, bloodthirsty, raring for a fight regardless of the consequences

3 Ares ID/DESCRIPTION: Known as the Father of Victory, Leader of Men, Lord of the Dance, Ares, the Greek God of War who is better known as the Roman god named Mars murderous, blood-stained, incarnate curse of mortals, yet cowardly when wounded or defeated Goddess of War, Enyo, walks beside him with Terror, Trembling and Panic and voices of groaning arise behind them and the earth streams with blood hateful throughout the Iliad

Trojan war- Since Ares was in love with Aphrodite, he sided with her and favored Paris, yet with Hera and Athena opposing him, he lost ALLUSIONS: episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess; about a warrior girl from Thrace The Sparta- Ares is viewed a masculine soldier, and respected for his military intelligence and physical strength Nissan Car model was named Ares The planet Mars is named after the Latin form of Ares

5 Dionysus LINEAGE: Parents: Zeus and the Princess of Thebes, Semele
Raised by the nymphs of Nysa Relationships: Aphrodite, goddess of love and Nyx, goddess of the night Wife: Ariande, Princess of Crete Children: Priapus, Phthonus, Deianira SYMBOL: Thyrsos- wooden stick with ivy leaves and vines Flute and Wine barrels His animals are the panther and the tiger POWERS/WEAKNESSES: Powers: Control growth of vines, banishes fear, feelings of joy and freedom Weaknesses: intoxication, god of tragedy, uncontrolled rage

6 Dionysus ID/DESCRIPTION: Born of fire and nursed in water
God of festivities, wine, and rebirth Considered as a handsome young man with impressive hair He was popular among god and has many festivals being held in his honor every year Dionysus was one of the Olympian gods who actually did not live in Mount Olympus, travelled w/ Satyrs Just like how wine causes one to have many natures, Dionysus was known to have a dual nature

Granted Midas his wish of turning everything he touched into gold Went to the Hades to retrieve his mother back, Semele, and renames her Thyone, making her the goddess of the inspired frenzy Zeus stored him in his thigh after Semele died (Dionysus=two births) ALLUSIONS: Many European celebrations are held in honor of Dionysus Haymitch, the drunk victor/sponsor, was a representation of Dionysus; his intentions weren’t always clear, short temper, almost always drunk, and could be both heartless and surprisingly benevolent

8 The Furies LINEAGE: Born from the blood of Ouranos aka Uranus (along w/ the Giants) SYMBOLS: torch, whip, venom POWERS AND WEAKNESSES: Powers: can conceal themselves from mortals, can send their voices across time and space, channel energy similar to hellfire through their weapons Weaknesses: can’t live without sin, anger always present (fury), merciless

ID/DESCRIPTION: The Enriyes/ the Eumenides/ Kindly Ones Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto pursue and punish sinners hair is snakes & eye shed tears of blood As long as there is sin on Earth, they can’t be banished IMPORTANT EVENTS: They pursued Orestes and wanted to punish him for killing his evil mother. But Orestes feels guilt, and prays to Athena to be cleansed. Athena then convinces the Furies to be merciful and from then on the Furies became known as the Eumenides (Benignant Ones) After Cronus injured Uranus, the Erinyes emerged from those drops of blood (similar to Aphrodite who emerged from the sea foam)

10 The Furies ALLUSIONS: Similar to how the Furies can send their voices across space, in the book Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine, the main character Aza is able to “fling” her voice and the events that transpire after that rid her Kingdom (Ayortha) of a great evil The dementors in Harry Potter are a representation of the Furies; they relentlessly punish criminals, and are unfamiliar with mercy, moderation, and forgiveness.

11 Eris LINEAGE: Sister to Ares Mother of Strife Daughter of Nyx SYMBOLS:
Golden apple- brings strife and turmoil POWERS AND WEAKNESSES: Powers: inspires competition, can convince people to follow her Weaknesses: disliked by many, chaotic, brings dissention/ strife

12 Eris ID/DESCRIPTION: Evil goddess of discord, rivalry, strife
Disagreeable nature Not popular, normally left out Attended Ares on the battlefield- purpose was to inspire people IMPORTANT EVENTS: Intentionally left out of an important wedding, Eris was bent on taking revenge. She threw a golden apple dedicate To The Fairest and the events that transpired after that led to the Trojan War. Accompanied Ares during the Trojan war to inspire courage/ fear among the warriors

13 Eris ALLUSIONS: In Sleeping Beauty, the evil fairy godmother that wasn’t invited to Aurora’s birthday. Out of spite, she laid a curse on both the princess and the kingdom on the day of her wedding Snow White’s evil stepmother is a representation of Eris, poisoned Apple Dwarf planet, Eris, discovered in was the cause of much astronomical discord and argument

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