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By: Anthony Vanchieri 2 nd Period Language Arts 3/22/12.

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1 By: Anthony Vanchieri 2 nd Period Language Arts 3/22/12

2 Ares Ares is the God of War of the Olympian Period.

3 Ares Background Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera. He lived in Thracia. He was not married, but had many love affairs with goddesses and mortals. He had 3 children, Deimos, Phobos, and Harmonia with Aphrodite. He also had a daughter, Cecrops, with Alcippe. Ares was the handsome god of war, battle lust, civil order, and courage. He was known as “Mars” to the Romans and the “Maruts” in Indian mythology, which meant the grinder or crusher.

4 Ares Claim to Fame Ares liked the roar of battles, the slaughter of men and was the destroyer of truths. Some of his strengths were; his decisive, determined, and fearless. Ares used bold force and strength and he was considered murderous and bloodstained. The gods disliked him. Some weaknesses were; impulsive, bloodthirsty, quick-tempered, jealous outbursts, and cowardly, as displayed by him running away and roaring like that of 9 to 10 thousand warriors when injured. Ares changed sides frequently and took pleasure in plaguing men with illness and epidemics. Some of Ares companions in war were: his twin sons, Deimos (god of Terror), Phobos (god of Fear), his sister Eris (goddess of Strife and Hatred), and his two lesser war companions, Enylalius and Enyo. Some of his enemies included; Hephaestus, Adonis, Diomedes, Aloadia. Artemis, Athena, and Halirrhothios. Ares had an adulterous affair with Aphrodite and was publically humiliated by Hephaestus. He killed Adonis for Aphrodite’s love. He transformed Kadmos and Harmonia into serpents. He battled Heracles and Kyknos. He supported the Amazones, warrior daughters of the god. He was captured by the Aloadai, two giants that imprisoned him in a bronze jar for 13 months until freed by Hermes. He caused mythological wars such as the Trojan War where Diomedes injured him with the help of Athena.

5 Ares Downfall Ares wrath and punishment occurred when he killed the Athenian youth, Halirrhothosis, as punishment for raping his daughter Alkippe. Ares was acquitted by the 12 gods in the court of Areopagos, also called the hill of Ares. It was called the hill of Ares because he was the first to be tried here.

6 Ares Tales Ares was included in poems such as; the Iliad and the Odyssey. Ares has been included in many myths too, such as, Ares and the Giant Echidnades; Ares and the War of the Gigantes; Ares and the Giant Typhoeus; Ares and the Criminal Sisyphus; and Ares and the Feast of the Gods. Hyms about Ares are; The Homeric Hymn 8 and Orphic Hymn 65. Ares is mentioned in Ovid, Heroides, Seneca, and Phaeadra. Ares is described in art as both old and young, a nude warrior, bearded, always with a spear, wears a helmet, with a dog and vulture in his company. In Modern Mythology, he was the “Villain” in the video game series “God of War.” Ares is the name of NASA’s transport ship, too.

7 Ares Pictures

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