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Greek Gods and Goddesses

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1 Greek Gods and Goddesses
The 12 Olympians and their legends

2 Learning Target Standard I can understand and analyze how ideas have impacted world history. Learning Target: I can explain how religion and mythology shaped life for people in Ancient Greece.

3 Ancient Greek Religion
Greeks were Polytheistic Polytheism- belief in more than one god. Greeks believed the Olympians were real and could/did intervene in the lives of mortals. Gods could even marry/have children with mortals. Heracles (Hercules), Achilles, Perseus.

4 Uranus and Gaia Uranus- the Sky and the Heavens Gaia- the Earth
Gave birth to the Titans

5 The Titans Ruled the universe before the Gods were born
Rhea- “Mother of the Gods” Cronus- Leader of the Titans, brother and consort to Rhea

6 The First Olympians Children of Rhea and Cronus
Cronus feared his children would one day overthrow him, so he ate them Rhea hid away Zeus, replacing him with a boulder wrapped in swaddling clothes. Cronus ate the stone instead, Zeus overthrows the Titans and frees his siblings.

7 The Gods Lived atop Mount Olympus Immortal Ate Ambrosia and Nectar
Helped keep the gods immortal Had the power to both help and hinder mortals. Ex: Hephaestus made armor for Achilles during the Trojan War.

8 Zeus King of the Gods, Lord of the Heavens Youngest of the original 6
Wielded lightning bolts as a weapon Had many lovers, fathered over 100 children Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, Aphrodite, Heracles, Perseus, etc.

9 Zeus’ Children

10 Hades Brother of Zeus Lord of the Underworld
The Underworld was where the souls of the dead went. Not an evil god, but rather a caretaker of the deceased Underworld guarded by his three-headed dog.

11 Poseidon Brother of Zeus Lord of the Ocean Poseidon vs. Athena
Athena wins Partly responsible for Medusa becoming a monster

12 Hera Sister/Wife of Zeus Goddess of Women and Marriage
Often depicted as bitter, holding grudges Mother of Hephaestus and Ares

13 Demeter and Persephone
Demeter: Sister/Lover of Zeus Goddess of the Harvest Persephone: their daughter Goddess of Vegetation, Queen of the Underworld Married to Hades He tricks/kidnaps her Changing of the Seasons

14 Hestia Sister to Zeus Goddess of the Hearth and Hospitality
Had to keep the fire burning on Olympus Chose to be celibate

15 Ares Son of Zeus and Hera God of War, Combat, Violence
Fear and Terror (Phobos and Deimos) pulled his Chariot Best known for love affair with Aphrodite

16 Hephaestus Son of Zeus and Hera God of smithing, fire, metalwork
Married to Aphrodite The only ugly god, Hephaestus made up for it by crafting the most beautiful things.

17 Dionysus Son of Zeus God of wine, celebrations, ritual madness.
Party-Hardy god. Unique god Mother was mortal Semele

18 Athena Daughter of Zeus Goddess of Bravery, Wisdom, Military Tactics
Popped out of his head Goddess of Bravery, Wisdom, Military Tactics Patron Goddess of Athens Virgin

19 Apollo and Artemis Twins Children of Zeus and Leto Apollo: Sun God
Carried the sun across the sky in his chariot Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt (Katniss ain’t got nothing on her)

20 Hermes Son of Zeus and Maia Messenger of the Gods
God of travelers, herdsmen, athletics, sports, invention, and trade. Conducted souls to the Underworld as well “The intern”

21 Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty, Love, Pleasure, and Procreation.
Married to Hephaestus Often cheated on him with Ares When Cronus cut off the genitals of Uranus and threw them into the sea, she rose from the sea foam.

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