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Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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1 Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Author: Dan Millman By: Paul Renouf

2 Overview of the Book Main Characters Where are you? …. HERE
Dan Millman – junior in college, world champion gymnast Socrates – gas station attendant, spiritual teacher Where are you? …. HERE What time is it? …. NOW. What are you? …. THIS MOMENT.

3 Relation to Group Dynamics
Leadership and power Tuckman’s 5 stages of group development Conflict resolution Feedback is a very important quality of a leader. The Energy Bus – Driving your own bus.

4 Feedback The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Feedback is important for teams to work more effectively together. In Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Socrates gives a lot of feedback, but it was not always a positive . “A warrior acts; only a fool reacts” Sometimes the negative, or corrective feedback is better than no feedback.

5 Conflict Resolution In Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the main conflict is Dan’s mind. Socrates explains “You must cut yourself free from your illusions.” Resolving conflict has a few steps to it: Step 1: Prepare for Resolution Acknowledge the conflict, discuss the impact Step 2: Understand the Situation Clarify positions Step 3: Reach Agreement

6 “Develop the wisdom to use the right leverage at the right time”
Leadership “Develop the wisdom to use the right leverage at the right time”

7 Driving Your Own Bus “ A warrior acts; only a fool reacts”
“You control you. Master you.” “Others love to thrust limitations on us, they only become true if we accept them” - There is no reason to react to others, and things around you. A warrior acts, he does what he wants. - Unreasonable Happiness

8 Tuckman’s Theory Forming Storming Norming Performing Adjourning
Dan and Socrates meet, forming a team. Storming Dan gets angry with Socrates feedback, and leadership style which creates constant resistance and confusion. Norming Dan starts to realize that Socrates is very wise, and is helping Dan become a peaceful warrior. Performing Socrates and Dan have a great relationship and Dan is starting to retain the life lessons taught by Socrates and become a peaceful warrior. Adjourning The final realization of all that Dan had learning from Socrates.

9 How does this relate to my family?
Leadership – leverage Tuckman’s 5 stages of group development Conflict Resolution Feedback Controlling your own life Leverage – me – I learned this in college, I would know. - Father + Mother – we are more wise and experienced, we would know. - Sisters – I’m a girl, I’d know. Tuckman’s 5 Stages – - FORMING as children my parents established ground rules, routines for us - STORMING throughout my pre teen, and young teen years there was a lot of storming about those rules. - NORMING by the time I was about 16 we were at more of a norming faze with much less fighting - PERFORMING now that I am in college, we are performing, having no issues at all. Conflict Resolution – Each member of my family plays a different group role. Me and my father are more of the harmonizer type, trying to resolve conflicts, whereas my sisters and mother like to be more of feeling expressers. I would definitely say we all are opinion givers. So my family struggles to resolve a conflict when it arises. FEEDBACK – - My parents are constantly giving feedback to me.

10 Quotes “There are no ordinary moments”
“A Warrior acts; only a fool reacts.” “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer. If you get what you want, you suffer.” “Take out the trash. Clear your mind of everything you don’t need.” “Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Knowledge is knowing – wisdom is doing.” A warrior is 'happy without reason'. Dan comes to the sad realization that his life has been about achieving happiness through victory, but even as a 'winner' he experiences the same common unhappiness of most people.

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