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Tour of Wulingyuan Greetings from Wulingyuan, a town in northeastern Hunan Province, China. We are 11 th grade students at the Wulingyuan #1 Middle School.

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1 Tour of Wulingyuan Greetings from Wulingyuan, a town in northeastern Hunan Province, China. We are 11 th grade students at the Wulingyuan #1 Middle School. We are going to give you a tour of our town. Let’s go! (Clicking on this slide terminates the audio.)

2 Tour of Wulingyuan Our School Hello friends from America! We feel like telling you something about our school. Our school is very beautiful and the environment here is good. Our school stands between two mountains and beside it there is a river.

3 Tour of Wulingyuan Our school has a five-storied office building and a teaching building where we study. There are about 2,000 students and 150 teachers. There is a dormitory and an athletic field and track. We have fourteen 40-minute classes each day, with ten minutes rest after each one.

4 Tour of Wulingyuan We usually get up at 6:00 AM. We have two morning classes, then breakfast, then more classes, then lunch, then more classes, then dinner then more classes. We go to bed at 10:00 PM. That’s all about our school. Morning exercises at school.

5 Tour of Wulingyuan Food in Wulingyuan The food in China is very different from America. Although the hamburger is nice, we don’t often eat it. Rice is our main staple. We like it and eat it every day. We also eat vegetables, meat and fruit. Typical Tujia food.

6 Tour of Wulingyuan Do you know about moon cakes? We eat them during the Mid-autumn Festival. The Spring Festival is also very important, like Christmas in America. But the food is a little different. We often eat bacon, tofu, meat and the fish from Wulingyuan. It’s a big festival. Our families get together and have a big dinner. On that day, all of us feel very happy, like you do on Christmas day. Selling rice cakes.

7 Tour of Wulingyuan In Wulingyuan, some families raise animals and plants for food. The food here is also known for its hot pepper. We have them with each meal. If you want to eat the food here, welcome to Wulingyuan! Fruit stands.

8 Tour of Wulingyuan Pastimes Students here at Wulingyuan like playing games or sports. We also play computer games, such as Starcraft and Warcraft from Blizzard. But we only have one day to play them (Sunday). How about you? And at school, we study hard. We have fourteen classes in one day. That makes us feel bored. In our free time, we play football (soccer), basketball and many others. Boys usually watch NBA Live on TV. The basketball players are wonderful. Iverson, O’Neil, Koby and Kidd are famous to us. We all like the Rockets because Yao Ming is on this team. The new season has begun. We think it will be very exciting. Our teacher told us that she will show your photo to us. We are all anticipating that.

9 Tour of Wulingyuan Holidays and Festivals First, we give our best wishes to you! Then, we will tell you something about our holidays and festivals. Except for summer and winter holidays, we have two large school holidays: May Day and National Day. (We have one week off for these.) The most interesting and most important festivals are the Spring Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates Qu Yuan. We eat glutinous rice dumplings and hold dragon boat races on the river. Left: A tour boat on Baofeng Lake in Wulingyuan.

10 Tour of Wulingyuan Tourism Industry In Wulingyuan, people have peaceful and happy lives. The main jobs are service jobs for all of the tourists who visit from all over the world. There are lots of shops that sell handicraft products. We are Senior Two students (11 th grade) and our parents work in Wulingyuan. Many of our parents are very kind to the visitors. Hotels and a crafts shop.

11 Tour of Wulingyuan Natural Beauty Wulingyuan’s mountains and water are very beautiful, so it attracts many visitors every day of every year. Tourism is an important part of our economy. We are proud of the views. All in China know Wulingyuan as a tourist attraction.

12 Tour of Wulingyuan Tian Zi Mountain is the most beautiful one here. There is a rope-way on the mountain and it is the best in the world. More and more tourists come every year and many of them climb Tian Zi’s rope-way. We have a real heart to welcome you here, and let’s make very good friends, OK?

13 Tour of Wulingyuan Wild Animals There are many kinds of wild animals in Wulingyuan, such as monkeys, wolves, tigers, golden pheasants, pangolins and hedgehogs. The golden pheasant has beautiful feathers. It looks like a green peafowl. The color of its feathers are yellow, red, green, blue and brown. Its tail is very long. It lives in the mountains. There are many different kinds of snakes here. Some kinds of snakes are poisonous. For example, if a person is bitten by a long-noded pit viper, that person will probably die. But it has a great value in medicine. Monkeys are very interesting. In the autumn, they leave the mountains and go to some villages to look for food. They get on well with people here. If you come here, you’ll find more animals.

14 Tour of Wulingyuan Housing We live in a beautiful city, Wulingyuan. There are many hotels and many people work in hotels. The beautiful views make tourism very famous here. Our houses are in different styles. Some houses are flat and others are old, but they are very beautiful. Most of the houses are near the Suo Xi River. Our school is also beside the river. Our school was built in 1989. In the past, our school was very poor, so very few students studied here. But now, it has changed a great deal. How beautiful it is now!

15 Tour of Wulingyuan Scenery Wulingyuan, which is in Zhangjiajie County in Hunan Province, is famous for its beautiful scenery. There are many mountains and the town is surrounded by them. It has such sites as Tianzi Mountain, Baofeng Lake, the Jing Bian River and the Yellow Dragon Cave. If you come here, you can find us at our school. It will be our pleasure to be your guide.

16 Tour of Wulingyuan Free Time Activities In the summer, we young people often go swimming in the Suo Xi river. On weekends, we often play computer games with our classmates. We like basketball and football (soccer), too. Some of us are good at football. Many of us use our spare time to learn some skills, such as classical music, dance and so on. Music is our common language! Advertisements on main street.

17 Tour of Wulingyuan Working around Wulingyuan.

18 Tour of Wulingyuan

19 Our School section written by: Jordan, Don, Suo and Tony (English names)

20 Food in Wulingyuan section written by Tang Yue Feng (Fred), Li Yuan Wen (Leo), Chen Kai Fang (Open), Chen Chao (Rollin), Wu Zhe (Jay), Su Qin (Sally), Li Shi (Wind), Deng Zhao and Tu Tao (Tony) Tour of Wulingyuan

21 Pastimes section written by Zhou Lin Yuan (Jeff), Chen Lin (Evan), Li Ji (Kevin), Zhu Jing Hui (Sam), Wan Chen Biao (Jack) and Huang Wei (Bob).

22 Tour of Wulingyuan Holidays and Festivals section written by Zhou Libou, Wu Peng, Zhuo Jun(Kane), Chen Zhi (Iverson), Du Hui (Robert) and Yang Ri.

23 Tour of Wulingyuan Tourism Industry section written by Yuan Wei Xue (Harry Yuan), Mao Chen Liang (Night), Tang ? (Yellow), Tu Mou (Moon) and Wu Mei.

24 Tour of Wulingyuan Natural Beauty section written by Zhang Guixing, Zhuo Rujing, Ren Ziqiang (Brobin), Gu Qisheng (Boxer)

25 Tour of Wulingyuan Wild Animals section written by Yao Dan (Pineapple), Deng Bo (Annette), Li Xiao Lei (Kity), Chen Fei (Tony), Ding Bo (North) and Tang Hui (Gekko).

26 Tour of Wulingyuan Housing section written by Mao Jin (Jenny), Mao Yi (Mike), Li Chao, Zhu Jin Hui (Fly), Song Wei (Gray) and Du Yu Dan (Emily)

27 Tour of Wulingyuan Free Time Activities section written by Wu Hao (Hero), Lin Huchong (Black), Tang Bing (Jim) and Zhang Haibing (Jason)

28 Tour of Wulingyuan Scenery section written by He Huan (Calin), Lu Ke (Andy), Mao Chengzheng (Harry), Yuan Weiwu (June) and Yu Wei (Bob)

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