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Ohio Rocks! Lynda Price The Wilderness Center.

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1 Ohio Rocks! Lynda Price The Wilderness Center









10 This Rocks! Sedimentary Igneous Metamorphic

11 Sedimentary Rocks Weathering Erosion Deposition Sediments cemented by pressure over time.

12 Limestone Shale Sandstone

13 Igneous Rocks Cooling magma or lava forms Igneous rock.

14 Granite Pumice

15 Metamorphic Rocks Changed by heat and pressure.

16 Gneiss Slate


18 Geologic Time 1 million days = 2,740 years 1 million hours = 114 years

19 Precambrian Basement rocks 13,000 – 2,500 feet deep. Igneous and metamorphic rocks Ohio earthquakes are caused from faults in these rocks.

20 Mississippian Pennsylvanian Cambrian rocks not exposed. Oil and gas from abundant marine life.

21 Warm shallow sea Limestone and shale Ohio is world famous for its fossiliferous Ordovician rocks in the Cincinnati area. Cephalopods - squids in a shell Crinoids – sea lilies

22 Limestone Dolomite Driveways, concrete Building stone Fertilizer Toothpaste, lipstick Ocean mud

23 Shale Claystone Pottery Bricks Concrete Antacids Mud

24 Dry land, then warm, shallow to deep seas Reef building formed barriers, restricted water flow: salts accumulated. Limestone, dolomite, shale, gypsum. Salt deposits under lake Erie.

25 Gypsum Drywall Plaster of Paris Bakery products Ocean brine

26 Rock Salt Snow and ice control Seasoning Water softening Ocean salt

27 Dry land at first, then warm shallow seas. (Deposited the Columbus & Delaware limestone.) Seas became stagnant and “anoxic”. ( Deposited the Ohio Shale.) The Ohio Shale: Huron Shale Member Chagrin Shale Member Cleveland Shale Member

28 Dunkleosteus

29 Berea sandstone economically important. Black Hand sandstone Hocking Hills & Mohican Muddy to sandy seas deposited shale and sandstone. Appalachian Mts. begin to form as plates collide. Supercontinent Pangea begins to form.

30 Sandstone Building stone Glass Golf sand traps Furnace liners Sand

31 Hocking Hills State Park

32 Flint Ohio’s official gemstone Spearpoints Flintlock guns Volcanic ash in streams

33 Tropical forests and swamps. Seas level rises and falls. Appalachian Mts. continue to rise. Supercontinent Pangea complete. Marine rocks: shale, limestone, flint.

34 Non-marine rocks: conglomerate, sandstone, shale, clay and coal.

35 Coal Electric power Heating Steel production Decayed plants

36 Permian Coastal plains swamp. Sandstone, shale, coal.

37 Uplift and erosion No dinosaur fossils in Ohio

38 Clay Sand & Gravel

39 Sand and Gravel Road building Concrete Groundwater source Sedimentary Igneous & Metamorphic rocks

40 Ohio Geology Lynda Price The Wilderness Center




44 Mohican State Park Area


46 Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve

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