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The Library Assessment Journey at Emory For MLAW Meeting ALA Midwinter January 20, 2006 Susan B. Bailey Library Assessment Coordinator.

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1 The Library Assessment Journey at Emory For MLAW Meeting ALA Midwinter January 20, 2006 Susan B. Bailey Library Assessment Coordinator

2 Emory Libraries Robert W. Woodruff Library (Main)—also includes Business Library, Chemistry, Music/Media Library, MARBL  About 170 staff members: 62 professional staff; 108 support staff Other Emory libraries: Oxford College, Health, Law, Theology

3 Definitions of Assessment "As commonly used today, the term assessment can refer to two very different activities: (a) the mere gathering of information (measurement) and (b) the utilization of that information for institutional and individual improvement (evaluation)." (Assessment for Excellence, Alexander Astin)Assessment for Excellence

4 Where We’ve Been  Library reorganization in 2001, introduced the Office of Program Assessment and Coordination, and Market Councils  LibQual+ conducted 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005-shared results and comments; used results to inform the negotiation of Copy Services contract and in planning for Candler Library renovation  Usability testing and incorporation of feedback in Business and General Libraries web redesigns

5 Current State University strategic planning process began in March 2004 with new leadership in place-- emphasized goals, measures, targets Library Assessment Coordinator position filled September 1, 2005 Planning and assessment are joined in the newly created Office of Planning and Assessment Proposal to senior leadership group to create two groups, Library Assessment Council (LAC) and Assessment Integration Group (AIG), presented September 1, approved First LAC meeting on September 14 First AIG meeting on October 31 ARL VPO (Visiting Program Officer) visit December 5 and 6; received report on January 12

6 Library Assessment Council Provides oversight for the library’s assessment program--program elements are coordinated and there is a common body of knowledge about the program’s direction and priorities Composed of Library Assessment Coordinator, Director Office of Planning and Assessment, Human Resources Officer, Director of Office of Finance and Budget

7 Assessment Integration Group Coordinates, promotes, and monitors assessment efforts in the library, supporting and sustaining a user-centered environment in which decisions are based on facts, research and analysis, and where services are planned and delivered in ways which maximize positive outcomes and impacts for customers and stakeholders Composed of 14 volunteers from throughout the library

8 Market Councils Individual Councils  Area and International Studies  Business  Humanities  Science  Social Science  Undergraduate Coordinating Group -conveners of the individual Councils, meets monthly

9 Preparing for their Visit Supplied the information they requested Looked for ways to engage staff members from throughout the organization, especially for the all- staff meeting Determined the groups for them to meet with, having an eye to covering as much of the library organization as possible—they provided several sample schedules that were very helpful in looking at ways to arrange the day and a half!

10 Documents Sent to VPOs All LibQual+ data from 2003 and 2005 surveys Market Council summit meeting notes Organizational Task Force documents Library’s strategic plan document Expectations for the visit Potential follow-up projects

11 InfoForum InfoForum sessions are scheduled alternating Thursdays--sessions at which anyone in the library can share information with staff on a project or initiative Thursday prior to the ARL VPO visit, a session was held to provide an overview of the process and to refresh staff members on the work leading up to the project visit

12 Follow the Yellow Brick Road The Journey to Sustainable Library Assessment InfoForum December 1, 2005

13 Expectations and Outcomes I expected “the worst”, knowing that we hadn’t done as much follow-up on previous assessment efforts as we could have—They provided much feedback that was positive and encouraging rather than truly negative The amount of work Jim and Steve did prior to the visit, plus all they shared with us during the visit gave us many ideas on things to do better and differently, follow-up items The follow-up project doesn’t have to be pre- determined-- be open during the visit to their ideas of what best utilizes the process!

14 Tips for Getting the Most from the MLAW project Prepare for the VPO visit! Gather information, engage staff from throughout the organization Find out what the VPO’s want from you as soon as possible, especially if you have to rely on others to provide the data Be as specific as possible when you ask people for the statistical information—at Emory, we still got the data in a number of different formats

15 What Would I Have Done Differently? Designed a format for the statistics information that enabled me to get the data formatted for sending more easily Might have scheduled more than one Info- Forum-type all-staff meeting prior to the visit Would have tried to provide the information to VPO’s more concisely

16 Next Steps Meet with VPOs at ALA Midwinter to work on the follow-up project Discuss the report at ESG (Executive Strategy Group), then discuss in LAC and AIG Conduct all-staff information sharing meeting Use the follow-up project to further the journey toward sustainable assessment!

17 Questions? Contact information: Susan Bailey Library Assessment Coordinator Woodruff Library, Candler 304

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