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Welcome to our company Owned and operated by:. Your Employment With Our Company Who is Your Employer? Frank Anonymous.

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1 Welcome to our company Owned and operated by:

2 Your Employment With Our Company Who is Your Employer? Frank Anonymous

3 Meet Your Team Michael Carol Tony John Larry Kevin Tim Liz

4 Your employment With our Company Is “At Will”

5 Taking Responsibility The following is a list of some basic expectations we need you to follow!

6 Taking Responsibility Arrive on time or early for your shift Call your store manager at least 3 hours in advance if you are sick! No Gum! Leave your valuables at home

7 Taking Responsibility Do not take food without your manager’s approval and do not give food to your friends. No weapons on the premises and no violence towards employees or customers please!

8 Taking Responsibility Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited while working. Please keep us updated with your most current phone number and address. Immediately tell your manager about any job-related illness, accident, or unsafe working conditions.

9 Food Safety

10 Help Ensure the Safety of Our Food Making sure that all the food we serve is safe is critically important to our Company; therefore, we expect the following from you:

11 Help Ensure the Safety of Our Food If you are sick, don’t come to work. Instead, call and report this to your manager immediately.

12 Help Ensure the Safety of Our Food Be sure to cover any cuts or sores on your hands with a bandage wear disposable gloves over the bandage while you are at work

13 Help Ensure the Safety of Our Food Wash your hands often. Especially before starting work and after using the rest room If you become aware of any situation that you think may jeopardize the safety of our food, tell your manager!

14 Hand Washing Washing hands properly probably is the most important thing an employee can do to help ensure that our customers receive safe food. Employees must wash their hands...

15 Family and Medical Leave You may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave

16 Our Company and working students Did you know that our Company make up one of the country’s largest employers of young people? Education and school work are the top priorities of our school-age employees We follow these principles in our restaurants:

17 Our Company and working students We provides flexible working hours to accommodate classes, homework assignments, and extracurricular activities Grades and school attendance should never be compromised by excessive or late working hours We take a leadership role in working with parents, educators, and students on education issues. Check with your manager about additional rules of conduct, policies, and procedures in your restaurant.

18 Open Communication Some of the communication tools we use in this restaurant: Rap Sessions Crew Meetings Employee Commitment Surveys Your Own Ideas Open Door

19 Diversity Deserves Respect Here some are guidelines that may help you work with people who are different than you. Take these seriously. While some of our policies just make good business sense, they are also the law.

20 Diversity Our vision for diversity is to leverage the unique talents, strengths, and assets of our employees in order to provide the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. We continuously strive to maintain an environment in which everyone feels valued, accepted, and rewarded as an integral part of the team. We encourage employees to understand and recognize difference and to appreciate the contributions that all diverse groups and individuals bring to the system. Our top management believes in the value of a diverse work force.

21 Our Company franchisee’s policy against discrimination and harassment our Company does not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment. Employees who violate this policy will be disciplined up to and including termination.

22 Employee Recourse You have the right and are encouraged to tell any other employee at our Company to stop behavior towards you that the you believes to be discriminatory, harassing and/or offensive.

23 Basic Reporting Structure

24 Additional Expectation Please do not hang around and talk with working employees when you are not scheduled

25 Grooming & Appearance Guidelines

26 Appearance Keeping good personal hygiene is one of the ways to help make sure that our food is safe. Bath or shower and brush your teeth every day Stay neat by wearing a clean uniform and keeping fingernails short

27 Appearance Uniforms - Wear your uniform whenever on the job. The entire uniform should always be clean and neat.. Nails - Ensure that nails are short, clean, neat, and manicured. Artificial nails are not appropriate if they may fall off into any food product or food preparation area. Hair - Hair must be clean, restrained, off the face, and pinned back or up Facial Hair - Men must shave before coming to work. Sideburns should only reach to the bottom of the ear. Mustaches must be neatly trimmed to the corner of the mouth. No beards or goatees.

28 Appearance Wear slip resistant shoes No cell phones on the floor!

29 Your Benefits Contact your restaurant manager or area supervisor for more information about the many benefits our Company offers for restaurant crew. Including…

30 Other Benefits 401K Meals Scholarship Program Credit Union Corporate Shares Child Care

31 Any Questions?

32 Wrapping Up Did we complete all paperwork? Fill out this survey and tell me how I did! Where are you supposed to go next?

33 Best of success to you! Owned and operated by: our Company

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