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LEED ® Leads to Healthy Homes for the Mainstream Sharon Grant Eco Edge.

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1 LEED ® Leads to Healthy Homes for the Mainstream Sharon Grant Eco Edge

2 Welcome! Today’s outcomes… Identify the LEED for Homes measures that most benefit human and community health Describe best practices that have emerged from dozens of LEED projects Translate these best practices to your own homes and professions

3 Background LEED AP Homes and BD+C Over 60 LEED projects Certified Sustainable Building Advisor Certified Healthy Homes Specialist Chair, USGBC Idaho Board Member, Idaho Smart Growth Host of Building a Greener Idaho

4 What is LEED?

5 LEED Facts and Trends Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Created by the USGBC as a tool to transform the built environment Over 120,000 LEED registered homes LEED projects in 150 countries

6 LEED for Homes Projects








14 How does LEED benefit human and community health?

15 Prerequisites Durability Plan and Management Basic Combustion Venting Basic Local Exhaust Good Filters (MERV 8) No HVAC in Garage Radon-Resistant Construction Basic Outdoor Air Ventilation

16 Innovation and Design Durability Management Innovative Design

17 Location and Linkages Site Selection Edge Development / Infill / Previously Developed Existing Infrastructure Community Resources / Transit Access to Open Space

18 Sustainable Sites Reduce Local Heat Island Effects Surface Water Management Non-toxic Pest Control Compact Development

19 Water Efficiency Water Reuse Reduce Irrigation Demand Very High-Efficiency Fixtures and Fittings

20 Materials and Resources Low Emission Products Locally Produced Products Construction Waste Reduction

21 Indoor Environmental Quality Fireplaces that meet EPA standards Back-draft Potential Test Moisture Control Enhanced Local Exhaust Contaminant Control Preoccupancy Flush Garage Pollutant Protection

22 LEED and Human Health Issues Radon CO Mold Mitigation Particulates VOCs Pests

23 LEED and Community Health Issues Smart Growth Responsible site selection Walkable, connected communities Locally produced materials Water conservation Stormwater retention Landfill diversion

24 Best Practices

25 Durability planning and management Smart site selection Limit turf, install drought tolerant plants Use efficient irrigation and plumbing Retain stormwater on site Nontoxic pest control (e.g. IPM) Low emission and/or local materials Track and divert waste

26 Best Practices CO monitors No open combustion Local exhaust directly to the outdoors ERV/HRV Shoe removal, walk-off mats Preoccupancy flush for 48 hours Radon-resistant construction No HVAC in garage, detach garage

27 How can LEED benefit your health and community?

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