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RenewAire is On the Move! New 35,000 SF facility.

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2 RenewAire is On the Move! New 35,000 SF facility

3 LEED and USGBC Background Eric Truelove The Renschler Company Madison, Wisconsin

4 US Green Building Council Formed in 1993 Nonprofit Consensus-based organization Develop and administer the LEED Green Building Rating System Reduce environmental impact of buildings  Use 36% of our total energy output  Use 65% of our electric energy output  Generate 25% of our solid waste stream  People spend 90% of their time indoors

5 Why LEED Was Created? Facilitate positive results for the environment, occupant health and financial return Define “Green” by providing a standard of measure Use as a design guideline Recognize leaders Stimulate green competition Establish market value with recognizable national “brand” Raise consumer awareness Transform the marketplace!

6 LEED NC- New Construction or Major Renovation

7 LEED – NC Version 2.1 Sustainable sites = 14 points Water efficiency = 5 points Energy and atmosphere = 17 points Materials and resources = 13 points Indoor Environmental Quality = 15 points Innovation & Design Process = 5 points 69 Potential points

8 LEED-NC Certification Certified Level26-32 points Silver Level33-38 points Gold Level39-51 points Platinum Level52+ points (69 possible)

9 LEED - NC Certification Process A three step process: Step 1: Project registration  Site selection and document registration with USGBC Step 2: Construction phase  Development of design criteria  Creation of LEED letter templates and required engineering documentation Step 3: Building Certification  Building completion and submission to the USGBC for final review

10 RenewAire Renovation Registered with USGBC on December 20, 2004 One of four LEED-candidate facilities in Madison Only major LEED-candidate renovation in Madison Only manufacturer in the Madison area to be in a LEED registered building

11 Sustainable Sites Built on previously developed site Site is not in 100-year flood plain Site is not near wetlands Site is not considered good farm land Easy access to public transportation Encourages biking to work

12 Energy and Atmosphere High-efficiency cooling (30% beyond code) High-efficiency heating (10% beyond code) Six ERVs Low lighting power densities No chlorine in new cooling systems Management may purchase green power

13 Materials and Resources Reused over 75% of existing shell Recycled 75% of construction waste Used materials with high recycled content Over 20% manufactured locally Over 10% mined/harvested locally

14 Indoor Environmental Quality Low- or No-VOC or formaldehyde  Adhesives, sealants, paints, and carpets ERV units recover humidity Protected HVAC during construction

15 Status of RenewAire Renovation Likely to receive 28 points 26 points needed for LEED certification 9 additional points possible 33 points needed for LEED Silver

16 Conclusions LEED upgrades cost less than $1/s.f. Anticipate a payback well under 2 years Building has been published in March/April 2005, eco structure RenewAire ERV on 2 other LEED-candidate buildings in Madison  WEEBF  Home Savings


18 Attributes of Good Ventilation  Ample installed air flow  Pressure balanced – both exhaust and fresh air blowers  Quite operation  Energy efficient  An engineered appliance

19 Attributes of Good Ventilation

20 What is RenewAire? An advanced static-plate exchanger

21 What does RenewAire do? 1. Transfers heat by conduction 2. Transfers humidity using hydroscopic resin

22 How Does RenewAire Help Achieve LEED Certification?


24 For more information:

25 School LEED Building Northern Michigan University

26 Office LEED Building Wisconsin Electrical Employee’s Union

27 Hospitality LEED Building Suwannee River Visitors Center

28 Retail “Green” Building Bokoo Bicycles

29 Manufacturing LEED Building RenewAire LLC

30 RenewAire Production Ventilation Model HE2X – 1,500 CFM Exhaust and Fresh Air Supply

31 Environmental Benefits of an HE2X900 In One Year Saves 2,500 therms of natural gas Saves approximately $2,500 Reduces CO 2 emissions by 29,355 pounds  Equivalent to CO 2 reductions from 44 trees  Equivalent to taking 3 cars off the highway Reduced SO 2, NOx, mercury etc.

32 2004 RenewAire Sales 3.1 million CFM Providing efficient ventilation for over 200,000 people! Saving $4.3 million in fuel

33 2004 RenewAire Sales Result in a Reduction of 25,000 tons of CO 2 /Yr. !! 5,000 Cars Gone75,000 More Trees Or


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