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Words for Production 1. plague [ pleG ] vt. to cause pain or trouble to somebody over a period of time 使困擾,折磨 The bank offered loans to farmers who.

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3 Words for Production 1. plague [ pleG ] vt. to cause pain or trouble to somebody over a period of time 使困擾,折磨 The bank offered loans to farmers who were plagued by the severe drought. Would you like to know more...

4 plague [ pleG ] n. [C] 擾人的事物;傳染病,瘟疫 SARS is said to be a 21st century plague.

5 Words for Production 2. alcoholism [ `8lk1hOl&Iz1m ] n. [U] the medical condition caused by regularly drinking a large amount of alcohol 酒精中毒 Jane’s father lost his job as a result of his problem with alcoholism. Would you like to know more...

6 alcohol [ `8lk1&hOl ] n. [U] 含酒精的飲料,酒 His doctor told him not to touch alcohol, or he might get liver cancer.

7 alcoholic [ &8lk1`hOlIk ] adj. 酒精的,含酒精的 The sale of alcoholic drinks to underage students is illegal.

8 Words for Production 3. neglect [ nI`GlEkt ] n. [U] the state of not receiving enough care or attention; the fact of giving too little care or attention to somebody or something 忽略;忽視 It is against the law to mistreat little children through neglect. Would you like to know more...

9 neglect [ nI`GlEkt ] vt. 忽略;忽視 Parents who neglect their children have no sense of responsibility.

10 Words for Production 4. verbal [ `v3bL ] adj. relating to words or using words 言 辭上的,與言辭相關的 Good verbal skills are important to one’s success in any interview.

11 Words for Production 5. abuse [ 1`bjus ] n. [U] cruel or violent treatment of somebody; the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful 凌辱;濫用 The government wants to set up an organization to help children who suffer physical abuse at home. Drug abuse has become a serious problem among teenagers. Would you like to know more...

12 abuse [ 1`bjuz ] vt. 凌辱;濫用 It is sad to find that those captives were physically abused. The manager abused his power to such an extent that no one wanted to work for him any more.

13 Words for Production 6. taunt [ tOnt ] vt. to intentionally make people angry or upset by saying something unkind or cruel to them 嘲笑,嘲弄 Kate’s classmates used to taunt her because of her accent.

14 Words for Production 7. exclude [ Ik`sklud ] vt. to keep somebody from taking part in something 拒絕... 參與 ( 活動 ) ,排斥 於... 之外 He is excluded from all contact sports because of his poor health. Would you like to know more...

15 excluding [ Ik`skludI9 ] prep. 除 … 之外,不包括 Since the late 1700s, over half of the wetlands of the United States, excluding Alaska, have been lost.

16 Words for Production 8. social [ `soS1l ] adj. relating to activities in which people meet for pleasure; connected to society and the way it is organized 社交的; 社會的 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

17 Words for Production More than 7% of the population suffers from social anxiety. Such people always feel ill at ease in front of strangers. During the meeting, the officers differed in their opinions on social problems, such as education. Would you like to know more...

18 society [ s1`saI1tI ] n. [U][C] 社會 The aim of our government is to create a less violent society.

19 Words for Production 9. interpersonal [ &Int2`p3s1nL ] adj. connected with relationship between people 人與人之間的 Having interpersonal intelligence, the ability to understand other people, is more and more important in today’s world.

20 Words for Production 10. employ [ Im`plOI ] vt. to give a job to somebody 雇用 Two more engineers were employed to help set up the website. Would you like to know more...

21 employee [ &EmplOI`i ] n. [C] 員工,職員 employer [ Im`plOI2 ] n. [C] 雇主 Since the employees and their employer failed to reach an agreement, the strike continued.

22 employment [ Im`plOIm1nt ] n. [U] 就業 unemployment [ &^nIm`plOIm1nt ] n. [U] 失業 Due to the depression, the number of people with employment has dropped. In other words, unemployment is on the rise.

23 Words for Production 11. overhear [ &ov2`hIr ] vt. to hear what others are saying accidentally and without their knowing 無意中聽到 Rachel once overheard two men saying they were going to rob a jewelry store.

24 Words for Production 12. barrier [ `b8rI2 ] n. [C] a problem or situation that keeps someone from doing something or makes something impossible 障礙, 隔閡 The first step to break the language barrier is to wear a friendly smile.

25 Words for Production 13. romantic [ ro`m8ntIk ] adj. relating to love 談情說愛的;浪漫的 David is a workaholic and is not interested in any romantic relationship. Would you like to know more...

26 romance [ ro`m8ns ] n. [U] 浪漫 ( 的氣氛 ) Paris, a city of romance, attracts many tourists every year.

27 Words for Production 14. explosive [ Ik`splosIv ] adj. increasing suddenly; able or likely to burst violently 暴增的;爆炸的 Research shows there has been an explosive increase in the consumption of fast food. A few days ago, an explosive device was found in one of New York’s busiest subway stations. Would you like to know more...

28 explode [ Ik`splod ] vi. 暴增;爆炸 The population of the small town explodes during the tourist season.

29 explosion [ Ik`sploZ1n ] n. [C] 暴增;爆炸 In recent years, there has been a sudden explosion of growth in the computer industry. The police are trying to find out exactly when the explosion in the factory occurred.

30 Words for Production 15. popularity [ &pApj1`l8r1tI ] n. [U] the quality of being enjoyed or liked by a large number of people 受歡 迎;普及性,流行 These days, there is a growing popularity of yogurt among young women.

31 Words for Production 16. conflict [ `kAnflIkt ] n. [U][C] (a) disagreement between people with opposing opinions 衝突,不一 致 Tim found himself in conflict with his father over his future career. Would you like to know more...

32 conflict [ k1n`flIkt ] vi. 衝突,不一致 The decision of the government conflicted with the interests of the farmers, so they had to take to the streets to make their misery known.

33 Words for Production 17. contradiction [ &kAntr1`dIkS1n ] n. [C][U] (a) lack of agreement between actions or opinions 矛盾,不一致 It is a contradiction to say that you don’t like social life but continue to go to parties every week. Would you like to know more...

34 contradict [ &kAntr1`dIkt ] vt. 與 … 矛盾,與 … 不一致 The police report on the murder case contradicted what the witness had said.

35 contradictory [ &kAntr1`dIkt1rI ] adj. 矛盾的,不一致的 I keep getting contradictory advice—both ice and heat treatments are recommended.

36 Words for Production 18. venture [ `vEntS2 ] vi. to take the risk of going somewhere or doing something that might be dangerous or unpleasant 冒險 As they went into the cave, those boys felt as though they were venturing into the unknown.

37 Words for Production 19. fleeting [ `flitI9 ] adj. lasting a short time 短暫的,瞬間的 The world famous pop singer paid a fleeting visit to Taiwan before returning to her country.

38 Words for Production 20. addicted [ 1`dIktId ] adj. unable to stop doing or using something, especially something harmful 沉溺於,熱衷於;上癮的 The survey shows that nowadays many children are addicted to television. Would you like to know more...

39 addict [ `8dIkt ] n. [C] 熱衷者,迷;有癮的人 Allen is an online game addict; every day, he spends about eight hours playing online games.

40 addiction [ 1`dIkS1n ] n. [U] 沉溺;上癮 For the sake of her family, the mother is fighting her alcohol addiction.

41 Words for Production 21. conferencing [ `kAnf1r1nsI9 ] n. [U] the holding of a meeting, often through computer or telecommunications technology 視 訊會議 While the use of video conferencing is widespread in business, it has not yet reached the academic world. Would you like to know more...

42 conference [ `kAnf1r1ns ] n. [C] 會議 Next week, the professor will go to Singapore to attend an international conference on education.

43 Words for Production 22. sensation [ sEn`seS1n ] n. [U] the ability to feel something physically, especially through the sense of touch 感覺,知覺 After the car accident, the young driver had almost no sensation in his legs.

44 Words for Production 23. virtual [ `v3tS51l ] adj. being nearly a particular thing; made to appear to exist by the use of computer 實際上的,實質上的;虛 擬的 The plan is a virtual impossibility. We had better give it up. New technology has enabled the development of online virtual banks.

45 Words for Production 24. shrink [ SrI9k ] vi. to become or make something smaller in size or amount 縮小,減少 After the new treatment, the tumor shrunk to the size of a pea.

46 Words for Production 25. navigate [ `n8v1&Get ] vt. to move around a website or between websites; to go from one place to another by air or by sea ( 上網 ) 漫 遊;航行 Large ships couldn’t navigate the narrow river. Would you like to know more...

47 navigation [ &n8v1`GeS1n ] n. [U] 航行 The two countries made an agreement about the right of navigation through international waters.

48 Words for Production 26. encounter [ In`ka5nt2 ] vt. to experience something unpleasant or difficult; to meet somebody or experience something unexpectedly 遭遇;偶然遇見,邂逅 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

49 Words for Production He encountered many difficulties when he was a foreign student in America. Last week, on my way home, I encountered a former classmate on the bus.

50 1. cyberspace [ `saIb2&spes ] n. [U] the imaginary place where electronic messages or pictures exist while they are being sent between computers 網 際空間 Words for Recognition

51 2. chat room [ `tS8t &rum ] n. [C] an area on the Internet where people can communicate with one another ( 網路 ) 聊天室 Words for Recognition

52 3. circuitry [ `s3k1trI ] n. [U] a system of electric circuits 電路系統 Words for Recognition

53 4. architect [ `Ark1&tEkt ] n. [C] a person who designs the overall look, feel and functionality of a website to meet onliners' needs; a person who designs new buildings 網路整合師; 建築師;設計師 Words for Recognition

54 5. sound bite [ `sa5nd `baIt ] n. [C] a very short part of a speech or statement, especially that is broadcast on radio or television 簡短而空泛的 話語;媒體摘錄的話語片段 Words for Recognition

55 6. compression [ k1m`prES1n ] n. [U] the coding of (audio) data to save storage space or transmission time ( 電子檔案的 ) 壓縮 Words for Recognition

56 7. tactile [ `t8ktL ] adj. related to the sense of touch 觸覺的 Words for Recognition

57 8. olfactory [ Al`f8kt1rI ] adj. related to the sense of smell 嗅覺的 Words for Recognition

58 1. look forward to to expect or wait for something that is going to happen, especially with pleasure 期待,期盼 Many people think humans will reach Mars within their lifetimes. Some even look forward to making the trip themselves. Idioms and Phrases

59 2. get up the nerve (to do something) to have the courage (to do something) 鼓起勇氣 Wilson fell in love with a girl at first sight, but he didn’t get up the nerve to ask her out. Idioms and Phrases

60 3. a bunch of a large number of something 很多 There was a bunch of people crowding around the door, waiting for the superstar. Idioms and Phrases

61 4. back and forth to and fro 來來回回 The bus runs back and forth between the airport and the MRT station. Idioms and Phrases

62 5. make sense of to be able to understand something 了解,理解 Archeologists have tried to make sense of the mysterious writing in the cave. Idioms and Phrases

63 6. burn out to become very tired or exhausted due to working too hard over a period of time 精疲力竭 After hours of marathon meetings, they were all burned out and needed to take a break. Idioms and Phrases

64 7. lead to to make something happen as a result 導致,引起 His continuous overwork led to a sudden death. Idioms and Phrases

65 8. for the most part mostly; to a great extent or in most places 主要地,大部分 These buildings, for the most part, were built in the 16th century. A few of them were built in the 17th century. Idioms and Phrases

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