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Vocabulary 5 It’s not your mama’s vocabulary list.

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1 Vocabulary 5 It’s not your mama’s vocabulary list

2 consist Verb Definition: have its essential character ; be comprised or contained in; be embodied in My holidays consist of family, fun, and cats.

3 consistent Adjective Definition: the same throughout in structure or composition My cat is grumpy with consistency. He is never happy.

4 constant Adjective Definition: unvarying in nature; unchanging I am constantly amazed at what people put on the internet.

5 consult Verb Definition: seek information from I have consulted the Grumpy Cat and now I am angry.

6 contradict Verb Definition: prove negative; show to be false Ms. Wallace’s motto, “Math is fun,” contradicts this message.

7 convert Verb Definition: change the nature, purpose, or function of something This dog has converted to a reindeer.

8 convey Verb Definition: make known; pass on, of information This cat conveys hunger.

9 credible Adjective Definition: appearing to merit belief or acceptance This is not a credible picture of the little mermaid.

10 crucial Adjective Definition: of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis The pilgrims played a crucial role in American history.

11 cumulative Adjective Definition: increasing by successive addition This is the cumulative effect of too much energy and too much caffeine.

12 deduce Verb Definition: conclude by reasoning; in logic From this picture, you can deduce that Grumpy Cat is not a morning person.

13 depict Verb Definition: give a description of This picture depicts a teen cat relationship.

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