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Family, Friends and Teachers

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1 Family, Friends and Teachers
My Relationships Family, Friends and Teachers

2 My Team This is made up of: You Your Family Your Friends Your Teachers

They encourage you to make your best better They’re ALWAYS there for you They discuss your problems with you They enjoy your successes Your team wants you to do well so listen to them and share what’s going on with them

4 MY FAMILY Your family ( especially older brothers and sisters ) can really help you. They can: Let you know when you can do better Read over your work Test your spelling Enjoy your successes

5 MY FRIENDS You need good friends to: Share what’s going on
Help each other with school work Hang out / play sport together

6 MY FRIENDS A good friend will want you to: * Work hard in class * Be
successful * Enjoy yourself * Feel good about yourself

7 MY “FRIENDS” to forget them !
Sometimes, people who you think are friends let you down: They distract you from learning Put you down Talk behind your back The best thing to do is … to forget them ! A good friend is someone who accepts you the way you are

8 TEACHERS Your teachers want: To see you learn well To see you happy
When you are unsure of something ASK immediately They WILL explain the problem Listen and ask questions When your teacher corrects your work Know their comments are just meant to help you improve Don’t be angry, know that it’s in your best interest

9 Some of our FANTASTIC teachers !
See Ms Tydeman for a Uniform Pass BEFORE 8:35am ! Where?

10 Remember … Be organised ( diaries, calendars ) and … STUDY SMARTER !

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