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Telcordia Technologies: Driving Communications Performance Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Craig Vielguth Executive Director.

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1 Telcordia Technologies: Driving Communications Performance Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Craig Vielguth Executive Director Advanced Technology Solutions

2 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Telcordia Corporate Snapshot 2 #1 global market share in network Operations Support Systems Strong, proud Bell Labs legacy 2500 Employees 21 Offices in 11 Countries $750M+ Revenues #1 global share in Number Portability solutions Global Leadership In ITS/Vehicle Communications 1800+ patents issued World renowned Research, including deep Federal & Defense expertise Pre-eminent leadership positions in standards bodies & industry forums Corporate Overview

3 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Business Analysis -Network & Operations Infrastructure Assessment -Analysis of Public-Private Partnership Options -Change Management -Business Processes Re-Engineering Design / Build Services -Rapid Deployment Platforms -Work Center Construction & Deployment -Operations Systems Integration and Test -Data Center Construction & Deployment -Data Integration & Migration Network Design Services -Site Assessment -Physical Network Design & Engineering -Deployment Planning -Equipment Installation & Outside Plant Construction Management -Crisis & Change Management Testing and Integration Services -Communications Services Testing -Network Testing -Interconnection Testing -Operations Readiness Testing -Vendor Management Management Centers - Operations Work Centers -Operations Applications -Firewall & Network Management -SLA & Vendor Management Telcordia’s Full Spectrum of Solutions Technology Creation & Transition -Feasibility Evaluations -Technical Due Diligence -Simulation & Modeling -Prototypes & Field Trials -Research Collaborations Network Launch Services -IT Infrastructure Planning -Interconnection Planning & Design -Operations Planning & Design -RFP Preparation & Response Information Assurance & Security -Malicious Use Detection & Management -Encryption, Biometrics, Remote Access -Network Sensor Management -Database Management & Mining -Security Systems Integration Telcordia Overview

4 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Our Portfolio of Industry Elite Clients 18 of largest 20 telecom operators Numerous global Automotive OEMs & Transit providers Global Presence

5 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Advanced Technologies Solutions Group  Provides consulting, research, and technology solutions to the Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) markets  Applies a track record of invention and innovation to deliver practical solutions to complex, large-scale customer problems  Creates market value through two synergistic Business Units that specialize in: – Consulting and solutions (Government & Public Sector)) – Early-stage technology creation (Applied Research)  Supports a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients through: – Consulting engagements – Research contracts – Joint solution development with commercial and government entities  ~390 Professional & Research members ATS Group Overview

6 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Cross-Industry Client Engagements  Next Generation Wireless IP Product Development – Toshiba  Automotive Telematics – Toyota  Wireless Ad Hoc Networks & Wireless Security – Army Research Labs  Vehicle Diagnostics & Prognostics — Ford  Architecture & Protocol Planning – KDDI (Japan)  End-End Secured Comms for Vehicular Networks – US Dept of Transportation  Network Security & Resiliency – British Telecom  Context Aware Reminders – Global Mobile Networks  Auto RF Dynamic Optimization of Mobile Access Networks – Major US and European Mobile Service Providers  Future Combat Systems – US Army ATS Group Overview

7 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Telcomms & Automotive: Commonalities in the Two Industries  Product and service dependability is critical to both industries  Failures in the field: – Annoy our customers – Are expensive to fix – Damage our companies’ reputations – Can endanger human life  Software and Communications provide distinct competitive advantage Automotive

8 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Overview of Telcordia ITS Initiatives Vehicle Diagnostics & Prognostics Vehicle Infrastructure Integration RSE Certificate Manager Software VII 1609.2 Certificate Authority Software OBE Certificate Manager Software Privacy-Enhancing Certificate Selection Vehicle-based Malicious Message Detection Security Threat and Risk Analysis Certificate Scheme Scalability Analysis Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Telematics Application Hosting Wireless Access (3G, WiFi, WiMax, etc.) Telematics Service Platform Design & Engineering Vehicle Services / Web Portal Vehicle Connectivity & V2V Apps Vehicle-Device Connectivity Industry Standardization Efforts Telematics Application Creation Telematics Security Network Malicious Message Detection Misbehaving Vehicle Detection/Removal Mobile IP Technologies Crash Notification Routing Mobile Road Observatory V2V networking and applications Automotive

9 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Representative Transportation Initiatives  Chief Architect – European Union Global System for Telematics  VII Security Applications  Innovative V2V & V2R Communications Technologies  OEM Project Management  Enterprise & Government Mobility Applications  Telematics Services Platforms  Architecture Security Analysis  Vehicle Diagnostics/ Prognostics Automotive

10 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies Telcordia D&P System Operations, Engineering and Maintenance Reports, Alerts and Analysis Diagnostics and Prognostics  Real-time processing  Provides real-time alerts and monitors  Customized reports  Secure web-site interface  Send instructions to OBUs  Administrative reports  Data mining D&P Users Administration and Management D&P Server Diagnostics/Prognostics

11 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies  Networking — Wireless, Optical, Broadband – ATIS  Board Member  Vice Chair, TMOC  Vice Chair, PRQC-REL  Vice Chair, PTSC-SEC,IOP – OIF — Working Group Chair – Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA) — Board Member – OSA OFC/NFOEC — Technical Program Chair – TIA CRD — Chair  Applications and Services – 3GPP2 — Chair, Priority Services – OSGi Alliance — President – European Union GST — Chief Architect – National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Task Force — Chair  Professional Organizations facilitating cross- industry information exchange – IEEE Communication Society — President – IEEE Communications Magazine — Series Editor – IEEE Globecom — General Symposium Co- chair – IEEE - Chair, 802.21 Seamless Mobility – IEEE - Section, Region Chairs – MILCOM/MILCOM — Board Member/Technical Program Chair  Advisory Groups enabling ATS to influence and shape policy to the benefit of its customers – President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology — Member – World Telecommunications Congress — Chairman of Governing Council – FCC Communications Security, Reliability & Communications Security, Reliability & Interoperability Council - Member – US DOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Advisory Committee - Member Telcordia Industry Leadership Industry Leadership

12 Copyright © 2010 Telcordia Technologies

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