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THE STORY Building on the # 1 Heel Cup Brand Worldwide 1.

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1 THE STORY Building on the # 1 Heel Cup Brand Worldwide 1

2 2 1.Resembles Natural Fat Padding in Foot – Duplicates & Enhances Nature’s Design 2.Shock Absorption happens Mechanically through Multi- Layer Waffle Design 3.NO heavy silicone material 4.Raises Heel and Reduces Stress on Achilles Tendon 5.Returns Impact Energy 6.Always rebounds to its Shape = 100% Memory 7.Actual Cup Shape = Secure Comfort 8.Available in Kids Size -Severs disease 9.Lifetime warranty 10.US made 10 REASONS to ONLY use Heel cups

3 3 PAIN RELIEF from: Non-chronic high impact stress levels DUE TO a)Overuse (high impact activities) b)Overweight c)Young Age (Severs disease) d)Old Age (thinning of fat layers) PAIN PREVENTION: For all ages and all activities HEALING SUPPORT: In combination with ProStretch and as post-surgery cushioning Shock absorbers for your feet TM

4 The Use of Heel Cups in the Medical Practice Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are the most common foot problem seen in medical practices Scientific research guidelines* released in 2010 recommend prescription of heel cups and stretching exercises as best initial treatment options Implications of using prefabricated heel cups during initial treatment in the medical practice: Free up resources for complicated treatments Better Cost alternative Maintain role for rigid custom arch supports for many other severe foot conditions * Source: The Diagnosis And Treatment of Heel Pain A CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINE REVISION 2010 The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery James L. Thomas, DPM1, Jeffrey C. Christensen, DPM2, Steven R. Kravitz, DPM3, et al.

5 Study by AOFAS* shows Tuli’s heel cup brings PAIN RELIEF for 88% of patients Study Objective: –To establish best initial non-operative care for heel pain Description: –2 year randomized national study with 5 foot & ankle care centers in US Methodology –5 groups with160 women and 76 men –Patients with systemic disease, significant musculoskeletal complaints, sciatica, or local nerve entrapment were excluded Results & Pain Relief Prefabricated inserts are better for initial treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis * American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society Patient GroupPain Relief Results Only Stretching- Achilles/ Plantar stretches72% Stretching & 3 types of prefabricated product88% - with Tuli’s heel cup Stretching & Custom orthotic68% Source: Comparison of custom and prefabricated orthoses in the initial treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis. Pfeffer G; Bacchetti P; Deland J; Lewis A Anderson R; Davis W; et al. Int 1999 Apr;20(4):214-21 9

6 Strengthening & Growing the Brand 6 Offer Premium Gel Products Promote Heel Pain Solution Sets Offer Full Line of Specialty Products Include Pain Relief Retail Center

7 Focus Specialty Insole Gaitors ¾ Insole & Full Insole Ultra thin carbon fiber arch support Semi-customizable, moldable Light weight, effective pain relief & superior shock absorption including Tulis Patented Gel waffle Anti-microbial, breathable cover stock 7 Molding process: 1.Heat carbon fiber area for 30-60 seconds with blow dryer (>1200 watts) 2.Wrap insoles in towel and hold at both ends 3.Bend downwards to desired degree 4.Hold firmly for 30 seconds 5.Let cool down (5 minutes) 6.Insert into show and feel the difference

8 Ankle care with integrated Heel Cup Cheetah Proven performance- Fitted ankle support & superior Tuli’s shock absorption Barefoot feeling PERFECT for all level of Gymnasts, Dancers 8

9 Cushion gel & effective arch support Fits in any shoe/boot ¾ Length: no overcrowding Carbon fiber support; can be adjusted for custom fit Shock absorption from heel to toe “mobile mat” All-day on feet occupations (nurses, police, construction, retail) Heel spur sufferer- dual approach: waffle & gel P olar Bears Material softens through body heat- allowing for extra comfortable fit Specialty products for heel & ball of foot SoftMoves For barefoot use, sandals, flip-flops 9 PFM & Energy Tracks Gaitors Diamondbacks Line of Insoles

10 10

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