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1 (Facility Name Here) (Physicians Name Here) (Practice Name Here) (Practice Address Here) (Practice Phone Number Here) (Practice Website Here)

2 What is a Podiatrist? Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of conditions effecting the foot, ankle and lower leg in all age groups Attends one of eight Colleges of Podiatric Medicine for four years Completes a post-graduate residency between one and four years

3 Conditions We Treat Dermatologic (Skin) Orthopedic (Bones) Neurologic (Nerves) Vascular (Arteries and Veins) Everything!!!!

4 Who We Treat? Pediatrics Young Adults and Adults Seniors Everyone!!!!

5 Skin And Nail Conditions Fungal Nails Ingrown toe nails Athletes foot Dermatitis Corns and Calluses Warts Ulceration due to disease Benign skin and soft tissue mass

6 Skin And Nail Conditions Fungal Nails

7 Skin And Nail Conditions Ingrown toe nails

8 Skin And Nail Conditions Dermatitis & Athletes Foot

9 Skin And Nail Conditions Warts? Calluses? Corns?

10 Skin And Nail Conditions Ulcers

11 Orthopedic Conditions Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) Achilles & Other foot and ankle tendonitis Foot & Ankle deformity Bunions & Hammer Toes Ankle sprains and other Sport injuries

12 Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms Weight-bearing pain on arising Pain subsides, returns with activity Footwear related to pain?

13 Plantar Fasciitis Risk Factors Weight gain Tight Calf muscle Poor shoegear Biomechanical abnormalities Work Surface

14 Plantar Fasciitis Diagnosis Pain on palpation Painful gait Flatfoot X-ray Ultrasound

15 Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Stretching RICE Change shoes OTC inserts

16 Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Nocturnal Anti- contracture Devices Orthotics NSAIDS Cortisone shot(s) Rarely surgery

17 ESWT Heel Lithotripsy Surgical alternative 72% effective 3 months until significant relief in most patients Few complications

18 Hammertoe Digital Contracture Pain with shoes Continued pain with aging

19 Hammertoe Treatment Debridement Padding Shoe gear change Surgery as a last option

20 Hallux Valgus Painful bump Poor biomechanics Hurts in shoes Usually bump pain vs joint pain Wider shoes help Orthotics slow or stop progression and pain

21 Osteoarthritis Usually at first MPJ Hallux limitus/rigidus Poor biomechanics Painful to walk

22 Osteoarthritis Treatment Cortisone injection Physical therapy NSAIDS Orthotics Surgery

23 Ankle Sprains & Fractures Tear or stretching of the ligaments of the ankle. Usually the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are involved. Caused by and twisting injury of the foot / ankle. Instability of the ankle can develop due to the ligament injury. Most often treated conservatively. Surgical repair can be performed to treat chronic ankle sprains.

24 Ankle Sprains Treatment Immobilize early Consider Non-Weight bearing RICE NSAIDS

25 Ankle Sprains Rehabilitation CAM walker to Stirrup Stirrup to gauntlet Physical therapy

26 Neurological disorder Neuroma Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Drop foot

27 Mortons Neuroma Painful swelling of the interdigital nerve Most commonly seen in third web space Patients can feel numbness of adjacent digits and plantar pain Etiology is abnormal stretching of the nerve

28 Mortons Neuroma Differential Diagnosis Stress fracture Callus Freiberg's infraction Capsulitis Bone tumor Local manifestation of systemic disease

29 Mortons Neuroma Treatment Change shoe gear Padding Orthotic Cortisone injection 4% dehydrated alcohol injection for neurolysis Surgical excision

30 How do we treat? Bracing & Orthotics

31 How do we treat? Digital X-Rays & Diagnostic Ultrasound

32 How do we treat? Vascular Blood Flow Studies

33 Therapeutic Shoes Newly diagnosed + 33% 1990s Amputations + 28% 2000 -2001 Medicare has stated that 50% of amputations were preventable

34 Take Home Points Foot Pain is not normal Most ailments are easily treatable and can improve patients level of pain free activity

35 Thank You!

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