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TitelfolieTitelfolie. Two binding systems – one brand SYSTEM.

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1 TitelfolieTitelfolie

2 Two binding systems – one brand SYSTEM

3 Anzeige be different

4 Optimization Diamir Vipec 2014/15 41 3 2 OPTIMIZATION

5 Summarys of the optimization FUNCTION Frontpin Adjustable front pin for precision lateral release Factory presetting fits most boot inserts Hardened M6 front pin on the right with maximum abrasion resistance Safety lock (metal bracket) for the adjustable front pin M6 nut with Loctite 243 screw lock Color Clip Toe M Standard clip starting with 2014/15 season Compatible with most boot geometries COMFORT Step-in Boot centering jaws for step-in Step-out Compression spring in the centering jaw for step-out OPTIMIZATION

6 Defined safety release SAFETY RELEASE

7 System comparison Clamping system with indirect release in front  introduced via the heel lateral release Holding system with direct lateral release in front  introduced via the tip of the toes SAFETY RELEASE

8 Adjustment to the boot in front IMPORTANT for precision lateral release the boot must be held in the binding without play SAFETY RELEASE

9 Adjustment to the toe of the boot IMPORTANT for proper front release in the SKI position and optimal function in the WALK position SAFETY RELEASE

10 Correct boot adjustment IMPORTANT for all functions, particularly for easy step out SAFETY RELEASE

11 Correct setting DIN value IMPORTANT to adjust the release to the skier, the skier’s individual needs and the external conditions SAFETY RELEASE

12 Comparision power transmission in the back PERFORMANCE Lateral release in back Vertical force leads to a rotational movement of the heel jaw  Loss of power Safety Pin System Vertical force is transmitted to the guiding plate of the heel housing  direct power transmission Forces acting when the weight is shifted to the edge of the ski … Force acting vertically downward until the boot makes contact with the heel plate

13 Operation Diamir Vipec OPERATION

14 Proper engagement in the SKI position IMPORTANT for proper use in the SKI position OPERATION

15 When not in use, set to the position SKI IMPORTANT for a long-lasting spring, when not in use, always set Easy Switch Toe to the SKI position OPERATION

16 Standard equipment and accessories Color Clip: red / blue / green / lime / pink Crampon Traxion: 90 / 115 Guiding plate 60 Accessories Safety strap Frame ski brake : 80 / 90 / 100 / 115 Rental System PRODUCT – SERVICE – BRAND Model Diamir Vipec 12 Ski brake: 80 / 90 / 100 / 115

17 Service Warranty, register, care Fill in the warranty certificate (in operating instructions) and explain to the user New: Serial number on the warranty certificate From september 2014 the user can register the serial number on 10566 10567 Point out the user’s own responsibility and annual binding check. Safety product! Operation of the binding, Safety instructions, care and storage are in the operation instructions Animations / Videos see PRODUCT – SERVICE – BRAND

18 Repairs made by dealers PRODUCT – SERVICE – BRAND

19 Delivery and service The pre-season orders will be delivered with optimized bindings. Completed with a customer friendly service for the Model 2013/14: In case of strong mechanical abrasion of the adjustable pin, both toe pin units have to be sent to us for repair under warranty. In case of complaints of users who can’t get accustomed to the step-in, both toe pin units can be sent to us in order to be aligned under courtesy. PRODUCT – SERVICE – BRAND

20 POS On the POS Demotable / Demotool Flyer in Display Decobanner Demo bindings Give aways Cover boxOutside Diamir on Tour Freeride Education Camp Schilthorn Education Touring event for dealer Service in mountain huts In the medias Ads Internet: Cooperation with mountain schools / assoc. (SBV) PRODUCT – SERVICE – BRAND

21 6 key points – Check your knowledge □ 1. Explain two binding systems of the brand Diamir □ 2. Why is the Diamir Vipec different □ 3. Optimization season 2014/15 and their benefits □ 4. What is important for precision safety release □ 5. To know the operation of the Diamir Vipec □ 6. Product – brand – service All very well known SUMMARY

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