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Meritor Clearance Sensing Automatic Slack Adjusters

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1 Meritor Clearance Sensing Automatic Slack Adjusters

2 Agenda Overview Competitive Comparison Technical Details and Operation
Clearance Sensing ASA Interchanges Warranty Policy Product Specification Identification

3 What Does An ASA Do? ASA’s Eliminate The Need For Constant Manual Brake Adjustment Provide Better Balance Between Individual Brakes Insures The Braking Stroke Is Maintained Within The Recommended Or Legal Limits Minimize Loss Of Braking Performance

4 Meritor Clearance Sensing ASA
Direct Replacement For Haldex Same Fit, Form, and Function Identical Components 55 Different ASA’s in Program Available via Meritor Competitively Priced Shipment Starting on 1/17/05 Aftermarket Only, No Spec Orders The Genuine Haldex ASA is Still Available via Euclid The Genuine Meritor stroke sensing ASA is Still Available via Euclid & Meritor

5 Meritor vs. Haldex Cutaway Comparison

6 How Do You Compare vs.…? Meritor is the only stroke sensing ASA on the market. Both stroke and clearance ASA perform well. All ASAs must be maintained to provide proper brake adjustment. ArvinMeritor Is the Only Supplier That Can Provide Both Stroke & Clearance Sensing ASA’s

7 How Does This ASA Work? The Clearance Is Adjusted When:
Excess Clearance Exists Between the Brake Shoes and Drums Occurs with Normal Wear in the foundation brake The ASA will rotate to the necessary position to eliminate the clearance What Occurs Inside the ASA: Inside the ASA are a number of components that maintain a pre-set running clearance or gap The control arm is fixed to the anchor bracket The toe of the control arm touches a notch in the control disk The depth of this notch is the key factor that maintains the gap

8 How Does This ASA Work? Utilizes clearance sensing technology.
Senses excessive drum to lining clearance on the apply stroke. Adjusts on the release stroke.

9 How Does This ASA Work? Upon brake application, the ASA body moves laterally rotating the camshaft. The control arm is stationary. The enclosed rack clearance is eliminated (clearance notch) and contacts the control disc. The rack is pushed upwards by the control disc. Rack rotates the one-way clutch assembly, which is allowed to slip in this direction. As brake torque increases, the coil spring is compressed and the wormshaft is moved in the reverse direction of the ASA body.

10 How Does This ASA Work? As brake torque increases, the coil spring is compressed and the wormshaft is moved in the reverse direction of the ASA body. The movement of the wormshaft disengages the cone clutch in the clutch assembly. The two actions above occur to prevent over adjustment of the brake, and only allow measurement of the lining to drum clearance by the ASA. IE: once the lining touches the drum the ASA clutch assembly no longer senses ASA movement because it is disengaged.

11 How Does This ASA Work? When the brake is released, the coil spring pushes the wormshaft back to its original position, reengaging the cone clutch. The rack is pulled back to its original position by the control disc. The rack rotates the one-way clutch, which is now locked, then rotates the wormshaft through the locked clutch. The wormshaft rotates the worm wheel and camshaft, adjusting the brake.

12 Clearance Sensing ASA Interchange
Meritor# Haldex ASA# Haldex ASA Kit R806009 R806016 R806503 R806018 R806502 R806017 R806010 R806002 R806011 R806003 R806025 R806019 R806012 R806013 R806505 R806020 R806504 R806014 R806500 R806021 R806501 R806015 R806507 R806005 R806508 R806006 R806024 R806007 R806004 R806008 R806026 R806001 R806023 R806000 R806022 R806506 Haldex ASA part#’s start 409-xxxxx, but are serviced in the aftermarket by a 400-xxxxx part number. This aftermarket ASA Kit contains a 409-xxxxx ASA and a fitting kit. The Meritor Clearance ASA offering (R806019, etc.) feature the ASA and the fitting kit…the ASA itself also features the same part# as the kit (R806019, etc.).

13 Warranty Policy On-Highway & Linehaul Applications
5 Years or 500,000 Miles Severe Service* Applications 2 Years or 100,000 Miles * As Defined by the 2005 ArvinMeritor Warranty Book SP-95155 Warranty Claims Will Require a Return to ArvinMeritor

14 Identifying Specifications
Clevis Pin Diameter Arm Length Spline Size Spline Count

15 Identifying the Part Number
Part Number Identification

16 Part Number & Date of Manufacturing Identification
Serial Number Face Plate Number Year of Manufactured (4 = 2004) Week Manufactured (40 = 40th Week) Part Number

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