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Shot Put John Kenneson TCU National Throws Coaches Association.

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1 Shot Put John Kenneson TCU National Throws Coaches Association

2 Basic Keys To All Throwing Events 1.Balance 2.Eyes/Focal Points 3.Tempo/Rhythm 4. Finish Technique

3 Heel to toe Relationship- Standing Throw Right heel to left toe

4 Ring Orientation Using the clock method Learning various positions with proper timing Use of focal points

5 Shot Put/Standing Throw Heel to toe relationship Proper Grip/Base of fingers Proper neck placement/under ear Throwing arm relaxed and slightly down/elbow out

6 Initiation of Standing Throw Ring orientation/the clock system Throw begins from 11 o’clock Use rhythmic start not static start Flex right leg/left arm back Bridged back Ball behind right knee Proper focal points beyond circle Track eyes horizontally

7 Finish Techniques/Standing Throw Long path of ball Finish feet/hip/shoulder rotation Right knee/left arm work as unit Drive ball over toe board under control Stay on feet. Throw through the face

8 Glide Technique Ideal candidates are taller athletes with leverage Athletes with limited pivoting skills Athletes with limited body control skills

9 Essentials of the Glide Smooth transition across the circle Creating momentum into the power position Using the right leg effectively Finish techniques/must face your throw

10 Glide Start/Entry Traditional start vs. dynamic start Relax the back/bridged back Proper focal points beyond circle at 12 o’clock Roll off the heel

11 Landing in the Center of the Circle Shoulders, hips and right foot 11 o’clock Left arm behind hips but in motion Ball behind knee Feet land in quick sequence Orbit/pathway of ball is 42 degrees Right foot underneath center of mass

12 Middle to Front of Circle Right foot/left arm work as a unit – rotate Stay off the heel – use ball of foot Active left side – back slapping arm motion Face your throw – release over the toe board Throw through the face – 42 degrees

13 Exchange Naturally exchange feet with proper timing Do whatever you can to stay in the ring It helps to lower center of mass/bend knees DO NOT watch the ball!

14 Rotational Shot Put

15 Setting Your Stance Feet slightly wider than shoulder width Toes pointed slightly out Weight in the middle of the body Shoulders relaxed Bend the knees and stack the vertebrae

16 Entry Slower the better Short wind up or limited wind up Activate with both feet Open left leg Rotate on ball of left foot Pivot around the left foot Maintain depth/initiate orbit

17 Air Pivot Right knee to the middle Look down the left sector Rotate hips and release shoulders to 3 o’clock Right foot rotates from 2 o’clock Upon left foot contact, shoulders will rotate to 11 o’clock

18 Middle to Front of Circle Rotation continues from 11 o’clock Left arm constantly in motion Active left side/left arm motion Face your throw 42 degree release angle

19 Finish Positions

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