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Welcome to Back to School Night Fifth Grade Mrs. Fullmer and Mrs. Myrstol.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night Fifth Grade Mrs. Fullmer and Mrs. Myrstol

2 Tonight’s Agenda 6:20 - 7:05 pm – 5 th grade BTSN 6:20 - 6:45 pm – Presentation by teachers 6:45 - 7:05 pm – Both classrooms open to tour Due to time constraints, only general questions will be addressed and answered tonight. For questions specifically relating to your child, please arrange a time to conference or feel free to email or phone your teacher.

3 Important School Personnel Principal – Michele Flagler School Secretary – Ellie Ennis 5 th Grade (Room 13) - Mrs. Fullmer – 5 th Grade (Room 14) – Mrs. Myrstol – School Psychologist – Geoff Smith Phone: 916-867-2066

4 Important Information School Begins: 8:45 a.m. Lunch: 12:55 - 1:35 p.m. –**We have a late lunch, so please eat breakfast Dismissal: 3:20 p.m. –**Thursdays at 2:05 p.m. Students are not allowed on campus before 7:30 am

5 Attendance Regular attendance is essential. Each day new concepts are taught and previously introduced concepts are reinforced. Make it your goal to have your child in school on time each day. In case of illness, please call the school to report the absence.

6 A Day in 5 th Grade (Okay, 2 days!) Monday 8:45-9:30 Arrival, Morning Meeting, Big 3 9:35-10:15 PE 10:15-11:20Math 11:20-11:40Recess 11:40-11:55Read Aloud 11:55-12:55ELA - Houghton Mifflin 12:55-1:35Lunch/recess 1:35-2:00Math Facts/Read 2:00- 2:30Critical Literacy 2:30-3:00 Writer’s Workshop 3:20Dismissal 8:45-9:30 Arrival, Morning Meeting, Big 3 9:35-10:15 Art 10:15-11:20Math 11:20-11:40Recess 11:40-11:55Read Aloud 11:55-12:55Daily 5 – English Language Arts 12:55-1:35Lunch/recess 1:35-2:00Math Facts/Read 2:00- 2:30Critical Literacy 2:30-2:40 Pack Up/Clean Up 2:40-3:20Technology/Computers 3:20Dismissal Wednesday

7 Morning Meeting Purpose: Building community in the classroom Greeting from teacher Morning Message –Focused around social skills and classroom events/concerns/needs Share – opportunity for students Activity – whole group or small group

8 Student Expectations BE SAFE –Use crosswalks –Walk with safe hands and feet –Report when necessary BE RESPECTFUL –Use appropriate language with all students and staff BE RESPONSIBLE –Come to class on time –Complete class work –Complete your homework and bring it with you each day –Bring all necessary materials to class –Be an active learner - participate!

9 Classroom Management I Can Manage Myself (ICMM) behavior cards –Sent home monthly for all students PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) –Earned incentives for postive behavior and great effort Tickets - Picky Ticky, drawing for treasure chest item Cool Cat Cash – Student Store Lunch Bunch – Thursdays at lunch Fun Friday- Friday afternoon/time outside STAR Room – Socializing, games, computers Love and Logic Fred Jones Henry Wong

10 Classroom Behavior Plan POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT Children have a desire to do the right thing and please the adults around them. Mistakes do happen (to all of us!), but we work to acknowledge and reinforce desired behaviors. Below is a list of some of the earned rewards we use: 1. Praise! Praise! Praise! 2. Tickets –Picky Ticky 3. Positive Note/Phone Call Home 5. Table Group Points 6. Lunch Bunch - Activity 7.Fun Friday - Activity 8.Cool Cat Cash – Student Store 6.STAR Room 1.Verbal Warning. A reminder that we all make mistakes sometimes. 2. 1 st Mark on Behavior Card 3.2 nd Mark on Behavior Card 4.3 rd Mark on Behavior Card - time to “Think” about their behavior/fill out a “Think Sheet.” Problem solve with teacher to determine consequence and solutions. Possible loss of recess and/or activity. Possible phone call or email home. 5.4 th Mark on Behavior Card – Written referral sent home/possible conference with parent and principal. Loss of recess and/or activity. Phone call or email home. *Automatic Referral: This involves breaking the school’s rules (examples may include: destroying school property, fighting, inappropriate language, stealing and weapons/drugs, etc). Conference, phone call home, possible suspension. CONSEQUENCES

11 Homework The goal of homework is for practice and reinforcement of previously taught material. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments to the best of his/her ability. Please notify us via the homework sheet if your child has struggled with or was unable to complete an assignment. Expect up to 60 minutes of homework nightly. In addition students should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night.

12 Homework Sheet The purpose of the homework sheet: 1) Communication between home and school 2) Record homework, tests, projects, & special events 3) Students are welcome and encouraged to bring books home for nightly reading. Please remember to review with your student and sign the homework sheet nightly (Mon-Thur).

13 Curriculum English Language Arts Houghton Mifflin Reading Writing- Writers’ Workshop Math- Houghton Mifflin - California Math Critical Literacy Science- FOSS Science Social Studies- History Alive Scott Foresman-Our Nation

14 Accelerated Reader: A new goal will be set every 6 weeks. Teacher/student conference on the goal. Students need to read at home to support goal. Parents can check points for books on website PC Pals – Intel: Fullmer corresponds/visits first half of the year) (September field trip) Myrstol corresponds/visits second half of the year (January field trip) Accelerated Reader/Field Trips

15 Additional Information Peanut Allergies – Northridge has students who have peanut allergies. Please be considerate when packing lunches. *We do not allow students to share food. Birthdays – If you wish to acknowledge your student on their special day, please contact the teacher prior to the day to make arrangements. Remember: ALL visitors must sign in at the office. Water bottles (kept at desks/water only) and snacks (enjoyed at morning recess) are allowed. *Please bring a water bottle that has a secure lid.

16 Electronic Devices Phones must be turned off during the school day and need to remain in the student’s back pack or in the classroom’s Safe Keeping box. No picture/video taking please (*Please respect the rights and privacy of other students). If a student brings a cell phone to school, they need a written release/agreement form signed by parent/guardian and student.

17 Progress reports keep you informed of your child’s Progress each trimester. Fall conferences are in November. Week of November 17 th -21 st Sign up forms will be coming home in early November for conference date/time. Progress Reports and Conferences

18 Volunteers Parent volunteers are a very important part of the learning process. This is an important job and it is very much appreciated. Please communicate with us if you are available to volunteer in our rooms. We will ask volunteers to complete duties such as copying, correlating, organizing upcoming projects and possibly attending field trips. Be ready to work! Remember: You must check in at office, complete necessary paperwork at the office and wear a badge during every visit.

19 Communication with Teacher Email: Mrs. Fullmer: Mrs. Myrstol: Phone: Call the front office and leave a message Write a note on your child’s homework sheet Send a note in with your child Review notes on front of white envelope Scheduled conferences – (*and as needed)

20 White Envelope Information written on white envelope is from the previous week. Example: 2 behavior warnings for the week. Please sign on current line only White envelopes come home every week with a classroom bulletin every other week.

21 Parent Homework When visiting your child’s desk tonight, please write a letter to your student, which they will receive when they arrive on Monday! –Stationary and pencils are on your child’s desk. –Before leaving tonight, please confirm with your teacher that an emergency card is on file.

22 THANK YOU!!! Thank you for joining us tonight! We appreciate your continued support and communication! Mrs. Fullmer Mrs. Myrstol

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