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September 11 th, 2001 What happened?. How Do We Remember? 10 Year Anniversary Memorial Services.

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1 September 11 th, 2001 What happened?

2 How Do We Remember? 10 Year Anniversary Memorial Services

3 Key Terms and People Who? al-Qaeda George W. Bush Osama Bin Laden Taliban Where? World Trade Center Buildings 1 and 2, Manhattan, NYC Pentagon, Arlington, VA Flight 93, Shanksville, PA

4 Key Terms and People Con’t… Why? U.S. Military Presence in the Middle East U.S. Support of Israel Political and Religious Extremism

5 That day… Tuesday, September 11 th, 2001 4 Planes 19 al-Qaeda insurgents 4 targets 3 impacts on target

6 Motives…  US military presence in the Middle East  US aide to Israel  Iraq Sanctions

7 Methods…  Terrorism- Violent acts intended to instill fear for a political or religious goal which deliberately targets or disregards the safety of civilian life.

8 Why these particular flights?  East to West flight pattern  Intended to land in Los Angeles or San Francisco  Full tanks of fuel

9 Brief Chronology  8:46 AM Flight 11 hits WTC North Tower

10 Brief Chronology  9:03 AM Flight 175 hits WTC South Tower  Several news sources catch live footage. Several news sources catch live footage. Several news sources catch live footage.  Mass fear and confusion begins…(terrorism)

11 Where is the President?  Emma E. Booker Elementary School, Sarasota, Florida  Promoting education: Reading “The Pet Goat” to elementary school children.  Continued lesson as not to alarm students

12 Where is the President? What would you do?

13 Brief Chronology  9:37 AM Flight 77 impacts western side of Pentagon, Arlington, VA  Section of Pentagon was under renovation.

14 Brief Chronology  9:45 AM US Airspace is shut down. All flights are to land at nearest airports as soon as possible.

15 Brief Chronology  9:57 AM: Flight 93 “Black Box” evidence that passengers revolt against terrorists on- board.  10:03 AM: Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PA in a field.  9/11 Commission reports US Capitol or White House as intended targets

16 Casualties  Total Casualties (Including 19 hijackers): 2,977  WTC site: 2,606  Pentagon: 184 (including 55 military personnel)  Shanksville, PA: 40  More than 90 countries lost citizens– NOT JUST THE US!

17 What about…?  Osama Bin Laden- Initially denied involvement.  Acknowledged al-Qaeda involvement in 2004.  Was thought to be under the protection of the Taliban in Afghanistan following attacks.

18 The Taliban  Islamist militia and terrorist group.  Was in control of most of Afghanistan, including the capital (Kabul)

19 Lasting Impacts  War on Terror- US, UK, NATO, and non-NATO countries. Began on October 7 th, 2001 and still ongoing.  Goal- Eliminate al- Qaeda and other terrorist groups

20 Lasting Impacts Con’t…  Iraq War (2003-Present)  Response to not allowing UN to investigate for possible WMD’s.  President Saddam Hussein was found in ad-Dawr, Iraq in 2003.  Executed in Dec. 2006 “Crimes Against Humanity”

21 Lasting Impacts Con’t…  The USA PATRIOT Act Allows US law enforcement more access to individuals: -Telephone calls/text msg -E-mails -Internet transactions -Medical and financial records

22 USA PATRIOT Act Expanded US Treasury Authority: Regulate transactions with foreign entities. Broadened immigration authorities’ ability to detain and deport immigrants suspected of terrorist acts.

23 Journal Question  In what ways do you feel the USA PATRIOT Act affects your privacy with considerations to your digital dossier and digital footprint? Please respond in a minimum of 10 sentences! This will give you a 100% participation grade.

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