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Translating Commitments Into Action Through Strategic Partnerships PFM REFORM ROADMAP: A STATUS REPORT.

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2 Translating Commitments Into Action Through Strategic Partnerships PFM REFORM ROADMAP: A STATUS REPORT


4 “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” and leaves no one behind.... growth that benefits all

5 The two years that was….. …….Years 2010-2012



8 PFM Reform Roadmap  Master plan for improving the financial management system of the government  Jointly formulated and approved by fiscal oversight agencies (COA, DBM, DOF-BTr)

9 Defining the goals of the PFM Reform Roadmap Honest and effective governance – truly transparent, disciplined, and serving the interest of the country and its people. PFM Vision

10 Public Financial Management Results Framework Improved Service Delivery | Transparency | Fiscal Discipline | Allocation Efficiency | Operational Efficiency Systems & Process People & Organisations Policy Reform Outputs Reform Objectives 10  Accounting & Auditing Standards  Unified Accounts Code Structure  Performance Informed Budgeting  Contingent Liability Framework  Treasury Single Account  GIFMIS  Treasury Reporting and Monitoring System (TRAMS)  Comprehensive Human Resource Information System  PFM Competency Framework  Capacity Building  Change Management

11 GIFMIS Conceptual Design Comprehensive Human Resource Information System System for Liability Management Unified Accounts Code Structure (UACS) Governance Structure: PFM Committee and Project Implementation Units PFM CompetencyAwareness Raising The Building Blocks SPENDING AGENCIES/LEGISLATIVE/CIVIL SOCIETY YEAR 2O12-PRESENT Financial Accounta- bility Reports (FARs) Accounting and Auditing Reforms Cash management - Treasury Single Account (TSA) Performance- Informed Budgeting (PIB) TSA Reporting System IT Systems Improvement Policy Reforms Systems and Processes People and Organization Learning & Development

12 Strategic Partnerships PFM Oversight Agencies Implementing Agencies Partner Agencies Legislative Development Partners Civil Society

13 Harmonized Accounts Classification  Unified Accounts Code Structure - A government-wide harmonized and single budgetary, treasury and accounting code classification system (DBM-DOF-COA Joint Circular No. 2013-1 dated 06 August 2013)  Easier identification, collection, aggregation, consolidation and reporting of all financial transactions  Common set of financial information to facilitate analysis and decision making

14 Harmonized Financial Accountability Reporting Requirements of Oversight Agencies  Financial Accountability Reports (FARs) – accountability reports on appropriations, allotments, obligations, and disbursements (Joint COA-DBM Circular No. 2013-1 (dated 15 March 2013)  Harmonized and rationalized to reduce number of financial reports and provide timely, reliable and accurate information

15 Accounting and Auditing Reforms  Twenty-five Philippine Public Sector Accounting Standards & Twenty-four Philippine Public Sector Standards on Auditing  Aligned with international standards, concepts and best practices for accounting and auditing  Enhancing the quality and uniformity of auditing practice throughout the Philippines and strengthening public confidence in the auditing and assurance profession  Ensure transparent and comparable financial statements

16 Improved Treasury Cash Management Operations  Treasury Single Account  Custody  Central Bank  MOA Signed in November 2013  New TSA Framework for Collection  Transition from a float to a fee-based system of compensation  Banks to remit collections not later than 10am on the following day of clearing date  MOA signed among commercial banks, BIR/BOC and BTr in November 2013

17 Improved Treasury Cash Management Operations  TSA Reporting and Monitoring System (TRAMS)  Web based application that will track aggregate revenue of the TSA on a daily basis  Provide a consolidated view of revenue collection  Facilitate Modified Disbursement System until GIFMIS is implemented  Record and reconcile the revenues from the banks and revenue agencies  Treasury Single Account  Consolidation of the Accounts  No NGAs will be allowed to open a bank account without the approval of the DOF/BTr (per BSP Circular No. 811,s.2013 dated 13 September 2013)  Closure of All NGAs Dormant Accounts

18 Performance Informed Budgeting A set of integrated processes that aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure by linking resources to results making systematic use of performance information  A better understanding for oversight agencies of how agencies spend their money and what they achieve with it  Increasing government agencies’ ability to prioritize spending initiatives to get the best results for resources used  Information for legislators to hold Government to account for how they spend citizens’ money  Enabling the citizens (either directly or through civil society and the media) to see how government spends their money and hold them to account

19 GIFMIS Development  Government Integrated Financial Management Information System is an integrated IT solution that can collect and organize financial information in a central database  Procurement Ongoing  GIFMIS Conceptual Design adopted in 2012  GIFMIS Terms of Reference, Bidding Documents finalized in August 2013  Expected date of contract signing in June 2014  Goal: Harmonized and improved PFM business processes/ rules to facilitate analysis and decision making, and increase efficiency

20 Comprehensive Human Resource Information System  Procurement of CHRIS Solutions Provider in progress  Shortlisted 7 eligible bidders  Contract awarding - late February 2014  Comprehensive Human Resource Information System is an integrated IT system encompassing the full cycle of HRM from recruitment and hiring to retirement  Objective:  Standard and improved management of HR system and business processes  Application of common controls and standards  Eliminate redundant data  Single source of information

21 Current Systems Improvement (in preparation for GIFMIS)  Online Submission of Budget Proposal (OSBP)  2014 Budget submitted online  Enhanced OSBP (ready by 2014)  Budget Execution Documents Online  A web-based system to facilitate easier preparation and prompt submission of BEDs containing the agencies’ physical and financial plans and targets, and monthly disbursement program (NBC No. 550)  For implementation starting November 2013  Upgrading of eNGAs & eBudget  To make it UACS-compliant  Ready by February 2014

22 System for Liability Management  GOCC debt report templates completed  Development of the GOCC Monitoring System (GMS) is underway  Database build-up for the GOCC Monitoring System is on-going for the selected priority GOCCs/GFIs/SSIs  Establishment of a database of Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) to facilitate a centralized monitoring and management of guaranteed loans

23 Learning and Development  Training on the Philippine Government Internal Audit Manual (PGIAM)  Trained  Internal audit personnel from 74 agencies and GOCCs  Training on UACS and OSBPS  Trained  Budget Officers of the different NGAs (767 from 212 agencies)  Planning and Budget Officers of SUCs (149 from 112 SUCs)  DBM technical staff from central and regional offices (265)

24 Development of PFM Competency Framework  Envisions a strong backbone consisting of PFM practitioners in spending and oversight agencies to sustain reforms toward transparency, accountability and results  Need to prepare staff to meet current roles and future PFM demands including GIFMIS  PFM Competency Framework is a holistic government approach to capacity development among oversight and spending agencies.  Competency development as a core strategy for building capacity and managing behavioral change  Addresses need for GOP competency-based training linked to performance management and career progression of 60,000 plus PFM practitioners

25 Awareness Raising  Communications  PFM Brand Book Completed  Website redesigning completed  Distribution of UACS, GIFMIS, TSA, CHRIS, LM Project Briefs ongoing  Released three (3) PFM Newsflash Articles to NGAs through DBM-TIS and DevComnet  PFM Annual Report  Briefing on the Guidelines in the Submission of Budget Execution Documents (BEDs) for 2014 (Nov 6,7,8, and 12)  Briefing on UACS for IT staff and accountants (Dec 11)  Production of AVPs  Completed: PFM Reform Roadmap and Champions, PFM Teasers and TSA  Ongoing: UACS

26 Bottom line is outcomes NGA Performance contracts Now to 2016 Comprehensive Human Resource Information System Financial Accountability Reports PPSAs/ PPSSAs/ Revised CoA System for Liability Management “to be” business processes for the Treasury Single Account (TSA) Unified Accounts Code Structure (UACS) Performance-Informed Budgeting (PIB) GIFMIS Conceptual Design Governance Structure: PFM Committee and Project Implementation Units PFM CompetencyAwareness & Training Foundation SPENDING AGENCIES/LEGISLATIVE/CIVIL SOCIETY Common PFM Policies & Rules PFM Manual Internal/ External Audit Performance Management Savings/ income rules AP- FIFO COA Audit used for decision making PFM Competency “PFM” Agency

27 Thank You

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