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AutomaticAll pictures from Internet Gloucester Harbor.

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2 AutomaticAll pictures from Internet

3 Gloucester Harbor

4 The Bridle Path, White Mountains

5 A Rainy Day in Camp

6 Camp Fire

7 Perils of the Sea

8 Santiago de Cuba Street

9 After the Hurricane

10 The Red Canoe

11 The new novel

12 The Life Line

13 On the Trail

14 Dad's Coming

15 Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)

16 Girl with Hay Rake

17 On the Stile

18 Sparrow Hall

19 Incoming Tide

20 Salt Kettle, Bermuda

21 Casting, Number Two

22 Key West, Hauling Anchor

23 On the Sands

24 Sketch for “Hound and Hunter“

25 The Coming Storm

26 The Rise

27 The Red School House

28 Cloud Shadows

29 Fisherwomen, Cullercoats

30 Sunlight on the Coast

31 Rowing Home

32 Sloop, Bermuda

33 A Summer Night

34 Observations on Shipboard

35 The Fog Warning

36 A Good One x

37 Sunset at Gloucester

38 On the Beach, Long Branch, New Jersey

39 Sunset Fires

40 Bermuda

41 Winter Coast

42 North Road, Bermuda x

43 Sponge Fishing

44 Girls Strolling in an Orchard

45 Key West

46 Sponge Fishing, Nassau x

47 Two Men in a Canoe x

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