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Initial Design Review Team “Chip” Tim Quinn Henry Mossell Desiree Cerretani.

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1 Initial Design Review Team “Chip” Tim Quinn Henry Mossell Desiree Cerretani

2 Background Barns Get Dirty Quickly Maintenance Takes Up a Lot of Time Disease Prevention is Important Every Barn is Shaped Differently Lots of Obstacles Moving Cows Corners Workers Rough Surfaces for Floors Various Depths of Debris Debris May Be Dry or Wet

3 Problem Statement As a Group We Were Given a Task to Engineer a Solution to Pick Up Woodchips Off of Barn Floors.

4 Solution Statement Our Solution is to have MARV “Chip”, navigate the barn floor, avoiding obstacles, while successfully sucking up woodchips from a primary nozzle located in the front and a secondary nozzle/squeegee in the back. The vacuum source is a stand alone central vacuum system with hose reel located at a fixed location within the barn.

5 Solution Statement Verro Autonomous Small Capacity Thorough Cleaning in 60 to 90 Minutes $800-$1200 Roomba Autonomous Small Capacity Most Expensive Version Can Clean 4 Rooms With One Charge $200-$600 Billy Goat Human Run Large Capacity 32.75” Wide Nozzle Weighs 285lbs 2090 CFM @ 3600 RMP $3,299.99

6 System Overview Diagram Central Vac Unit 5 hp 150 mph 16 Gallon Hose Reel 120 V ac Vacuum Hose Suction Only Control Hose in/out Hose Reel Intelligent retraction Robot “Chip” Primary Cleaning Vacuum Nozzle Secondary Cleaning Squeegee Onboard Microprocessor Obstacle Negotiation Wireless Communication 12 Vdc Operation Autonomous

7 Mechanical System Overview Nozzle is pushed through debris Wheels mounted on the front Squeegee mounted behind the caster Bumper mounted above nozzle opening

8 Mechanical Design Concepts Bumper Nozzle Hose Bend Radius Rear Squeegee

9 Mechanical Design - Nozzle 16”x1” mouth opening 2.5” Dia 8” rise 0.125” Dia x 4

10 Nozzle Engineering Flow Rate Calculations 2.5” Dia tube V=150mph = 2640in/sec A= πr² A= π(1.25)² = 4.91in² Q=V A Q = (2640in/sec)(4.91in²) Q = 12959in³/sec

11 Actual Nozzle 14” X 1” mouth opening Squeegees focusing chips 20” Total width of floor cleaning readily accessible Cost effective for this experimental application

12 Squeegee & Secondary Nozzle 20.0” 2” Dia 4.0” 8.0”

13 Squeegee & Secondary Nozzle squeegee Single layer rubber door sweep collects any shaving missed by primary nozzle arc shape focuses shavings to the center secondary nozzle mounted in the center of the arc to collect

14 Mechanical Design - Bumper 23 “ 13 “ 3 “ #45 Compression Spring Mounts

15 Mechanical Design – Hose Reel Can hold 175ft of 1 in hose Using approximately 30ft of 2 in hose Dimensions of the cart: 35" H x 22" W x 20" D Large 7 inch wheels Weighs about 13.75 pounds Top handle folds over

16 Hose Reel State Machine 00 0110 00 Start/ Neutral Let Out Hose Take In Hose Motor Forward Motor Reverse Sensor sees change in voltage (Let hose out) Sensor sees change in voltage (Reel in hose) MARV is turning Motor shuts off MARV is turning Motor shuts off Hardwired line from MARV to hose reel Software will detect MARV turning and change direction of the motor on hose reel Hose reel will be timed so that the hose is properly let out and retracted

17 Mechanical Design - Hose Reel

18 Electrical Design Concepts Microprocessor Onboard computer Right Motor Left Motor Motor Controller Infrared Receiver 12 Volt Supply 9 Volt Supply Push Button Left Ultrasonic Sensor Right Bumper Optical Switch Right Ultrasonic Sensor Left Bumper Optical Switch Left Ultrasonic Sensor Right Bumper Optical Switch Right Ultrasonic Sensor Left Bumper Optical Switch Left Ultrasonic Sensor Right Bumper Optical Switch Right Ultrasonic Sensor Left Bumper Optical Switch Left Ultrasonic Sensor Right Bumper Optical Switch Right Ultrasonic Sensor Left Bumper Optical Switch IR Transmitter 1 IR Transmitter 2 Sensors and Inputs Normal Navigation

19 Electrical -Power

20 Optical Switches ◦ Bumper ◦ 5 V operation ◦ Normally Closed ◦ Optek OPB390 ◦ Indicating LED Red Vf 1.8 V ◦ R1 Current Limiting 37 mA  (VCC-LED Vf)/R1  (5-1.3)/100= 0.037 A ◦ Biased Device On  R2 Drop 1.89 V  Vce 1.23 V  Vled 1.88 ◦ Device Off  Vc 3.48 V  Ve 0 V Electrical – Sensor Bumper Red R1 R2

21 Electrical – Sensor Normal IR Gate ◦ 9 Volt Power ◦ 3 W IR LED

22 Software Design Concepts Obstacle Negotiation ◦ Front bumper pushed back- optical limit switch ◦ Back up ◦ Turn Clockwise 15˚ ◦ Move forward ◦ Check clear - Ultrasonic ◦ Turn Counter Clockwise 15˚ ◦ Turn Clockwise 15˚ Wall o Moving normal o IR detector trigger o Counter++ o Stop o If counter/2modulus!=0 o Turn left wheel o Moving Normal o IR 2detector trigger o Counter++ o Stop o If counter/2modulus==0 o Turn right wheel

23 State Machine 0000 1100 1000 1100 0100 0011 0000 0100 100011000000 Motor RT Motor LT Reverse RT Reverse LT Drive FWD Detect IR1Detect IR2 Bumper Hit Backup Straight Turn To Avoid Step 1 Avoid Step 2 Avoid Step 3 Avoid Step 4 1100 Avoid Step 5 1000 Avoid Step 6 Start IR Sensor Triggered Timer Expired Run == 1 Bumperpressed ==1 Ping Return Detected Ping Return Not Detected Ping Return Detected

24 Motion Path - Normal Vacuum Unit Hose Reel Robot IR Gate 1 IR Gate 2

25 Motion Path - Obstacle Negotiation

26 Project “Chip” Timeline adjusted subsystem subsystem Week 2 Start 9/04/10 Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8 Assignements 4-Sep11-Sep18-Sep24-Sep2-Oct9-Oct16-Oct Primary NozzleTQ Complete Secondary nozzle and squeegeeTQ Complete Front BumperHM Obstacle Negotiation 9/30HM MARV Running 9/17All complete Navigating No Obstacles 9/26DC,TQ,HM Hose ReelDC

27 Project Assignments Tim Quinn ◦ Primary Nozzle ◦ Squeegee ◦ Normal Navigation Desiree Cerretani ◦ Hose Reel ◦ Normal Navigation Henry Mossell ◦ Front Bumper ◦ Obstacle Negotiation

28 Expenses Part DescriptionManufacturePart NumberWhere PurchasedCostQuantityUMTotal Cost SqueegeeDRCR Dennis Abuchon4.49ea4.49 Vacuum nozzleShop Vac Central Supply Randolph15.00ea15.00 Vacuum Hose Elite Cleaning3.00ft3.00 PVC "Y" Central Supply Randolph3.00ea3.00 Garden Cart (Hose Reel) Central Supply Randolph30.00ea30.00 3 Watt 850 nm IR LED w/starLED3W850-XLightObject.com8.002ea16.00 5/16 Flat WasherHillman La Valley’s Building and Supply.692ea1.38 5/16 x 6 Carriage BoltHillman La Valley’s Building and Supply1.502ea3.00 #45 Steel SpringHillman La Valley’s Building and Supply.604ea2.40 2 inch Corner BraceThe Home Depot4.491PKG4.49 1 inch Corner BraceThe Home Depot3.491PKG3.49 Various Nuts and WashersThe Home Depot4.331PKG4.33.5 x.5 Nylon SpacersThe Home Depot1.081PKG1.08

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